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Krokodil : Russia’s Deadliest Drug PowerPoint Presentation
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Krokodil : Russia’s Deadliest Drug

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Krokodil : Russia’s Deadliest Drug - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Krokodil : Russia’s Deadliest Drug. Emotional Manipulation and Over-dramatization:. Warning of extreme and disturbing content Camera always shaking, zooming in and out Voyeur angle: tree in the foreground, subject in the background

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Presentation Transcript

Emotional Manipulation and Over-dramatization:

  • Warning of extreme and disturbing content
  • Camera always shaking, zooming in and out
  • Voyeur angle: tree in the foreground, subject in the background
  • Observing from a shelter distancing ourselves from the subject as well as the problem
  • Close ups of a visual feature of a person (dirty clothes, scars, syringes, etc) to form our opinion about the person before we see him or hear him

Sound and Narration:

  • Opening with disturbing and portending music and foreign unclear speech makes a regular building look scary
  • Camera moving along with the viewers, low angle, poor lighting music creating tension, a feeling that something is about to happen, music fades in and out, like a video game or a scary movie
  • Close ups of random
  • objects while we hear
  • the interview
  • -Dogs barking,
  • sound starting before
  • we see the person
  • speaking

Credibility of Sources, Manipulation of Facts

  • Facts presented as:
  • “We’ve heard stories”,
  • “We were told”,
  • “There were rumors”,
  • “They explained to us”,
  • -“There is a widely held belief”, etc.

“Nowhere are Russia’s drug problems more evident than here.”

“Small Siberian city of Novokuznetsk” – actually one of the biggest

in the region, largest metal and coal industry

Fake tension created with music and narration -

“… People started beeping and yelling so we decided to leave…

Get the f**k out of here! Let’s go, let’s go let’s go!”, “We went back to

meet Sasha somewhere safe…or so we thought…”


“Experts” and “Evidence”:

Experts don’t look much more reliable than the addicts themselves.

  • Random people from the street
  • Orthodox Church Priest
  • Alternative Religious Rehab Leader
  • -Former drug users currently religious cult members
  • -Youtube footage of a person’s body rotting from the drug
  • -Funeral Director and leader of an alternative congregational church

- Subtitles often differ in tone and simplify the information that is actually being said, Russian phrases cut off halfway through

- Incompetent journalist - “It kind of just feels like walking through a forest in the middle of Syberia.”