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Phoenix Hong Kong Channel. Oct, 2013. 24-hour broadcast in Cantonese Transmitted via satellite ASIASAT 3S Phoenix’s 6th TV channel. Connecting Chinese Worldwide. Major for Cantonese-speaking audience in Hong Kong, Macau, Guangdong, Guangxi and Hainan areas;

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Presentation Transcript

24-hour broadcast in Cantonese

Transmitted via satellite ASIASAT 3S

Phoenix’s 6th TV channel


Connecting Chinese Worldwide

  • Major for Cantonese-speaking audience in Hong Kong, Macau, Guangdong, Guangxi and Hainan areas;
  • Upholding Phoenix vision to connect Chinese worldwide, promoting Chinese culture and values, influence the influential;
  • In line with Phoenix high-end positioning, target at middle- class, well-educated, professionals, business leaders and social elites;
  • Diversified news with international prospective and professional standard.


  • Cover Asia-Pacific region such as Hong Kong, Macau, Guangdong, Guangxi and Hainan areas:
  • In Hong Kong, the channel is available through:
  • NOW TV (Channel 367) – 1.2million subscribers
  • Cable TV (Channel 14) – 1.1million subscribers
  • HKBN(Channel 507) – 195,000 subscribers
  • In Macau, the channel is available through:
  • Macau Cable Television Company Limited (Channel 162)
  • – Over 100,000 subscribers

How to Receive Phoenix Hong Kong ?



Receive Only




Satellite Master

Antenna Television

CABLE / PAY TV platform


Phoenix Team of Hong Kong

Media Professionals

Presenters & Reporters


Jo Ngai


  • Graduate of Chinese University of Hong Kong, is a well known anchor in Hong Kong;
  • She is also anexperienced and gorgeous journalist prior to being the Communication Manager of Airport Authority Hong Kong (AA); she covered major news from local to international, from social to political;
  • In 2001, she was awarded the British Chevening Scholarship to study for a master degree in International Relations at the University of Warwick

LawChun Bond


  • Graduate of the Mass Communication Department of Hong Kong Baptist University;
  • Awarded Scholarship to study master degree in Asia-Pacific Studies at the University of London in 2002;
  • Over 15 years of journalistic experience as reporter, presenter, producer in leading Hong Kong media such as Cable TV, TVB, ATV etc.




Toni Wong

Vienna Cheuk

Sammy Chin

  • Sociology graduate of Hong Kong Baptist University;
  • Over 10 years media experience from printed to electronic media;
  • Framing news angles, planning series features and in-depth specials etc.
  • Graduate of Hong Kong Baptist University, majored in Public Relations & Advertising;
  • Worked as PR officer, flight attendant, journalist and presenter;
  • Hosted ATV prime-time news program.
  • Graduate of UCLA, majored in Economics;
  • Over 17 years’ experience of financial news reporting, editing, producing and presenting;
  • Worked for CNBC, Metro Radio
  • and ATV;
  • Produced “Stock Market Express”
  • on Phoenix InfoNews Channel for over 2 years.

Quality Programming

  • Focus on news, information, finance, trends, culture, interviews and features with international prospective;
  • Strong line-up of guest hosts from Hong Kong such as Gary Ching Kai Nam, Michelle Lo, Jo Ngai, Chan Wing Luk, Ma Ka Fai etc.;
  • Phoenix worldwide news network and professional news team stationed overseas boost Hong Kong Channel.


Heavyweight Programs


Speak Out Hong Kong 《港人自講 》

First-run: Mon-Fri20:00-20:30

Presenter: Michelle Lo 盧覓雪, Jo Ngai 魏綺珊

Guests from different walks of life are invited to share and talk about a variety of hot topics from men fashion, cosmetic trend, weblog frenzy, wining & dining to travelling and cultural phenomena as well as most-sought-after gossips from the showbiz. Past guests included singer Richie Jen, singer Teddy Robin,businesswoman Cally Kwong, director Lawrence Cheng and many more appealing names.

The host is the outspoken Michelle Lo, a fearless cross-media persona, she has been working for major local media including NEXTmedia, East Week and Ming Pao Weekly for nearly two decades. She has also been an active radio and TV host for a wide variety of programs.

Jo Ngai is a well known anchor in Hong Kong, she covered major news from local to international, from social to political.


News Decoder 《時事大破解》

First-run: Mon-Fri21:30-22:00

Presenter: Gary Ching Kai Nam 程介南

This program adheres to the Phoenix spirit to decipher social phenomenon, decode complicated political scene, hot topics and controversial issues, allowing audience to have better grasp of the society we live in. It also offers an alternative angle and gives you a cultural reference.

Gary Cheng is a devout social observer and campaigner, specializing in education, public policies and China politics. He has been very active in Hong Kong educational reform and social movements. He served as a Hong Kong legislator from 1998 to 2000. He teaches public relations strategy, crisis management at HK Baptist University as guest lecturer.


Canton Chatter《粵港越有》

First-run : Mon-Fri12:55-13:00

Presenter: Ma Ka Fai 馬家輝

The program highlights cultural phenomena and social stories in Hong Kong, discusses and explains why it is happening here in the hope of facilitating more rational exchanges and critical thinking. A short, smart and thought-provoking program to complete your daily info-intake.

Ma Ka Fai was Deputy chief editor of Ming Pao and also worked for the Earth Magazine in Taiwan as journalist. He is a prolific columnist and writer who frequently appears on TV and radio programs as host or guest. In the year 2008 Ma was named China’s Top 50 Charismatic Individuals of the Year by South People Weekly and in 2010 he was selected as Opinion Leader of Shenzhen & Hong Kong of the year.


Money Bang 《金股齊明》

First-run: Mon-Fri19:30-20:00

Presenter : Sammy Chin 陳冠生, Chu Ka I 朱家怡

Guest presenter: Chan Wing Luk 陳永陸

Analyzes the market movement, monitoring the global financial issues, as well as tracking the latest economic trends, Money Banghelps the audience to master all aspects of gold, commodity and currency, monetary policy developments, macroeconomics, international finance, and know-how to adopt short and long term investment strategies

Guest presenter Chan Wing Luk, fondly named as “Uncle Six” by his fans, is now a household name and has over thirty years of experiences in the financial field. He has been selected as one of the most popular investment commentators by 5000 public investors.


Cross-straits Explorer 《兩岸大特搜》

First-run: Sat19:30-19:45, 19:45-20:00

Presenter: Toni Wong 黃珊

Changes happen in Greater China, in an extraordinary way. It is novel, peculiar, absurd, sometimes even awesome.

A colossal output of news and information are covered by TV stations in Greater China every day to satisfy the demands of the population. They are riveting stories covering a wide range of topics and issues. They are inspiring as well as revealing.

Cross-strait Explorer gathers funny social, cultural, domestic and technological news from Greater China to delight audience with a light, pleasant touch.


Medi Apps《醫Apps 最強》

First-run: Sat22:30-23:00

Presenter︰Vienna Cheuk 卓麗雯

Medi Apps is an information-packed program that features healthcare knowledge and hands-on medical advices that are very practical and informative. From common diseases like cardiac arrest, maternity problems, depression to hidden ailing, and hot topics such as mood disorders, plastic surgery and Botox injection etc are all covered in the show.

The program probes into the real cases in great detail to explain the actual symptoms or common misunderstandings. Guest doctors or experts will examine ways of cure, prescriptions and many more professional suggestions etc.

Audience is invited to send emails or SMS for their medical questions and related concerns. Presenter Vienna Cheuk will interact with the audience and find out the answers with our guests together.


Culture Talk By Jimmy Ching《文化傾程》

First-run : Sat23:00-23:30

Presenter: Jimmy Ching 程治平

For more than a century, Hong Kong is a hub of cultural diversity, displaying an all-embracing character which made her one of the most fascinating cities in Asia. The cultural landscape in Hong Kong is full of heat and hype throughout the years. Artists integrate the East and West, traditional and contemporary, classic and avant-garde, adding in innovative and unconventional elements, then convert them into their self-style works.

Culture Talk By JimmyChing interviews the outstanding scholars, performers, academicians, curators, gurus, intellectuals or rising stars in different art circles, such as music, drama, theatre, cinema, Chinese opera, dance, photography, architecture, visual art and new media etc.

The program looks into each of their daunting uphill battles, passion and tension, setbacks and revival, telling how they start up their path and how they present their ideas and inspiration in different art forms. We haveinterviewed Chan Kim Sing, Fredric Mao Chun-fai, Connie Chan Po-chu,Amy Wu Mei-yee, Raymond To Kwok-wai, Willy Tsao, Leung Man Tao etc.



News Line-up

Morning, Noon, Evening

and late Evening News

+ 7 bulletins


Mon - Sun


Mon - Sun


Mon - Sun


(7 times a day, 90 seconds each)10:00/11:00/14:00/15:00/


Mon - Sun

07:27-07:30 13:27-13:30

18:27-18:30 22:27-22:30

Mon - Sun




Mon-Fri 23:00-00:00

Sat 18:30-19:30



A Date with Lu Yu

Panoramic Eyeshot of Phoenix

My Patriotic Heart





Weekend Spectacular




Sun 18:30-19:00



The True Man Show

Dance Your Ass Off Series (13/8/13-28/8/13)

Real Life-The Musical (29/8/13-11/9/13)

Marbell Mansions (12/9/13-25/9/13)

Hotel Inspector(26/9/13-17/10/13)

Celebrity Splash US Series (18/10/13-29/10/13)

Richard Hammond’s Crash Course Series


On Stage

Sat Version(Foreign Language)

First-run: Sat20:00-22:00

Sun Version(Chinese)

First-run: Sun20:00-22:00




First-run: Mon-Fri19:05-19:30

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Food & Culture


Hong Kong Industries


Independent We Stand


The Working Hands


Psychological Resilience



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