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The Bartly fish is a gigantic sea monster. It is 20m long, and 5m wide. Also it weighs 18kg. T he Bartly fish has colossal spines on its back that are poisonous to anything that touches it. The sea monster is red, purple and green, it is this colour so it can camouflage in coral reef. It has large fins on its back so it can swim really fast.


The Bartly sea monster has are very, very simple diet. It eats any fish and even poisonous animals. It also eats jellyfish; fifty at one time!


The Bartly has a very special way of courtship. It curls up in a ball and does spirals in the water. It will fight over female Bartleys.

defence hunting

It has a distinctive way of killing pray and defending itself. To kill pray it will stun its enemy with venomous gas, then stab it with its poisonous spikes on itsd back. Then with its GINORMUS mouth it will gobble it all up in one. It is multi collared so it can blend in with coral reef. Also it will stun with its gas. But only a killer whale is big enough to kill a Bartley.


The Bartly has a very simple habitat. It lives in water. However it can sill survive on land for a very long time but not forever.


It can swim very fast, thanks to its fins. It has six even legs so it run very fast. In fact it can run up to fifty miles an hour!