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Meet Samuel a driven and focused individual when comes to developing his personal business. After graduating with his MBA at the age of 30, he chose to pursue his

own vision for a small business. His days are

filled with hectic meetings, strenuous deadlines

, and lots of business uncertainty. Whether it’s

his investors breathing down his neck for

returns or his small staff asking for directions;

he is pulled in a million different directions on

an hourly basis. Samuel owes much of his

productivity to technology enablers that

automate his life. Being a tech savvy MBA he

is very comfortable interfacing with any

system or device that can make his life easier

to manage.

Monday 7:30 am: Samuel received an urgent request from his investors to meet a possible strategic partner for his company. Without making a booking, Samuel leaves his

house right away and heads towards train ride

to the airport. Quickly passing his Constient

implant past the scanner his bank account is

debited for one train ride. While on the train,

Samuel calls the local airline operator using

his secure cell phone. Unlocking his phone

with his Constient implant, he is able to book

and pay for his flight using the secure cellular

connection to the airline. Samuel knows that

This airline has been approved by Stay

Secure Technologies as a proven provider of secure commerce transactions. Samuel ’s secure cellular connection with the airline has allowed the booking agent to track his ETA

to the airport using the enable GPS tracking. The

booking agent is able to relay this information to the

customs gate. Because Samuel has a history of being

a frequent and prompt customer (through the use of algorithmicswith the airline); they have classified him as an elite traveler giving him express processing through customs and added discounts on future travels.



Arriving at the airport, Samuels’ Constient implant is scanned instantly registering his presence and pre-boarding status. His luggage is sent right away to his intended flight. He enters the custom gates where, because of his

security status and priority, is

channeled into a high priority low

security risk processing line. He is

quickly processed and sent towards the

waiting plane. His boarding presence is

registered with the agent who allows

his awaiting partners (and destination

airport) to track his arrival time.

Entering the plane his Constient implant

is detected and his beverage, movie, and

flight seating preferences are arranged by the steward.

Monday 2:00 pm: Arriving late at his destination,

his presence notifies the local rental car agency of

his travel urgency. Through algorithmics the agency

determines that he can only make his trip by rental

car, and therefore arranges one based on his user

preferences. Getting his luggage, he approaches

his rental car that automaticallydetects his implant

and unlocks. Once he is in, the GPS system is

enabled with his destination and his

ETA is calculated and relayed to his

destination. Because his investors are

able to see that he is in the city and on

his way, the meeting is delayed and

Samuel is relieved that he is able to

make his meeting.



Constient implant: the secure imbedded implant that carrier your personal security information. Can contain biometric and/or numeric information to facilitate

identity validation.

Scanner: HandheldorPOS device that is

readily available for “on the street” scanning

Secure Cell Phone: Custom cell phone that is

registered to only work with your implant.

The phone has a reader that allows the user to

Secure Cellular Connection: Similar to an ISDL

internet connection but where a specified user

is allowed to communicate on their own

personal bandwidth.

Enable GPS Tracking: your personal implant is tracked by GPS

Presence: An environmental scanner detects which

Constient implants have pasted by its detection

field and register the person on the grid.

User preferences: A collection of predefined

preferences for various services.



Meet David walks into the Lariat Lounge to grab a

drink after a long day at work, at 34 he is a successful accountant at a major cardboard and box

manufacturing conglomerate, but hasn’t been able

to translate his career success into his personal life.

As someone who finds himself more comfortable

with numbers than people he has always had

difficulty breaking out of his shell.

David had gotten a Constient implant a few years prior, and had recently upgraded his implant with the neural interface module and expanded his personal drive capacity to five petabytes. Using his cortical overrides to activate a Head’s Up Display (HUD) in his left eye while sipping his drink. He first pulled up an ID query and directed it at the mysterious dancer. It came back negative, completely blank. The guy wasn’t blocking his Constient ID (CID), he was just one of those rarities that didn’t have any implants, RFID orcentralized ID (centID), this dark, mysterious stranger would

  • He auto-creditedthe drink and set up a tab with a flick of his wrist through his Constient, and turned to observe the lounge. Tonight it was pretty low key, usual regulars and a couple of new people just conversing quietly at tables, occasionally moving their heads to the Spanish beats playing in the club.
  • The front doors opened, and in walked a vision of dark, chiselled masculinity. He glided in as if he knew the place, dressed head to toe in black, walked to the centre of the dance floor and began to move to the music. David’s heart skipped a beat, and was determined that he needed to try something, anything in order to have this man.


keep his secrets as the music started to speed up, and his motions accelerated and became stronger to match the music.

