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Make a Scientific Sun

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Make a Scientific Sun - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Make a Scientific Sun

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  1. Make a Scientific Sun • For numbers 1-8 match the correct term to the description on the pie chart by placing one clothes pin on each wedge of the circle. • Have an instructor check your finished sun and initial your work. (Raise hand when you are ready for me to check) • You may take a photo of this activity to help you study. If your cell phone is being used for ANY other reason- it will be taken away!

  2. Fill in the correct form of inheritance: Take a closer look at heredity… 9. Occurs when several genes determine one trait. 10. Results in a blending effect in the offspring. 11. When more than 2 alleles exist for a single gene. 12. When two alleles equally express themselves.

  3. Human Chromosomes 13. The number of total chromosomes in a human cell. 14. The chromosome make up of a male. 15. Humans have 22 pairs of these non-sex chromosomes. 16. The number of chromosomes received from father in the sperm.

  4. Human Genetic Disorders 17. Scientific name for Down Syndrome 18. A recessive disorder that causes mucus to build up in the lungs and digestive tract. 19. Mental retardation can be prevented with this disorder if a special diet is used on the infant affected. 20. A rare dominant disorder that leads to deterioration of areas of the brain.

  5. 21. List the individuals that have the trait. What is the sex of these individuals?22. Is this a dominant or recessive trait/disorder?23. How do you know?

  6. Karyotype Analysis 24. Identify the abnormality in karyotype A. If there is none, write none. 25. Is the individual in karyotype A a male or female? 26. Identify the abnormality in karyotype B. If there is none, write none. 27. Is the individual in karyotype B a male or female?

  7. Karyotype A Karyotype B

  8. Multiple Choice Practice 28. A trait controlled by 4 alleles is said to have: a. autosomes b. homologous alleles c. multiple alleles 29. Which genetic disorder can be detected by karyotyping? a. Trisomy 21 b. color blindness c. hemophilia 30. The blood types A, B, AB and O are the result of which inheritance pattern? a. sex-linked b. incomplete dominance c. multiple alleles 31. If a female fruit fly is heterozygous for red eyes (XRXr) crossed with a white eyed male (XrY), what percent of their offspring would have white eyes? (Fill in punnett square.) a. 0% b. 25% c. 50% d. 75%