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Mandarin Franchise

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By: Ray and Tim. Mandarin Franchise. Mandarin is a chain of all-you-can-eat Chinese-Canadian buffet. Mandarin was found in 1979 in Ontario by  James Chiu, George Chiu, Diana Chiu and K.C. Chang of Taiwan. What is it?.

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what is it

Mandarin is a chain of all-you-can-eat Chinese-Canadian buffet.

Mandarin was found in 1979 in Ontario by  James Chiu, George Chiu, Diana Chiu and K.C. Chang of Taiwan.

What is it?
why did we chose this franchise

We chose this franchise because it is some what famous in the province of Ontario.

It is a very successful chain buffet

Ray and I both ate at the Mandarin buffet, so we both have curtain amount of knowledge about it.

Last but not least, Ray and I are both Chinese, and since Mandarin buffet is majorly Chinese food, we thought we can relate to it more.

Why did we chose this franchise?
what goods do they have

Mandarin offers a Chinese-Canadian cuisine

They provide a variety of Chinese food, soup, salad, ribs, and sushi.

They also offer À la carte, take out and delivery items.

What goods do they have?
other information about mandarin


    • Franchise fee: 10% of total set up cost
    • Additional fee: none
  • Advertising-
    • Mandarin advertises about their holiday specials on TV.
Other information about Mandarin

They currently have no franchises in Oakville

  • The closest restaurants to Oakville are these 2:
    • 3105 Dundas St W
    • Mississauga
    • (905) 569-7000
    • 87 Matheson Blvd E
    • Mississauga
    • (905) 502-8000

Main competitions for Mandarin are other buffet or Chinese food restaurants such as:

    • Emerald
    • The Great Wok of China
    • Goldenview
    • Axia Restaurant
more info on mandarin

Mission statement:

    • to ensure customer satisfaction by providing the freshest food and the best service.
  • Mandarin was found in 1979, it has been serving people goods for 34 years!
  • They have over 20 locations scattered around in Ontario, the head office is located in Brampton Ontario.
More Info on Mandarin
additional info 1

Mandarin is a very successful and unique restaurant. And here are some of the photos of the food they serve.

Additional info #1
additional info 2

As you can see from below, mandarin is indeed a buffet, but there are other buffets out there, why is Mandarin so successful?

Additional info #2
additional info 3

I soon found out that Mandarin is the only buffet that serves Chinese food and Canadian food, many other buffets only serves Chinese food or only serves Canadian food. Since Mandarin has both Chinese food and Canadian food, it welcomes more people and gives the customer much more choices to choose from, and plus they also have take out, and delivery!! Which most of the buffets don’t offer. This is why Mandarin stands out amongst other buffets and Chinese food restaurants.

Additional info #3

I would invest in this franchise, because this franchise is fairly new and has been very successful over the past few years, I believe they will get more popular in the future. I think this will happen because Mandarin has succeeded their mission statement, and has kept promise to keep their food fresh and clean, the price of each meal is reasonable and the environment is also very refreshing to most people.

meal 1

Garlic Broccoli $5.29

Shrimp Chow Mein $8.79

Moo Goo Gai Pan(chicken with mushroom) $9.79

Mango Pudding $2.99

Broccoli Salad $3.99

Meal #1
meal 2

Golden Fried Chicken Wings $ 7.99

Barq’s Root Beer $ 2.79

Breaded Torpedo Shrimp $ 10.29

Garlic Pepper Pork $ 7.99

Cheesecake (Cherry or Blueberry) $ 2.99

Meal #2

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