Suddenly his body started moving to the music in perfect synch, and he looked down at himself with a glowing smile feeling his hopes escalate with every movement. With every beat his confidence grew, and with eyes firmly set upon his goal, he strode confidently out onto the dance floor to do battle with this mysterious visitor. Movement spoke instead of words, and the passion of the dance said the things that he was unable to express, as he turned and moved to the rhythm in turn with the other dancer, and they continued until the music died away. The other dancer turned to David with a mischievous glint in his eye, and said, “Hi, I’m Cruz, can I buy you a drink?”

  • David accessed the app store with his neural interface, Shazamedthe track playing, queried the auto-DJ for the upcoming playlist of songs, and the app store gave him 182 different dance routines that he could
  • download, and he picked the most
  • popular Argentine tango selection from
  • the list, deducted the app cost and since
  • David didn’t have the confidence or the
  • time to learn the entire lesson himself,
  • so he paid extra for an auto-botneuro
  • -rental of one hour.
  • The download took less than two
  • seconds, and it was time to face the
  • music. With a big sigh as he gazed at the
  • object of his desire, dismissed the HUD,
  • knocked back the rest of his Singapore
  • Sling, and David activated the sub-routine
  • that would transfer it from his personal
  • drive to short term memory and then
  • activated the auto-botto load the muscle
  • over-ride within the neuro-rental for the routine.


Neural interface Module: An upgrade module linked to the Constient ID. It allows a user to transfer data to their brain directly, and allows interactivity between brain signals and the device. At the initial levels it facilitated

memory transfer and backup, but

current phases and faster transfer

speeds allows for full immersive

reality for all senses to the extent

where you can experience anything

by stimulating the correct synapses.

The paperless office is finally here,

and so is your paperless life, it's the

whole new Constient you.

Personal Drive: The neural interface

comes with an upgradable personal

drive that is of an order of magnitude larger than the one on the Constient ID to store the file sizes required for full immersive overrides, rapid skill acquiring, memory backup or personal storage.

Cortical Overrides: In order to use the fully integrated Constient Elite Suite, a discerning user will have the optional cortical overrides installed to transmit images along your cortical nerve, allowing partial or complete visual overrides by the Constient Suite of installed products. Cortical overrides allows for instantaneous access to the Constient app store through the Head's Up Display, replacing any need for external devices such as smartphones, as well as the launch and usage of any app or software compatible with Constient Mobile versions 4.0 and above.

Constient ID (CID): Centralized personal ID system with all your information in one place linked to your DNA with multiple tiers of privacy and information access defined on a per user base.

centralized ID (centID): Competing system instituted by world governments with all a persons' IDs centralized onto one singular card that is biometrically secured against privacy breaches.



Considered a precursor to the Constient ID due to the 23 years that it took to be implemented globally, during which the privately designed and owned Constient ID based on multiple privacy levels managed at the individual level took off and became the global standard of choice.

App Store: Discover tens of thousands of apps that let you do even more with your Constient. Browse apps in categories from games to business, finance to fitness, and more.

auto-botneuro-rental/ loading muscle overrides: the practice of renting a muscle memory/skill app on a temporary basis - gaining the user the ability to dance, fence, cook, or any other action like the masters in the field, though only on a temporary basis since the apps are run through short term memory and neural overrides and the skills are not retained... except the old-fashioned way, with repeated practice and training.



Stay Secure Technologies: Security and identity protocol verifier that ensures that companies are using the most secure methodologies to protect a users information

  • Strategic Partnerships:
  • In order for the Constient program to extend its application to the food services industry, several partnerships must be established:
    • Restaurant review organizations (i.e. urban spoon, yelp)
    • Google
    • Doctors and hospitals
    • GPS devices
    • Restaurants


Meet NayalaIzzo, During the day, Nayala works as a senior financial analyst at a major Consumer Packaged goods company. At 34, Nayala is enjoying her single life as it allows her to focus on her career, which sometimes requires her to put in extra time at the office and also travel outside the country. Nayala does not have a lot of time to cook- not to mention, cooking for one is lonely! Instead, Nayala prefers to grab

some take-out on her way home from work,

or call up a friend to check out new

restaurants. She loves to try new foods,

but her severe allergy to peanuts forbids her

to do so. Her older brother, who is also

allergic to nuts, suggested she try out

the Constient implant. With Constient,

restaurants would not only become aware

of Nayala’sallergins, but also provide them

older brother, who is also allergic to nuts, suggested she try out the Constient implant. With Constient, restaurants would not only become aware of Nayala’s allergens, but also provide them with access to Nayala’s taste preferences, order history and any special dietary restrictions that Nayala has.

