invisibility cloak n.
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Invisibility Cloak

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Invisibility Cloak. Presented by: Jenny Buck QC Fall Leadership Conference September 2010. Definition and Overview . Invisibility Cloak: a device that conceals an object from being seen or detected What is the invisibility cloak? Invisibility in our Environment

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invisibility cloak

Invisibility Cloak

Presented by: Jenny Buck

QC Fall Leadership Conference

September 2010

definition and overview
Definition and Overview
  • Invisibility Cloak: a device that conceals an object from being seen or detected
  • What is the invisibility cloak?
  • Invisibility in our Environment
  • Invisibility in Communication
what is the invisibility cloak
What is the Invisibility Cloak?
  • The invisibility cloak is an item that causes things to become transparent or unseen. Take a minute and on a piece of paper write down what you believe it is in your store.
invisibility in our environment
Invisibility in our Environment

Everyday we walk through our environment and there are items which are unseen by us.

The following images may be disturbing…

reasons for cloaking
Reasons for Cloaking

Things have become background noise and we are no longer consciously aware of them

reasons for cloaking1
Reasons for Cloaking

Cloaking based on “reasoning”

reasons for cloaking2
Reasons for Cloaking

We have chosen to accept the environment

uncloaking our environment
Uncloaking our Environment
  • Pay Attention!

Where our attention goes, energy flows

uncloaking our environment1
Uncloaking our Environment
  • Awareness – take time for input
  • Make a plan
  • Take action
  • Follow Up
  • Develop good habits
uncloaking our environment2
Uncloaking our Environment
  • Take a minute and visualize your store as it is right now. What improvements need to be made?
  • Write them down and identify the cloaking mechanism that has prevented the improvements.
  • Share one with your group.
  • Group discussion: what actions need to be taken, and what good habits would be helpful.
invisibility in communication
Invisibility in Communication
  • Seeing others as objects instead of people
  • Drawing conclusions based on limited information
  • Invisibility during disputes
seeing others as objects
Seeing Others As Objects
  • Other people become invisible to us when we see them as objects instead of people.
  • Becoming aware of the needs and aspirations of the people around you will make you a far better communicator and person.
  • Understanding other’s needs and aspirations doesn’t require that you be negligent of your own needs.
person or object
Person or Object?
  • What is the name of the mail carrier that comes to your office every day?
person or object1
Person or Object?
  • Name three of your customers.
  • Where do those three customers work?
person or object2
Person or Object?
  • Name a person who works with you.
  • Name their spouse and children. Their hobbies?
person or object3
Person or Object?
  • Think about any dispute you’ve had recently.
  • Be honest with yourself. How did you treat the other person? Person or object?
person or object4
Person or Object?
  • Imagine that a customer comes into your store and cuts in front of someone else who has been waiting.
  • Write down a scenario where you treat the individual as an object.
  • Write down a scenario where you treat the individual as a person.
  • Share your answers with your group. The group will decide which are the best answers to share with everyone.
q tip and apt
  • Quit Taking It Personally: the customer is seeing you as an object, not a person.
  • See the customer as a person.
  • Remind the customer you are there to help them with their needs. In short APT.
drawing conclusions
Drawing Conclusions
  • Invisibility occurs when we do not have complete information and draw conclusions. We do not see things how they truly are when this occurs.
  • This type of invisibility can occur based on all of our senses: touch, sight, taste, smell, and hearing. It can also be caused by a combination of these elements.
  • It is important to make sure we are taking the time to evaluate if we have all the necessary information before making a decision on how to react to any given situation.
drawing conclusions4
Drawing Conclusions
  • Pick a time where your perception of events caused you to draw a false conclusion.
  • Share it with the group.
  • Group discussion: pick your favorite story to share.
invisibility during disputes
Invisibility During Disputes
  • People often involve themselves in a dispute by reacting with their defense mechanisms. When we react defensively disputes are nearly impossible to resolve.
  • When we have a defensive reaction the cause of the dispute becomes invisible and we function solely on emotions.
  • Functioning on emotion causes our reasoning ability to disappear.
ostrich syndrome
Ostrich Syndrome
  • When faced with conflict it is important to keep your head above sand. The problem will still be there when you surface, why wait?
  • Remember in a fight there is always a loser. You may win, but at what expense? Win / Win
  • This often occurs from fear or low self esteem. Remember to value yourself as a person.
invisibility during disputes1
Invisibility During Disputes
  • Don’t allow your reactions to be based on defense mechanisms.
  • If you do react in a way that you regret. It is not too late! Most of the time both parties are at a more reasonable level for resolution. Try again!
  • Remember to take the time to LISTEN and get all of the facts before drawing conclusions.
invisibility during disputes2
Invisibility During Disputes
  • Take a minute to write an example (that you don’t mind sharing) when you reacted based on defense mechanisms. What was the result?
  • Share the story with the group.
  • Group discussion: Pick one story. Decide on a better reaction to the scenario. Explain how it could have positively affected the results.
conclusion and review
Conclusion and Review
  • Invisibility occurs in our environment when we aren’t attentive to our surroundings.
  • Don’t allow yourself to view others as objects
  • Get all the facts before forming conclusions
  • Stay in control during a dispute
  • Remove the invisibility from your life!