picking the right choice for your cycle clothing n.
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Cycling Jersey | Bib Shorts | Socks | Gloves PowerPoint Presentation
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Cycling Jersey | Bib Shorts | Socks | Gloves

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Cycling Jersey | Bib Shorts | Socks | Gloves - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Online shoping from a great selection of cycling jersey, cycling bib shorts, cycling socks and cycling gloves in classiccycling. Buy cycling socks and gloves wide vide range of clothing with price match. cycling socks provide excellent comfort on and off the ride. For more information visit our site:https://www.classiccycling.com/n

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Cycling Jersey | Bib Shorts | Socks | Gloves

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picking the right choice for your cycle clothing

Picking The Right Choice For Your Cycle Clothing

Want the best fit for your cycling investment? Sure you do! Hey,

cycling stuff ain't cheap, so making sure it fits right and looks and feels

good is a big deal. But what size should you get.

Choosing your cycle clothing is very important, no matter what cycling

ability level you are following. When it comes to pickingyour cycle

clothing, you need to pick what suits you the best.

Most of cyclists prefer to wear jersey, tops, socks and gloves and I

think it is always a great choice. The best part of Cycling Bib Shorts

and cycling gloves is that it is specifically designed for riders and cyclist.

we designed our classic cycling gloves to match

We designed our Classic Cycling Gloves to match our bib shorts

and jerseys but yet remain neutral enough to compliment most

clothing. After literally 20 samples and reworking we finally produced

a glove we are proud to sell.

The Classic Socks is an everyday. It will keep you comfortably riding

for as long as you want. This particular sock uses a percentage X-Dry, a

recycled yarn that uses plastic bottles as it's main material for


You can find a huge range of jersey tops from full length arms, to

quarter sleeves to short sleeves.You can buy whatever jersey suits your

personal preference. You need to make sure that your jersey is 100%

comfortable to you so that you can enjoy your ride.