Nayala had put off getting the implant. One day, on a business trip to India, Nayala decided to go out for dinner with some of local workers she had met. Her workers decided on a popular upscale restaurant. Later that evening, at the restaurant, Nayala was enjoying some of the food that her colleagues had ordered. Her Hindi is still a bit rough, and she had a hard time communicating what she would like, so decided to put her faith in them.



Her colleagues were aware of her allergy to peanuts, so they avoided such items on the menu. However, halfway through her plate, Nayala realized something did not feel quite right. She began to feel light headed. It became difficult to

breathe. Her chest felt like it was swelling up. She tried to reach her purse for her epinephrine auto-injector, but instead toppled to the floor.

  • Food allergies account for 30,000 visits to the emergency room
  • Nayala is getting ready for her date tonight. After her terrifying ordeal in India, Nayala conceded to her big brother’s advice and enrolled in the Constientprogram. Somehow, traces of peanuts had made its way onto her plate. Her chest felt like it was swelling up. She tried to reach her purse for her epinephrine auto-injector, but instead toppled to the floor. Luckily, one of her colleagues was able to administer the epinephrine in time. Now, with Constient, Nayala doesn’t have to put her health into the hands of her server.

Tonight, Nayala does exactly that. Her glass table top lights up with her dining choices, specifically tailored to her gastric capacity, preferences and restrictions. She can also access previous diners’ reviews and suggestions. Now, Nayala can order comfortably, knowing that her food will be peanut-free. Instead about worrying whether the waitress informed the chef about her allergy, she can concentrate on enjoying her night.



Nayala has noticed improvements in the way she eats. Constient table top service has allowed her to avoid unhealthy foods and stick to her healthy dietary regime. She also spends less time staring at a menu, wondering what to order. Constient becomes even handier for ordering take-out. Using the Constact video call, all she had to do was swipe her wrist implant, choose the food type, and an order is placed at a restaurant that is on the way home from work. Nayala also takes advantage of the health monitoring center. This program enables her doctor with special access to her condition. Doctor Montrose can monitor the state of Nayala’s

Anaphylaxis and can also send her pharmacist with prescription renewals. For now, Nayala is happy with the way Constientis becoming a reliable part of her everyday life.



Constient Scanner: hardware and interfaces will be available for assembly into other technology devices.

This will enable devices like an order greeter,

an interactive food selection platform, to

connect information protected by Constient

to restaurants, creating value added

services to both the restaurant and the users.

Wrist scanning, facilitated by the video

calling devices (Constact video calling)¸

will allow users to upload and send

information to local restaurants.

Constactwill link user profiles to suitable

restaurant profiles, thereby eliminating the

search process for the user, and enabling

the use of direct marketing for the restaurants.

User profiles

Customers will be able to upload dietary

preferences and restrictions. These can either

be prescribed by a user’s doctor, or simply

the result of personal preference.



Meet Geoffrey, he is a math teacher at Fallingbrook Middle School, Mississauga. D’Souza is loved by his students and school D’Souza had never dieted or exercised much before. Having been diagnosed with diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol, his doctor urged him to get a healthier lifestyle. His doctor also encouraged him to get a Constient implant to help him monitor his health.

Only 17 percent of people who suffer that kind of heart attack outside a hospital survive

D’Souza got the implant, but was hesitant to change his lifestyle. On a snowy morning in January, D’Souza felt chest pains as he shovelled the snow to get to his car. With no one around, D’Souza would have surely died in that empty street. Thankfully, his Constient implant, enabled with medic-alert detected his heart attack and used wireless-connectivity

  • EMS with his GPS position. When the EMS team arrived, they knew D’Souza’s medical history and were able to quickly treat him and take him to the hospital within minutes, where the operating room was ready for him.


