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Audience Social review and MEGA $38,000 Bonus - 80% Discount

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Audience Social review and MEGA $38,000 Bonus - 80% Discount - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Audience Social Review & GIANT Bonus . Review in Detail of Audience Social and Premium BONUSES of Audience Social:\nAudience Social is a brand new app which RECLAIMS 91% of your LOST TRAFFIC for a 500% increase in sales with world\'s #1 advanced re-targeting app. It can connect with laser targeted audience to skyrocket your leads, sales and profits.\n\nAudience Social\nAudience Social review\nAudience Social review and bonus \nAudience Social reviews \nAudience Social reviews and bonuses\nAudience Social discount \nAudience Social bonus \nAudience Social bonuses \nAudience Social review and discount \nAudience Social review in detail\nAudience Social ultimate review \nAudience Social coupon \nAudience Social demo \nAudience Social demo review \nAudience Social huge discount \nAudience Social discount coupon

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Audience Social – How to connect with laser targeted audience to skyrocket your leads, sales andprofits
  • Audience Social is a brand new app which RECLAIMS 91% of your LOST TRAFFIC for a 500% increase in sales with world's #1 advanced re-targeting app. It can connect with laser targeted audience to skyrocket your leads, sales andprofits.
  • Audience Social Overview
  • Homepage: Audience Social Official Site
  • Product Name: AudienceSocial
  • Type of Product:Software
  • Authors: Sam Bakker, Danny Ade and KartikyaDhiman
  • Target niche: Social Marketing, Brand New App RECLAIMS 91%Of
  • Your LOST TRAFFIC For A 500% Increase In Sales With World's#1 Advanced Re-TargetingApp.
  • