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Creating a New Government in the Nation and in Georgia

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Creating a New Government in the Nation and in Georgia - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Creating a New Government in the Nation and in Georgia. Articles of Confederation. The first constitution of the United States. Designed to have weak central government Protected States Rights Unicameral legislature Ratified in 1781. Weakness.

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Presentation Transcript
articles of confederation
Articles of Confederation
  • The first constitution of the United States.
  • Designed to have weak central government
  • Protected States Rights
  • Unicameral legislature
  • Ratified in 1781
  • National government cannot impose or collect taxes
  • No national currency
  • No national court system
  • No executive branch
  • One vote per state regardless of population
  • Two-thirds majority to pass laws
  • Unanimous consent needed to amend the Articles of Confederation
  • There was no national army or navy.

1 To declare war and make peace.

2 To coin and borrow money

3 To detail with foreign countries and sign treaties

4 To operate post offices

ga constitution of 1777 savannah may 1777
GA Constitution of 1777Savannah, May 1777
  • Replaced “Rules and Regulations” that governed the colony during the Revolutionary War.
  • Modeled after the AOC
  • Selected John Treutlen as the first governor
ga constitution 1777
GA Constitution 1777
  • Unicameral legislature
    • Appoints judiciary branch
    • Appoints executive branch (governor)

Governor is appointed for 1 year

Governor is selected by an Executive Council (12 members from the legislature)

  • Weakness: Legislature too powerful
constitutional convention of 1787
Constitutional Convention of 1787
  • Virginia ask for a meeting to discuss trade problems among the states.
  • 1st Constitutional Convention accomplishes nothing.
  • 2nd Constitutional Convention called to Philadelphia, Pa. May 1787 to discuss issues with the AOC
  • Rhode Island does not attend: oppose a strong central government.

Virginia Plan

  • 3 branches of government
    • Legislative, executive, judicial

Congress – 2 houses

    • House of Representative – elected by the people
    • Senate – elected by the House of Rep.

Representation base on State population

Favored by the large states

new jersey plan
New Jersey Plan
  • Congress – unicameral

Levy taxes, trade, laws, treaties – state law could not override congress.

  • Executive – consists of several people; elected by congress
  • Judicial – appointed by excutive

Representation is equal for each state

the great compromise
The Great Compromise
  • Called for a bicameral congress
    • House of Rep – based on population
    • Senate – equal representation
  • 3/5 Compromise
    • Counted slaves as 3/5 of a person for population count
    • Slave trade to end in 20 years
    • Fugitive slaves will be returned to their owners
us constitution
US Constitution
  • Replaced the Articles of Confederation
  • Ratified September 17, 1787
  • Antifederalist insisted on the Bill of Rights – approved in 1791
  • Bill of Rights written to protect the rights of the citizens.
georgia signers on the us constitution
Georgia Signers on the US Constitution
  • Abraham Baldwin William Few

Georgia calls special convention to quickly approve the Constitution. Georgia was the 4th state to ratify the Constitution on Jan. 2, 1788.


Georgia ratifies constitution

  • Georgia becomes the 4th state to ratify the US Constitution.
  • Georgia was moving westward into land occupied by Indians.
  • Georgia needed strong national government to help protect it from Indian threat.
  • US Constitution ratified Jan. 2, 1788 by a vote of 26-0.