6 months later, D’Souza had a different outlook on life. He was committed to improving his health. Armed with a doctor approved diet and exercise regiment, D’Souza was taking his steps towards a new life. Each morning he goes on the treadmill. The newer treadmill all have Constient scanners, so they all recognize D’Souza and self set-up

D’Souza got the implant, but was hesitant to change his lifestyle. On a snowy morning in January, D’Souza felt chest pains as he shovelled the snow to get to his car. With no one around, D’Souza would have surely died in that empty street. Thankfully, his Constient implant, enabled with medic-alert detected his heart attack and used wireless-connectivity

As he went out to lunch, all restaurants set up with e-Menu’s automatically detect his Constient diet profile and filtered out any inappropriate meal choices, so that he would not be tempted to break away from his diet.



Ubiquitous Connectivity: Constient implants will need to be wireless connected with the world. This can be achieved in a number of ways. Smart dust technology is a possibility where nano-computers will be spread throughout the environment, recording data and forming wireless networks.

Data Centers


Smart Sensors

Constient Implant

Data Centers

Data Centers

Nano Health Sensors

The implant itself, being located within the human body can have nanotechnology sensors to measure your heart rate, cholesterol, blood sugar, and other levels. This data can be wirelessly transmitted to health monitoring centers that work in partnership with doctor’s clinics, hospitals and city services like EMS. Patients would be able to opt in and out of any data sharing. This way people can control the privacy of their information. This will greatly increase the quality of health care, as diseases will be health problems will be captured earlier and treated sooner. Constient nano sensors will be configurable for different purposes. Couples trying to conceive could set the constient sensors to monitor ovulation.

User profiles

Customers will be able to control whether they allow themselves to be identified. If identified, and what level of data to share. A Constient health profile will be maintained by users and their doctors. Although this data is by default private, users can choose to share some data with others. For example, a doctorr approved work-out regimen can be uploaded to one’s constient profile and “shared” with any exercise equipment one interacts with.



Julie sat curled up in an easy chair, day dreaming of Provence. The bustling street markets, sun kissed fruit, fragrant lavender, lusty Bordeaux blends, freshly baked

bread and lazy afternoons journaling.

The one memory of Europe not

tainted by the memory of Aaron’s

betrayal. She’d gone there to

find herself again after

discovering the double life that

he’d led throughout the five

years of their relationship. She

still found it hard to believe how

blissfully unaware she had remained.

The signs had all been there, just spread out. Until the day she stumbled across that posting. The endearment was common enough but the way he spelt it was theirs alone. And so it all imploded in a swirl of swiftly shifting puzzle pieces. The hidden secrets that ripped the fabric of her trust in men. It had been a dismissal not a sabbatical, his taxes weren’t with the accountant and he didn’t go to curling every Thursday. If only she’d known where to look.



As she scrunched up her hair she thought of Constient, nestled in the fold of skin behind her ear. Unique, interactive, ubiquitous, totally private, a self navigating

rocket ship through the information universe.

Julie had initially been skeptical of iConnect,

the database integration service that

promised no surprises.

And after Aaron’s betrayal had catapulted her

back into the dating pool, secrets were the

last thing she needed. Constient’sPremium

Disclosure offering was what had swayed

her. Limiting contacts to those who had

signed the “open cards” charter, it collated,

cross checked and synthesized social

networking info, work history and feedback,

credit history etc,both building a picture

and identifying any inconsistencies. To use

the service you needed be absolutely sure

of your integrity. But what price

trustworthiness? Apart from a few

inconsequential flutters, Constient had

been awfully silent for months and Julie wondered if there was actually no trustworthy man in this town who

loved adventure travel and a hearty cassoulet

stew? Julie’s arms tingled as Constient

confirmed that her profile had indeed caught

his attention. Julie uncurled herself from the

easy chair and walked over to the recipe book

display, book held in front of her chest. “A

Weekend in Provence” he said smiling, “you

must be Julie”.



That was, until the gentle butterflies alerted her to the a feeling of warmth that was spreading through the pit of her stomach as Constient activated the

Bio Feedback Module (BFM).Another

Premium Disclosure member was in

the bookstore where Julie had holed

up for the afternoon, and his profile had

just opened in her Heads Up Drop Box

(HUB). Closing her eyes, she mind

surfed through the interactive display

neural imaging through her mind.

