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  2. Acer- European Schoolnet 1to1Computing Netbook Pilot Project 2010/2011

  3. Acer Classroom

  4. Teachers & Students



  7. EXAMPLES Ebru AKTEL- English Teacher Think that you are a travelagent and your job is to attract more tourists to a city or a holiday resort.

  8. The Instructions • First, start with giving information about the place you want people to visit. • Answer these questions about the place: (you may check out these sites to help you: holidayresortsguide.com , wordtravels.com/Resorts/ ,allholidayresorts.com , ananzi.co.za/quickpage/optima/ )

  9. 1. where exactly is it? • 2. how can we go there? ( also, add some information about the transportation in the place) • 3. why should we go there? • 4. what is the most suitable time to visit there? what is the climate? • 5. what are major attractions? (historical places, seaside, wild and peaceful resorts etc. ) • 6. what can we do there? (swimming, skiing, sightseeing, nightlife, going to museums, exhibitions, live concerts etc.) • 7. you may talk about the shopping facilities. (the biggest stores, where they are, their opening and closing time) • 8. what is the place famous for? (perfumes, clothes, old buildings, its nature, white sandy beaches, luxurious goods etc. ) • 8. read the reviews about the place and write about the comments of previous visitors. give a few examples. make direct or indirect sentences. • 9. talk about the food. (You may not know their food but scan the comments of previous visitors. you can find some clues. )

  10. Now, advice us where to stay. Choose a hotel/hostel. you may check out these sites to help you: tripreport.com, holidayresortsguide.com, allhotels.com

  11. Write about: 1. the facilities 2. the price 3. star rating 4. a few sentences about the hotel to attract visitors. description of the hotel, rooms, views, swimming pool, spa center etc.) 5. leisure time activities fishing, hiking, city sightseeing etc.) 6. how far it is to the city center 7. add the comments of previous visitors

  12. At last, please remember to visualize your project with photos of the place and make a PowerPoint presentation. • The deadline for this project is 7th of January. you may consult me anytime you want during this period. • Good luck and have fun!

  13. Sevgi SABANCI- English Teacher Let’s Discover Ireland!

  14. 1. Brainstorming • What do you think when you see the words ‘Ireland’? In two minutes write down all the words and phrases you can think of. Now check out the following websites and see if your words and phrases are mentioned.

  15. 2. Introductory Quiz • Your teacher will put you into pairs or small groups. Go to the website below and read the article from the Britannica Concise Encyclopaedia to find the answers to these eight questions about Ireland:

  16. 3. Web information hunt • a) Your teacher will give you a letter. Look at your ‘site’ and write down five interesting pieces of information (Remember to read the main page, and also click on Tourist AttractionsandMain Towns). After ten minutes work in a new group and exchange the information you have found out.

  17. b) Now, using the same website, see if you can answer the following questions about these counties of Ireland. You will need to read the information about each county in order to find the answers:

  18. 4. Group planning – a day in County Kerry • Work in small groups (between two and four). Use the websites below (plus any supplementary websites you might need) to help you plan a day in County Kerry. Your day will begin at 9.00am and end at 11.00pm. You will have a budget of 200 Euros. Consider the following questions:

  19. Melek ÇAVUŞ- English Teacher Eurotrip!

  20. e-twinning- Melek ÇAVUŞ


  22. EXAMPLES Gülden BÜYÜKDAĞ- Ayla KADİROĞLU Philosophy Teachers Phenomenology !

  23. Objectives of the task • To comprehend the Phenomenological point of view to reach the information. • To behave according to this view in daily life • To provide students active internet usage in the course task

  24. Process of the task • Students are directed to the related web-sites one week before the course (Felsefetarihi.net, Mutlaktöz.com) • There is a discussion based on guide questions which are prepared according to the web-sites • As a follow up, students prepare a presentation on computer and mail it to the course teacher.

  25. HOW TO CONTACT • g@mail • Facebook • E-twinning • Wiki • Web-page

  26. HOW TO DISPLAY https://halukundegerlisesi.wikispaces.com/

  27. http://www.halukundegerlisesi.k12.tr/tr/

  28. THE RESULT A Different Meaning in Intercultural Communication