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Writing an effective Conclusion PowerPoint Presentation
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Writing an effective Conclusion

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Writing an effective Conclusion
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Writing an effective Conclusion

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  1. Writing an effective Conclusion

  2. What is a good conclusion? • A conclusion summarizes the article: • Restates the opinion/position/central idea • Restates the supporting ideas • A conclusion gives a ‘future sentence’ • A future sentence gives the reader an idea of what might happen next

  3. Link to the beginning • Intro: • The one job at home that I hate to do more than anything is to take out the garbage. Sometimes I wish that the garbage would just learn to take itself out. Taking the garbage out is horrible because it stinks, it is sticky, and the dogs try to eat it! • Conclusion: • Taking out the garbage is the worst job at my home. No one should have to suffer through the smell, stickiness, or aggravation of the dogs. One day, I hope one day to have a machine to do the job for me.

  4. Use a “quotation” • Elderly people in nursing homes should be better taken care of. When Thomas Jefferson said, “All men are created equal,” he meant elderly people too! • It is true that many young girls like Justin Bieber not for his music but for non-important reasons. Just as 12-year-old Cindy said when asked why she loved Justin Bieber so much, “Because he is so cute!”

  5. Challenge the reader • Bullies in schools can be scary. Find a friend, a teacher, or a councilor to help you make a stand! Don’t let the bully win! • For busy people it is difficult to start exercising and eating healthy. But it is worth it. Are you going to be a ‘couch potato’ or are you going to get up and be health?

  6. Refer to your anecdote • If you used an anecdote in your introduction then ‘refer’ (go back) to it again. • So don't be like Sally, and text and drive. Be informed. Find a safe place to pull over before you read or answer a text message.

  7. Look into the future • States need to pay their teachers higher pay. If higher-paying careers continue to attract the best students out of college, there will be less good teachers for our youth. Our youth will suffer. And when youth suffers, the future of America suffers.