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Yext and Uber: Its Implication for Tracking ROI for Local SEO

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Yext and Uber: Its Implication for Tracking ROI for Local SEO - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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In this article we talk about Local SEO and Conversion. We consider two websites Yext and Uber and how they help in creating a clearer goal of conversion

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PowerPoint Slideshow about 'Yext and Uber: Its Implication for Tracking ROI for Local SEO' - cyberrafting

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Yext and Uber: Its Implication for Tracking ROI for Local SEO

The ability to measure online effort to in-store visits can be the single most

difficult challenge a local business requires. Marketers are trying to check on this

ability in measuring the ROI, it is difficult to uncover ROI and make a case for

investing in local search optimization.

Providing value of local business listing optimization for local brick-and-mortar

location is according to the boundaries that are already established. These are

limited to Google My Business, Bing places, Yext, MozLocal which we use to gauge

performance and analytics.

Recently Yext partnered with Uber that will break such limitation in digital to in-

store visit acquisition challenges we battle every day.

New Yext for Uber Tool

Yext for Uber collaborate between the two who capitalize differently on one idea:

getting the customer where they need to go.

Yext is to make sure that the business is appearing on all local search directory

platforms so that users can utilize it and provide inbound marketing opportunity.

Uber works in getting the user to that location when it has been found by the


Yext will allow users to directly ask for a ride through the business website across

a variety of digital marketing touch points. It gives the Yext customer the ability to

deliver in-app branding and create a personal, localized experience for the user

while they are on their way to the business.

This website works on the concept of instant gratification of the customer, and

will connect those looking for a business with the ability to instantly request a

ride. This will reduce the friction in tracking digital to in-store visits creates.

What this means for local


Yext is paving the way for a closed loop digital to brick and mortar store

technology. Yext is strategic to have pioneered the idea of an Uber partnership.

There is no doubt that this functionality will become more and more prevalent as

the demand increases for in-depth reporting that will help search determine local


Benefit for Local Search

As Digital Marketers our work is to increase search engine visibility for our clients

so that they can engage with their customers and create in-store conversion. For

brick and mortar stores, we can increase local positioning through a variety of

techniques, but tracking the result can be difficult as we don’t know which one of

them actually found it to the store.

We can continue to make a case for local listing optimization, now that we are

able to track that a purchase was made because we can see the buyer journey, all

the way from searching for a local business, to the 3 pack listing to hiring an Uber

to take them to that store and finally making an in-store purchase.

Translating to Industries

Restaurant can now segment email marketing to locations and include a

seamlessly integrated link to render an Uber to the Restaurant in an instant.

Hospitals will be able to get sick patients drivers without having to worry who will

drive them home.