Flipping through categories she had to

agree with the choice made by

Constient’sReflex Intuition Interface


Own business, great service

record, one previous long term

relationship, good mix of friends,

four recent food tours in single

lodging, a passion for rebuilding Land

Rovers, regular fights to Vancouver to visit family and just starting to date again. In store today to pick up a Lonely Planet Guide to Morocco before heading on a three week trip, leaving next week Thursday on Air Canada.



iConnect: A location specific match making service that aggregates and synthesizes information across a variety of online sources including but not limited

to social networking tools such as Facebook

and LinkedIn. iConnectseamlessly blends

the thrill of a chance encounter with the

safety of extensive profiling.

Premium Disclosure: A service in which

respondents agree to a higher level of

disclosure and background checks,

entering them into an elite pool where

trust is the greatest currency.

Open Cards Charter: The charter which

governs Premium Disclosure participation.

Bio-Feedback Module: By stimulated the

release of hormones the BFM taps into

your body’s natural responses to

communicate the level of attraction you

would feel based on the closeness of the


Heads Up Drop Box: By tapping your dream centre the HUB enables a rapid information download and review of relevant information. The HUB appears as a minds eye rich media touch screen

Reflex Intuition Interface:Using an algorithmic computation interface the R2I taps into your subconscious and uses its unfiltered responses to simulate your highest level of decision making given near perfect information.



Social Networks: Partnerships with Facebook, LinkedIn, dating websites etc ensure access to a wide range of information.

Search Engines:Search engine

infrastructure is used to facilitate data


Cellular Networks:Partnerships with

cellular providers enable transmission

of data and stimuli as well as location




Cassandra pulled in to the circle drive of her 4-year old son’s daycare centre. She was looking forward to spending the afternoon with him shopping for some new winter clothing. She could have just activated the family shopping-bot, but she sometimes liked the social aspects of shopping as well as seeing and touching the merchandise in person before buying. Besides, the old-fashioned mall had lots of fun things to do and look at.

Chris was the first and, so far, only child that Cassandra and her husband Charles had. After having her brainwaves scanned and authenticated, she tapped her password into the interface to complete the process of proving she was authorized to pick him up. Cassandra gave Chris a big hug, praised the picture he had colored that day and then walked him to the car.

After securing him in his car seat, she remembered how they decided last year to get Constient IDs for the whole family after seeing the news about the big earthquake on the other side of the world. They had heard on the news about how quickly Constient customers had been able to be accounted for in the wake of the disaster and decided to get the implanted version in case they ever got separated and needed to be rescued or find each other.



Cassandra grabbed a coat off the rack to see how it would look on Chris. As she turned around, she realized he was nowhere in sight. She reached for her smartphoneto launch the child locator app, but quickly became panic-stricken after remembering that she had given it to Chris in the car so he could play his favorite game and she forgot to take it back when they got out. Chris had just learned to unbuckle the car seat without her help and either had the phone with him or left it in the car.

  • Cassandra tried to remain calm, but the longer she looked in the immediate area without finding Chris, the more emotional and afraid she became.

She finally located a member of the store’s staff. Her voice quivering with emotion, she explained that her son disappeared and she didn’t have her phone. The staffer immediately held his comlinkin front of Cassandra, who authorized a scan of both her own identity and the Constient ID data for her immediate family. Highlighting Chris’ Constient ID, the store employee activated the “locate” function. The query traveled through the local sensor network, expanding outward until Chris’ Constient ID signature was found nearby.

  •  As Cassandra and the store employee arrived at the candy store next door, Chris flashed a big smile at her and offered her a bite of the chocolaty treat he had purchased. Cassandra had set up an allowance for him, essentially a line of credit linked to his Constient ID, so that she could start teaching him about money. Chris had already learned how to make purchases on his own and definitely preferred chocolate to shopping for coats.


  •  As Cassandra and the store employee arrived at the candy store next door, Chris flashed a big smile at her and offered her a bite of the chocolaty treat he had purchased. Cassandra had set up an allowance for him, essentially a line of credit linked to his Constient ID, so that she could start teaching him about money. Chris had already learned how to make purchases on his own and definitely preferred chocolate to shopping for coats.
  • As Cassandra drove home, she noticed in the rear view mirror that Chris had fallen asleep. He held his left hand behind his head as he dozed, just like he used to do when he was an infant. She smiled to herself and thought “you’ll always be my baby, no matter how old you get.” As she reflected on the day’s events, she found it hard to believe how quickly he had disappeared and how quickly she had been able to find him again. She decided that she should look into getting the implant version of her smartphonetoo and instructed the shopping-botto start looking for the best deals.