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Combined Federal Campaign myPay Module Update Summer-Fall 2014 Anthony DeCristofaro PowerPoint Presentation
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Combined Federal Campaign myPay Module Update Summer-Fall 2014 Anthony DeCristofaro

Combined Federal Campaign myPay Module Update Summer-Fall 2014 Anthony DeCristofaro

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Combined Federal Campaign myPay Module Update Summer-Fall 2014 Anthony DeCristofaro

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  1. Combined Federal Campaign myPay Module Update Summer-Fall 2014 Anthony DeCristofaro Director, Voluntary Campaign Management Office

  2. myPay CFC Module • Background Information • 2013 Results • 2014 Modifications • Training Slides

  3. Background Information

  4. ePledge Overview MyPay ePledge allows military and civilian personnel to establish a CFC allotment within the CFC open season ePledge was available to personnel in 89 of the 163 campaign regions in 2013. Due to mergers, this is reduced to 85 regions in 2014. ePledge development was modeled on the Employee Express (EEX) electronic giving system but had some key differences CFC did not add additional campaigns to e-Giving lists in 2014 except through mergers (Fort Sill is a major installation included this year due to a merger.)

  5. ePledge Initiative The 2.5 million military and civilian personnel within the DoD make up about 25 percent of the Federal workforce Making CFC donations via electronic payroll deduction was previously not an option in the DoD Teams from DFAS, OPM, and VCMO created the first paperless payroll deduction giving for DoD personnel

  6. myPay CFC Module Benefits • Increased donor confidentiality • Reduced administrative workload • Reduced possibility of administrative errors associated with paper pledge form processing • Reduces campaign costs • Fewer donor dollars spent on overhead and more donor dollars directed to CFC-supported charities

  7. myPay Background • The platform will be used until national systems are introduced by OPM in the future. • Used across three payroll systems: • DCPS (Civilians) • DJMS (Army, Navy and Air Force) • MCTFS (Marines)

  8. DFAS Customers • DoD • MilPay • Civ Pay • Others (subject to change) • Veterans Administration • Executive Office of the President • Department of Energy • Health and Human Services • Broadcasting Board of Governors

  9. 2014 Results

  10. 2013 Campaign • Dates: 1 SEP through 11 JAN • Due to Shutdown, OPM authorized additional time for employee solicitation • Programming required shutdown of myPay a few days early • Campaign activities suspended in October and this had a major effect on donors • Positive impact of myPay CFC Module is already significant

  11. Pledge Volume

  12. Pledge Source

  13. Results Through 11 JAN • $25 million pledged overall • 42,937 donors used myPay in all payroll systems • $601,118 estimated savings • $14 per pledge from CFC50 Commission testimony • Average gift in myPay is almost $200 higher than overall giving in the markets which reported data

  14. Key training Lessons

  15. Lessons Learned • No Ability to change/update pledges • Only an Alpha-numeric field for tracking of “work address” • Some Pledges not made in home geographic campaign area due to personnel records or donor entry • Suggest personal confirmation of pledges $2,500 or higher

  16. 2014 Modifications • Universal Giving • Use OPM or campaign sites for research • Time Out Warnings • myPay Control Board would not authorize additional time to enter the transaction. • Warnings have been modified but 20-30 minutes remains the limit. • Market access changes only based upon mergers

  17. Training Slides

  18. ePledge Process Combined Federal Campaign option added to MyPay Main Menu

  19. ePledge Process Donor selects “Add New Contribution”

  20. ePledge Process Key Training Point The screen will ONLY be shown to active duty Army, Navy, and Air Force Personnel . Those donors must be provided their 4-digit Campaign Code (0140) All other donors’ campaign information will be automatically populated

  21. ePledge Process Entering an invalid campaign code will result in an error message

  22. ePledge Process Active duty Army, Navy, and Air Force personnel must “Confirm Campaign” prior to continuing Other donors will not see this screen

  23. ePledge Process Donor selects donation amount per pay period/month Key Training Point Maximum allowable total donation for military personnel is $833/month. For donations higher than that, military donors should use a paper pledge form

  24. ePledge Process Donors can search for charities in multiple ways. NOT RECOMMENDED Use Online charity search engine to “shop” for charities; use this site for contribution transaction .

  25. ePledge Process The donor can select charities or return to search for additional charities Key Training Point Donor can select a maximum of 30 charities. Donors wishing to designate more than 30 charities should use paper pledge forms

  26. ePledge Process The donor enters the per pay period or per month donation amount

  27. ePledge Process Balance remaining is automatically calculated Donor has the option to continue or add / delete charities

  28. ePledge Process Key Training Point For an organization’s pledges to be properly credited the donor MUST enter the Command/Unit or Federal Agency/Office: DCAA, DCMA, DOT EPA, FCCO, HQ AFSPC, N-NC/J_, PAFB 21 SW & MS, SAFB, USAFA, VA Pledge summary is displayed; undesignated funds are automatically calculated and displayed

  29. ePledge Process Final review and opportunity for donor to confirm intent

  30. ePledge Process Key Training Point No forms will be submitted to Keyworker. Donor can view print PDF pledge form for recordkeeping.

  31. ePledge Process Donor receipt copy. Up to five charities are listed on Page 1

  32. ePledge Process Additional donation information

  33. Key Training Point Recap The ‘Campaign Search’ screen is only be shown to active duty Army, Navy, and Air Force Personnel. This information is automatically provided for active duty Marines and Federal civilians. Maximum donation amount for military personnel is $833/month. Donors can designate to a maximum of 30 charities (29 if there are ‘undesignated’ funds remaining). Donors must be trained to enter their Command/Unit or Federal Agency/Office name code for pledges to be properly credited. There is no paperwork associated with this pledge type. The donor can print a receipt for his/her records. Highly recommend that they print this.