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Tennessee and Curry Todd PowerPoint Presentation
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Tennessee and Curry Todd

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Tennessee and Curry Todd - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Curry Todd is a resident of Tennessee, the 16th state in the union. Todd is a former high school basketball player of the year and has had a series of public and private achievements as a former police officer, business owner and State legislator in the Tennessee House of Representatives.

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Curry Todd

Public Servant and Former Business Owner


Curry Todd is a Tennessee native and a notable public servant. From the time he first came to public awareness, he was a local high school basketball standout and was awarded the distinction of being the state’s athlete of the year. He went on to graduate from and continued his career as an athlete at the University of Memphis. From there he was a private business owner, then a Memphis police officer. Today he is a State of Tennessee legislator, Curry Todd is an outstanding member of the Tennessee community.

Tennessee Man


Curry Todd serves the state of Tennessee’s 95th State House District as its representative in the Tennessee House of Representatives. His career in this position started in 1998. Todd has been re-elected eight times and continues to serve the people of Tennessee in a long, heralded career.

Tennessee 95th District Representative


Curry Todd serves the State of Tennessee’s 95th State House District in the Tennessee House of Representatives as a state legislator. Tennessee is often referred to as the “Volunteer State” for a number of interesting historical reasons, and as a public servant, Todd has filled that name exceedingly. He is a former police officer and to this day serves with esteemed record of community support, important legislation and standout committee work.

Tennessee Volunteer


Curry Todd is a former police officer from the city of Memphis. He currently serves his home state as a Representative for the 95th District before the Tennessee House of Representatives. Elected to office in 1998, he has served the district with the pride of a native son. Throughout his career, he has gathered significant accolades and accomplishments.