World war one
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World war one. THE AFTERMATH. Canadian Soldiers. It took months to get the soldiers home (caused resentment and anger) Many returned with horrible injuries and could not work Others returned with crippling emotional damage (some never re-adjusted to regular life)

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World war one

World war one


Canadian soldiers
Canadian Soldiers

  • It took months to get the soldiers home (caused resentment and anger)

  • Many returned with horrible injuries and could not work

  • Others returned with crippling emotional damage(some never re-adjusted to regular life)

  • Many felt disillusioned; they thought they had been lied to or that they fought for nothing

  • There was anger over the amount of money some business owners made from the war (war profiteering)

  • However, Canada did introduce of generous pension plan to assist veterans


  • Many economic problems came to Canada after the war

  • Dozens of factories closed down and thousands of people were put out of work

  • Women were often fired to make room for returning soldiers

  • Wages were drastically reduced

The spanish flu
The Spanish Flu

  • A new form of the influenza (flu) virus hit the world in 1918

  • Named “The Spanish Flu” because of the lack of military censorship in Spain, other countries hid the flu’s true impact

  • Around the world, the flu killed almost 21 million people

  • Some researches believe that 40 million people died (adding 20 million from India)

  • In Canada, the flu killed almost as many as the entire war

Workers in canada
Workers in Canada

  • Many soldiers felt “empowered” after the war and wanted better rights and wages

  • The success of the Russian Revolution and the ideas of communism also inspired many low paid workers

  • Labor Unions began to form across Canada

  • Wealthy Canadians became paranoid about the threat of communist revolt (THE RED SCARE)

What is communism
What is Communism?

  • Communism is a political philosophy that states that private property and personal wealth are harmful to people

  • It also states that all power in society should belong to “workers” (proletariat) and that violent revolution should be used to overthrow the rich (bourgeoisies)

  • Finally, communism is about complete equality between people (from each according to their ability to each according to their need)

Why was communism such a threat
Why was communism such a threat?

  • The wealthy and powerful within Canada were terrified of communism

  • A communist revolution would mean the loss of their property and power; perhaps even death

  • In reality, Communism also features nationwide poverty, mass executions and a complete lack of personal freedom

The winnipeg general strike 1919
The Winnipeg General Strike 1919

  • In Winnipeg, over 35,000 workers went on strike, shutting down the entire city

  • The strike lasted for almost 2 months before the government stepped in

  • The government used soldiers and police to beat, shoot and kill protesters

  • The strike was completely crushed

  • During the years after the war, many strikes and labor movements were crushed in a similar way

Key points
Key Points

  • The Spanish Flu killed thousands in Canada and millions around the world

  • Soldiers came back from the war feeling angry and wanting better rights

  • Canada experienced economic problems right after WWI

  • The RED SCARE is a fear of communist revolution

  • The Winnipeg General Strike crushed by the government