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Welcome to training on Submersible Pumps PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to training on Submersible Pumps

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Welcome to training on Submersible Pumps - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to training on Submersible Pumps. Start. Submersible Pumps. Single Phase Models. Three Phase Models. What are Submersible Pumps Where are they used Who uses them Why use Submersible Pumps When to use Submersible Pump. The Basics.

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Welcome to training on Submersible Pumps

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. Welcome to training on Submersible Pumps Start Certified Service Training

    2. Submersible Pumps Single Phase Models Three Phase Models Certified Service Training

    3. What are Submersible Pumps Where are they used Who uses them Why use Submersible Pumps When to use Submersible Pump The Basics Certified Service Training

    4. A submersible pump is typically a bottom suction, single stage centrifugal pump directly mounted on the shaft of a submersible motor Motors can be electric, hydraulic or pneumatic What is a Submersible Pump Certified Service Training

    5. Anywhere water is and needs to be removed Where are they used ? • Sand and Gravel Pits • Quarries • Dewatering well applications • Manhole dewatering • Coffer dams • Excavations • Construction sites ( all phases) Certified Service Training

    6. General contractors Municipalities Utilities Landscapers Rental stores Who uses Submersible Pumps Certified Service Training

    7. No suction hose or suction lift to calculate Instant priming High discharge head or high flow Little attention required Small investment for large capacity Few parts, low repair & service costs Runs dry for a short time External power source required Lower volume compared to trash pumps Must be pulled out for inspection Small solid size capacity Advantages Why use a Submersible Pump Disadvantages Certified Service Training

    8. Anywhere pumping head requirements exceed that of a trash pump Environments where an internal combustion engine is not desired or allowed When to use a Submersible Pump Certified Service Training

    9. P = Pump S = Submersible A = Automatic 2, 3, 4= Discharge port size in inches 400-1100 = motor wattage last digit = Phase either 0 (1Ø) or 3 (3 Ø) HH = High Head HF = High Flow Example: PS411003HF Pump Submersible 4” 1100watt 3 Phase motor with High Flow Electric Submersible Pump Nomenclature Certified Service Training

    10. PS2-400 PS2-500 PSA2-500 PS2-750 PS3-1500 120 & 240 VAC Switchable PS3-2200 240 VAC Submersible Pump Models Single Phase Available in 120 or 240 volt models except for PSA2-500 which is 120 volt only. Certified Service Training

    11. PS2-1503 PS2-2203 PS2-3703 PS3-1503 PS3-2203 PS3-3703 PS3-5503 PS4-3703 PS4-5503 PS4-7503 PS4-1103HH PS4-1103HF Submersible Pump Models Three Phase Available in 240, 480 & 575 volt models Certified Service Training

    12. Discharge Motor Housing Outer Housing Mechanical Seal Volute & wear plate Oil Chamber Impeller Intake strainer Pump Components Certified Service Training

    13. Power Cable Handle Capacitor Circle Thermal Protector Rotor Stator Pump Components Certified Service Training

    14. Molded Cable Boot Limited Tightening Plate Anti-Wicking Block Power Supply Cable 0.5 - 5 HP Pumps Certified Service Training

    15. Thermal expansion cable boot. Extends the bending radius of the power cable and prevents kinking at the entry point Cable Gland compresses the cable boot a full 360° To prevent wicking each conductor is stripped back exposing the copper conductor,then fed through a fiber conductor. Epoxy is then poured into the expansion boot Upper Chamber Insures an area around the thermal expansion boot allowing it to expand freely without contacting the cast iron walls. Power Supply Cable 5 HP & larger Pumps Certified Service Training

    16. Snap Acting Disk Heater Housing Stationary Contacts Terminals Calibration Nut Thermal Protector “CTP” Circle Thermal Protector Movable Contacts Certified Service Training

    17. MTP ( Miniature Thermal Protector) Thermal Protector “MTP” Certified Service Training

    18. Miniature Thermal Protector (expanded view) 1) Neoprene coated leads 5) Stationary Silver Contact 2) Epoxy sealing compound 6) Movable Silver Contact 3) Plated steel casing 7) BI-Metal Strip 4) Ceramic insulator 8) Mylar sleeve Certified Service Training

    19. Carbon/Ceramic Sealing Faces Spring mechanism Internal seals Mechanical Seal Silicon Carbide Certified Service Training

    20. Oil lifter system • Exclusive design • Enables the pump to be run with only a 1/3 of the oil with-out damage to the seal. Certified Service Training

    21. Oil lifter system Certified Service Training

    22. Bottom of the Mechanical Seal Face V-Ring (on Stainless Shaft Sleeve) Motor Shaft Shaft Sleeve Impeller V - ring seal Certified Service Training

    23. This stationary seal is mounted below the bottom of the mechanical seal faces. The impeller hub rotates against the flexible lip of the lip seal. Lip Seal Another form of seal is the lip seal. All three phase units have lip seals Certified Service Training

    24. Every use or weekly Visual inspection Power cord check Amp draw check Monthly Inspection of Strainer Impeller Wear plate 6 months / 1000 hours Oil inspection Yearly / 2000 hours Oil change Pump overhaul O-rings, seals Mechanical seal inspection Maintenance Certified Service Training

    25. This completes the submersible pump section Thank you Certified Service Training