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India History PowerPoint Presentation
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India History

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India History - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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India History

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  1. India History

  2. What is the dominant religion in India?

  3. Hinduism Hinduism in the world

  4. Pakistan is dominated by which world religion?

  5. Islam

  6. Is Hinduism monotheistic or polytheistic?

  7. Polytheistic -belief in many gods- Hinduism the largest polytheistic religion in the world

  8. Is Islam monotheistic or polytheistic?

  9. Monotheistic -belief in one God- Islam is the second largest monotheistic religion (only Christianity is larger

  10. What is the holy text of Hinduism?

  11. The Vedas

  12. What is the holy text of Islam?

  13. The Koran

  14. Other than Hinduism, what other major world religion was founded in India?

  15. Buddhism

  16. Where did Buddhism spread to? Who spread it there?

  17. China and Southeast Asia Spread by the missionary Asoka Asoka spreadBuddhism here!

  18. What is the caste system?

  19. Social class system in a Hindu society

  20. What is the purpose of the caste system?

  21. To move up it after each life (reincarnation) by gaining good Karma-- when you reach the top and have good karma, you go to live with the universal spirit. Top of caste system: Priests Bottom of caste system: untouchables

  22. What is karma?

  23. Karma is all the good or bad things you do in life. If at the end of life you have “good karma,” you’ll move up the caste system when reincarnated. If have “bad Karma” you’ll be reincarnated down the caste system, or possibly be reincarnated as an animal.

  24. What is reincarnation?

  25. Hindu (and Buddhist) belief that your soul is reborn over and over again as different people or animals.

  26. How does one escape the cycle of reincarnation in Hinduism?

  27. Reach the top of the caste system by gaining good karma.

  28. How does a person escape the cycle of reincarnation in Buddhism?

  29. Follow the eight fold path and reach nirvana.

  30. What empire ruled India from c. 1500-1750?

  31. The Mughal ( Mogul ) Empire

  32. What religion did the Moguls introduce into India?

  33. Islam especially into an area called Kashmir in the Himalayas Kashmir

  34. What architectural achievement are the Moguls famous for?

  35. The Taj Mahal

  36. What were the chief products traded by the Mogul Empire?

  37. Textiles clothing products

  38. Who was the first European to sail to India?

  39. Vasca Da Gama Portugal Da Gama’s route to India

  40. After Da Gama’s trip, which three European countries set up trading posts in Mogul India?

  41. Portugal, England, and the Netherlands (Dutch) England Netherlands

  42. India was a colony of which country from c.1750 to 1947?

  43. Great Britain British India to 1947

  44. What Indian leader led India to independence in 1947?

  45. Mahatma Gandhi

  46. What methods did Gandhi use to free India from Great Britain?

  47. Civil disobedience and passive resistance Disobeying the law and authority without violence

  48. After independence, India was split up into 3 countries by Great Britain, name them:

  49. India, Sri Lanka, and East/West Pakistan India East Pakistan West Pakistan Sri Lanka

  50. After a war with West Pakistan in 1971, East Pakistan became which independent country?