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Off-ice exercise guide for hockey coaches in G-D juniors PowerPoint Presentation
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Off-ice exercise guide for hockey coaches in G-D juniors

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Off-ice exercise guide for hockey coaches in G-D juniors - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Tommi Paananen. Off-ice exercise guide for hockey coaches in G-D juniors. Table of Contents. The idea and research done Commissioner: Juniori-KalPa Why Juniori-KalPa offered this subject Purpose and aims Development tasks Schedule Resources and marketing. The idea and research done.

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table of contents
Table of Contents
  • The idea and research done
  • Commissioner: Juniori-KalPa
  • Why Juniori-KalPa offered this subject
  • Purpose and aims
  • Development tasks
  • Schedule
  • Resources and marketing
the idea and research done
The idea and research done
  • Off-ice exercise guidebook for ice hockey junior coaches in D, E, F and G-juniors.
  • Theoretical background was researched on:
    • The physiological needs of a hockey player
    • Sensitivity periods to adjust the training according to age/skill level
    • The coaching methods to be able to create the product so that a parent is able to coach with it
    • The latest exercise material from FIHA and Juniori-KalPa to develop good exercises further
  • The current seasonal plans still have to be gone through and the actual exercise sessions seen to be able to develop them in the best possible way.
commissioner juniori kalpa
Commissioner: Juniori-KalPa
  • Juniori-KalPa is an individual organization working in cooperation with KalPa Hockey Oy that plays in the Finnish SM-League.
  • Juniori-KalPa was founded in 1989 and has approximately 730 juniors playing competitive hockey through G to A-juniors.
  • They are a Nuori-Suomi quality controlled club by the label of sinettiseura.
  • Tommi Rouvali, sensitivity coach is the contact person from Juniori-KalPa.
  • Kari Partanen is the teacher supervisor from the KUAS.
why juniori kalpa offered this subject
Why Juniori-KalPa offered this subject?
  • Juniori-KalPa lacks proper material according to the sensitivity period of a junior.
  • To support the product development process, the author will oversee the current off-ice exercises during the spring 2013 and will develop the ideas further.
purpose and aims
Purpose and aims
  • Provide a guidebook for junior coaches as a reference for everyday planning and applying exercises.
  • Objective for the author is to learn how the sensitivity periods differ according to age and how to adjust the training to maximize the effect of each exercise.
  • Have a reference for future coaching and learn more of the strength and conditioning in the process. S&C coaching is an option for my working life in the future.
  • For Juniori-KalPa there is a need for a guidebook in everyday use. The exercises have to develop by age/skill level and be optimized to every environment possible (indoors Tuplajäät and Lippumäki+outdoors). Every exercise needs to develop the junior!
  • The KUAS can get the final product for future use.
development tasks
Development tasks
  • Optimization of exercises meaning beginning from simple and developing further.
  • Develop instructions simple enough to understand for every adult.
  • Usage of existing or no equipment to save in costs.
  • Usage of the latest and most sport-oriented material with the knowledge of the sensitivity periods and what the current seasonal plans are.
  • Most of the theoretical background research needed is done.
  • During practical training going through the seasonal plans and actual exercises to develop them further, talking with the coaches for ideas.
  • By the end of practical training the exercises are ready on paper.
  • Finalize the layout of the guidebook and insert the exercises during the summer.
  • Hand in the final product for Juniori-KalPa August 2013.
  • Finalize thesis report and return it in November.
resources and marketing
Resources and marketing
  • The printing costs for the final product will be covered by the comissioner
  • Other costs are covered by the author
  • The product will not be marketed in any way and is planned for the use of Juniori-KalPa
  • Goal is to educate through sport...