Why you should use a personal hotspot instead of public wi fi
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Cyberprotectio you should use a personal Hotspot instead of public wifi - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The use of public wi fi creates certain amount of risk that can lead to more serious problems. While wi fi is a good resort when there is no other way to access the Internet.

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Disadvantages of public wi fi

A Wi-Fill information that is being transferred from your device are available to other devices on that network.

Disadvantages of Public Wi -Fi

Type of attack

Man-in-the-middle Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi sniffing


TYPE of Attack

Attack type man in the middle

  • T Wi-Fihe attacker is positioned between you and the computer you're accessing by creating his own network you will access.

  • In this way, the attacker then intercepts all communication and data coming from your device.

Attack type: Man in the MiddlE

Attack type wi fi sniffing

  • Wi- Fi Sniffing is based on the attacker downloading huge amounts of data that you send and receive in order to dig out something possibly useful.

  • The irony is that Wi-Fi sniffing is sometimes allowed in the terms and conditions of the network, so if you become a victim, it would be hard to prove that you were directly targeted.

  • Because the attacker probably downloaded all data on the network. Legally speaking, he was viewing his network data and stumbled upon your user data.

Attack type: Wi-fi sniffing

Attack type malware

Attack Type: Malware

Camparison between public wi fi and personal hotspot

Personal attacker is physically present on your device.Hots Pot

Public Wi-Fi

  • Besides using some prevention-oriented types of protection, there are also other ways to protect yourself, which generally cost money. For example, connecting via VPN – Virtual Private Network is a pretty safe solution.

  • This kind of a network will encrypt your data and will not leave it unprotected. VyprVPN and OpenVPN are some of the providers for these types of services.

  • All information that is being transferred from your device are available to other devices on that network.

  • This is why these connections are extremely dangerous, because attackers can acquire your usernames, passwords, and other sensitive data.

CamparisonbetWEEN Public wi-fi and Personal hotspot

So , we are suggested to you the safest solution is to rely on your own network and steer clear of wi fi altogether. Access the internet by using your device as A personal hotspot. Just pay attention to data costs.

For More information you can visit cyber Protection on your own network and steer clear of