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¿ Who are we ? B BG is a company that sistematically monitore , identify and attract foreign companies with high potential in Chilean and Latinamerican markets. .

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Who are we

¿Who are we?

BBG is a company that sistematicallymonitore, identify and attract foreign companies with high potential in Chilean and Latinamerican markets.

“Help to foreign companies to expand its commercial operations in the Latinamerican markets, using Chile as a springboard”



“ Pasion and love for what we do, for the people and our customers. We believe in the high performance teams and value creation through innovation to generate sustainable business models for both, companies and society, in Latinamerica”

Who are we



  • BBG is a multidisciplinary consultancy company offering a unique combination of services in the areas of foreign investment, innovation management, capitalization strategies, business model design, technological management, and marketing online strategies.

  • The invest Chile division of BBG offers integral consultancy , technical and operative services, to expand commercial operation in Chile and Latinamerica for foreign companies.

  • We offer a unique combination of technical-strategic knowledge in some key industries as biotechnology, agri-food, global services and life science.

  • We know how to make business in Chile and Latinamerica, We have strong relationships and networks in different industries.

  • We offer commitment

  • We have a multicultural and global vision

Organizational chart we operate through two brands bio business group and e andes marketing online


Organizational chart (Weoperatethroughtwobrands Bio Business Group and e-Andes marketing online)

Some of our team


Some of ourteam

Some of our team1


Some of ourteam

Who are we


  • Ourservices



Who are we

Weimplement complete BtoB marketing online strategies

In Chile, Latinamericaorgloballyforyourcompany

Invest chile services
Invest Chile services

  • We give integral support to set up and expands operations in Chile (legal constitution, legal advice, accountability, taxation issues, local networks, and other back office services).

  • We carry out market research studies and technical-economical feasibility studies.

  • We design and implement business model, marketing, and commercial penetration strategies for your services and products in Chile and Latinamerica.

  • In association with e-Andes, we develop complete online marketing strategies for your company in Chile and Latinamerica.

  • We seek best in class local partners to establish operations in Chile and Latin America to generate fast access into the local markets.

  • Business plan preparation and submission to Invest Chile grant up to US$ 2 millions to set up and expand operations in Chile.

  • Business plan preparation and kit presentation to rise venture capital money in Chile. Chile has US$ 500 millions available through venture capitals.

  • Rising of other innovation grant from US$ 0.05-10 millions, for high tech and innovation projects.

  • Negotiation with banks and other financial services

Three major plans for foreign companies


Three major plans for foreign companies

  • A. Market explore : Market research studies

  • B. Market entry : this plan allow to foreign companies start operations and commercialization in Chile through Bio Business Group.

  • C. Market conquer : this plan allow to the foreign companies to accelerate the market penetration and commercialization in Chile and Latinamerica.

    Through this plans our clients get access to:

  • Office in the business center of Santiago, with internet, telephone, receptionist, etc.

  • A full time high qualified executive, with both technical and commercial skills

  • Strategic support and access to our networks

  • Dedication of our executive team for strategic planning

  • Backoffice services, accountants, company lawyers, network of consultants,

  • Market research study, competitiveness study and selling process

  • Access to our different services in special conditions.

Who are we



Who are we

Bio Business Group

EliodoroYañez 1742, Providencia

Santiago de Chile

T: 56-2-2042034