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6 Tips to Improve Local SEO for Your Business PowerPoint Presentation
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6 Tips to Improve Local SEO for Your Business

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6 Tips to Improve Local SEO for Your Business - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SEO seems a tough concept to grasp for most local businesses wherever they are located, with the booming local businesses and in a competitive landsape no one can afford to ignore local SEO entirely.

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6 Tips to Improve Local SEO for Your Business

SEO seems a tough concept to grasp for most local businesses wherever they are

located, with the booming local businesses and in a competitive landsape no one

can afford to ignore local SEO entirely.

Local SEO, is the process of optimizing specifically for your geographic area, means

that small businesses have a fighting chance against corporation, and there are

simple ways that you can start optimizing for your own web pages to draw local


Optimize for Mobile

In 2016, it is highly important to optimize your website for the mobile, it is not

enough to just design a website and hope it works on tablets and mobiles.

It is likely your goal is to entice local consumers to visit your store, call you, and fill

out some kind of form asking for information. More and more consumer looks for

your business using the mobile platform.

Consider, if you are looking for an emergency plumber, you will open you phone

and search for plumbers in your location, if you find a website and look for

plumbers, and it is hard to navigate, the most likely scenario is that you simply

move on to the next plumber on the search engine result.

Most people want to hire you but are unable to do so because of the poor

experience. Even Google takes mobile-friendliness into account when ranking sites

on their results page, if there are two similar businesses, but one has the website

optimized for mobile, it is likely to be featured above the other.

Create a Google MyBusiness Page

When people are searching for something on a search engine, it is important to

have the most relevant information immediately displayed.

But before your information shows up in a display like this, create a mybusiness

account and make sure that you fill out the most accurate and up-to-date


information that’s consistent with information found across other online

platforms. Compose a business description that is unique and enticing, including

high-quality, engaging photographs of your business and don’t forget to clearly

mark your hours of operation.

Display Your Name, Address and Phone Number

In today’s high-digital world, your business very likely has its own facebook page,

twitter profile, instagram account and other social media platform and you post

on these account on a regular basis, but you need the name of the business, the

address and phone number displayed on such sites, there are probably quite a

few reviews and listings websites displaying your information.

Firstly, the important for your users experience, 73% of all mobile searches

eventually result in a future action from the user and 28% of those actions are in-

store conversions.

Local Reviews

When it comes to SEO, there’s a lot of importance given to content strategies, and

reviews from customer should be a big part of that strategy. Potential customers

look for reviews as the first step in considering if they want to purchase from you.

But that doesn’t mean that they should always be positive, consumer considers

companies which have both positive and negative reviews than businesses with

purely positive ones.

Once you have sold your services to your clients, it is ok to directly ask your clients

how they enjoyed working with you. If they have, ask them to leave a review of

their experience.

Keywords in Content

Optimizing for certain local keywords is the most well known SEO strategies out

there. While it is important to include keywords in your content it is not ok to over

saturate your content with them. Google’s Panda Update targets web pages with

spammy keyword usage. So use your keywords naturally and organic way. Google

can absolutely tell when you’ve put that one phrase in just a few too many times.


Keep Voice Search in Mind

Many of the mobile users are starting to search on their phones using their

smartphone’s listening capabilities. 20% of mobile search queries today are

actually voice searches.

If you out on the town during lunch time, and you want to search a sushi place,

then you perform a search, but if you don’t feel like typing out the entire search,

so you use your voice search.

The only way the voice search can find out if your restaurants in the area have

optimized their site to show they serve that specific cuisine, include keywords in

your local SEO strategy that are written with voice search in mind.

Now it is time to take advantage of the excitement and growth in your city, make

sure you’re ready by working on your search engine optimization now.