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Tutankhamun’s Tomb. 1. Entrance corridor 2. Antechamber 3. Annex 4. Burial chamber 5. Treasury . 5. 4. N. 2. 1. 3. Sealed doors Tomb wall . The entrance corridor.

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Tutankhamun’s Tomb

1. Entrance corridor

2. Antechamber

3. Annex

4. Burial chamber

5. Treasury







Sealed doors

Tomb wall


The entrance corridor

On November 4 and 5, Howard Carter discovered a stair well leading to what he hoped was a royal tomb. Although not entirely sure what lay beneath he telegrammed Lord Carnarvon and urged him to come quickly to Egypt. Upon Carnarvon’s arrival, excavation resumed on November 23.

Traces of evidence soon made it clear that ancient tomb raiders had twice broken into the tomb and twice it had been resealed. This concerned Carter and raised the possibility that this would be yet another plundered tomb.

Cartouchesof different pharaohs were found making it unclear who had been buried here. The carved wooden headof an, as yet unidentified king was discovered, damaged. However, it was the most intact artefact in the corridor. Elsewhere were several fragments of linen and broken vases, pots and other vessels.

On the afternoon of Sunday 26 November, Carter broke through a second sealed doorway and peered into a room. When asked by Carnarvon if he could see anything, he replied, ‘yes, it is wonderful’.

Damaged head of the pharaoh found in the corridor

Source: Harry Burton


The antechamber

What do the contents of the antechamber tell us about Tutankhamun and his times?


The annexe

What do the contents of the annexe tell us about Tutankhamun and his times?


The guardian statues

Describe the appearance, location and significance of the guardian statues.


The shrine and sarcophagus

Describe the shrines and sarcophagus that Carter and his team found.


The mummy

Describe the process of mummification.


Wall decoration

What information do the tomb paintings provide about funerary beliefs and practices?


The canopic shrine

What does the canopic shrine and its contents tell us about burial practices in Ancient Egypt?


Other treasury items

What else (and who else) was found in the treasury?


The neighbours

How does Tutankhamun’s tomb compare with others in the Valley of the Kings?