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Mr. Donald Clark

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Mr. Donald Clark. Employer Outreach Director, Employer Initiative Program, Employer Support Guard and Reserve. Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve. “Building Relationships Between Employers and Today’s Military”. Guam-CNMI Committee Office @ (671) 735-0456. What is ESGR?.

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mr donald clark

Mr. Donald Clark

Employer Outreach Director, Employer Initiative Program, Employer Support Guard and Reserve

employer support of the guard and reserve
Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve

“Building Relationships Between

Employers and Today’s Military”

Guam-CNMI Committee Office @ (671) 735-0456

what is esgr
What is ESGR?
  • Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR) is a Department of Defense Volunteer Organization.
  • Secretary of Defense created ESGR by Presidential proclamation in 1972

(end of draft)

  • Today – Over 4,800 Citizen-Volunteers serve in 54 State Committees

Guam-CNMI Committee Office @ (671) 735-0456

esgr vision
ESGR Vision

“Develop and Promote a Culture

in which all American Employers

Support and Value the Military Service

of their Employees.”

Guam-CNMI Committee Office @ (671) 735-0456

esgr mission
ESGR Mission

“Develop and Promote Employer Support for Guard and

Reserve service by Advocating relevant initiatives,

Recognizing Outstanding support, Increasing awareness

of applicable laws, and Resolving conflict

between employers and service members”

Guam-CNMI Committee Office @ (671) 735-0456

reserve components today
Reserve Components Today

Force Requirements:

  • Guard/Reserve make up 48% of today’s military
  • Now an “Operational” vs. “Strategic Reserve”
  • Over 123,000 deployed around the world

Military Requirements:

  • Perform full spectrum of military operations including peacekeeping, homeland security, domestic disaster response

New Reality:

  • Reservists are critical in Armed Forces
  • Demands on Guard/Reserve have increased
  • Demands on Employers have increased

Guam-CNMI Committee Office @ (671) 735-0456

who do we serve
Who Do We Serve?
  • We serves ALL Reserve Component members in the Guam-CNMI Region:


  • Guam Air National Guard
  • Guam Army National Guard
  • U.S. Air Force Reserve
  • U.S. Army Reserve
  • U.S. Navy Reserve
  • U.S. Coast Guard Reserve

Guam-CNMI Committee Office @ (671) 735-0456

employer awards
Employer Awards
  • Patriot Award- Awarded to all supportive employers of the Service Member or their Spouse. Initiated by National Guard or Reserve members or family members.

Guam-CNMI Committee Office @ (671) 735-0456

boss lift
Boss Lift
  • Employers see Guard and Reserve members in action
  • Employers witness valuable training
  • Employers gain appreciation of our mission
  • Positive Public Relations

(B-52 Tour; ANG Simulators)

Guam-CNMI Committee Office @ (671) 735-0456

statement of support
Statement of Support
  • An opportunity for community leaders and employers to show their support to the National Guard and Reserve

Guam-CNMI Committee Office @


Guam-CNMI Committee Office @ (671) 735-0456

ombudsman services
Ombudsman Services
  • Information and mediation services regarding the Uniformed services Employment & Reemployment Rights Act
  • Available to Employers and Reservists
  • Contacts at national & local levels

Guam-CNMI Committee Office @ (671) 735-0456

what is eip
What is EIP?

Employment Initiative Program (EIP)

  • EIP is a comprehensive multi-agency program connecting employers with service members and spouses for meaningful employment opportunities
  • Ensures our service members or their spouses have a job that provides stability in their civilian life while allowing them to serve their country

Guam-CNMI Committee Office @ (671) 735-0456

employment reality
Employment Reality
  • As of June 2011, 1 million service members and veterans were unemployed/underemployed.
  • DOD annually pays over $1 Billion in unemployment benefits to Reservists
  • An additional 1 Million service members will leave the military between 2011 and 2016.
  • Unemployment has a negative impact on Readiness, especially in Reserve Components.

Guam-CNMI Committee Office @ (671) 735-0456

eip action plan
EIP Action Plan
  • Conduct employer symposia to discuss “Hiring Our Heroes”
  • Establish association with job placement agencies
  • Reach out to military commands to help their unemployed or under-employed service members
  • Co-sponsor job fairs and employment assistance workshops – via high-tech and high-touch programs

Guam-CNMI Committee Office @ (671) 735-0456

hero2hired program
Hero2Hired Program
  • – a valuable, free resource providing opportunities for job seekers and employers:
  • A powerful job-search site;
  • Contains career exploration tools, education and training resources, helps translate military skills into matching jobs;
  • Gives military-friendly companies access to service members seeking work; and allows posting of job openings

Guam-CNMI Committee Office @ (671) 735-0456

hero2hired program1
Hero2Hired Program

Guam-CNMI Committee Office @ (671) 735-0456

value of guard and reserve members
Value of Guard and Reserve Members
  • To the Taxpayer:
    • Train/ maintain 10 Reservists for cost of a single Active Duty member
  • To the Employer:
    • Technical training
    • Organizational skills
    • Leadership experience
    • Professional development
    • Self discipline
    • Physically fit
    • Drug free

Guam-CNMI Committee Office @ (671) 735-0456

together we all serve
Together, We All Serve!

Guam-CNMI Committee Office @ (671) 735-0456