how to realize the value of hfma n.
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How to Realize the Value of HFMA PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Realize the Value of HFMA

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How to Realize the Value of HFMA - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How to Realize the Value of HFMA. PRESENTATION Overview. Strategic direction Chapters Education Certification Resources HFMA’s Thought Leadership HFMA’s MAP Leadership. STRATEGIC DIRECTION HFMA Vision and Purpose. To be the indispensable resource for healthcare finance.

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How to Realize the Value of HFMA

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. How to Realize the Value of HFMA

    2. PRESENTATIONOverview Strategic direction Chapters Education Certification Resources HFMA’s Thought Leadership HFMA’s MAP Leadership

    3. STRATEGIC DIRECTIONHFMA Vision and Purpose To be the indispensable resource for healthcare finance. To define, realize, and advance the financial management of health care by helping members and others improve the business performance of organizations operating in or serving the healthcare field. HFMA VISION HFMA PURPOSE

    4. STRATEGIC DIRECTIONChair’s Theme • Each person’s acts of leadership can make a difference • We are all accountable for the fulfillment of our organizations’ missions • Finance professionals should lead the way to a better future in health care

    5. CHAPTERSParticipate • Take your place in one of 68 chapters upon joining HFMA • Pursue leadership opportunities • Take advantage of local education and networking opportunities

    6. CHAPTERS Find Your Voice Through Local Information NetworKs, chapters provide input to HFMA’s Health Reform Advisory Committee • Local perspective on impact of ACA • Ramifications and response strategies • Input and comment on HFMA positions • Comment on potential HFMA services

    7. EDUCATIONLearn • Certification • ANI: HFMA National Institute • June 24-27, Las Vegas • Seminars • Webinars • eLearning • MAP Event • October 28-30, San Diego

    8. EDUCATIONMeet Today’s Challenges “I turn to HFMA to keep up with the rapid change in the profession. HFMA delivers the essential information that healthcare financial management professionals require to stay on top of the game and ahead of the curve.” William R. Waters, FHFMA, CPA, Vice President, Financial Services, Franciscan Services Corporation

    9. CERTIFICATIONAdvance Your Career • Enhance your professional credibility with HFMA Certification Programs • Certified Healthcare Finance Professional (CHFP) • Fellow of the Healthcare Financial Management Association (FHFMA) • Certified Revenue Cycle Representative (CRCR)

    10. RESOURCESStay Up to Date • • Daily and weekly online news • Social media • Facebook • LinkedIn • Twitter • HFMA Forums

    11. RESOURCES Explore • ONLINE KNOWLEDGE CENTER TOPICS • Accounting and financial reporting • Finance and business strategy • Legal and regulatory compliance • Operations management • Payment, reimbursement, and managed care • Revenue cycle • Technology • Reports • Fact sheets • Articles • Analyses • Roundtables • hfm Buyer’s Resource Guide

    12. RESOURCESRead • hfm magazine • The #1 publication for healthcare CFOs • Leadership publication • Reaches all levels of the C-suite • Newsletters • Revenue Cycle Strategist • Healthcare Cost Containment • Strategic Financial Planning

    13. RESOURCESBreak Through • Retool for value • Improve coordination and efficiency • Accomplish more with less

    14. HFMA’S THOUGHT LEADERSHIPBuild Value Value Project Objectives • Define value in health care • Identify trends related to value • Identify ways to enhance value • Describe new care delivery models that create value

    15. VALUE PROJECT PHASE 2 Provider Sponsors

    16. HFMA’S MAPAchieve Excellence

    17. LEADERSHIP Be Recognized • Get recognized for revenue cycle excellence with our MAP Award for High Performance • New this year: Earn recognition for significant advances through the MAP Award for Performance Improvement

    18. LEADERSHIP Fulfill Your Potential “My involvement with HFMA provided me with the skills and confidence to move from CFO to CEO, helped me develop strategic planning skills, professional-relationships-building skills, creative thinking, and public speaking. My leadership within HFMA also helped give my new board the confidence to take that risk on an unproven CEO. HFMA builds leaders.” Phyllis A. Cowling President and CEO, United Regional Health Care System Former HFMA Chair HFMA’S FUTURE FINANCIAL LEADER AWARD Presented at ANI 2012

    19. CLOSING THOUGHTSEncourage • Current members are our strongest recruitment link to new members • Through our Member-Get-a-Member program, sponsors are eligible for incentives ranging from HFMA apparel items and prepaid gift cards to cash prizes and charitable donations

    20. CLOSING THOUGHTSEnjoy “Through HFMA, I worked with some of the brightest, most talented people I’ve ever met…If you’re actively involved, you already know that the more you give, the more you receive back.” Debi Kuchka-Craig, FHFMACorporate Vice President, Managed CareMedStar HealthFormer Chair, HFMA

    21. CLOSING THOUGHTSReshape the Future “We can’t provide the care and compassion for patients... but we can help provide the means, we can fight for adequate funding, we can try to correct a massively flawed payment system.... That’s why membership in HFMA is so important. It makes my job so much easier and rewarding, and I know it does yours as well.” Fred Lucky, FHFMA Senior Vice President Kansas Hospital Association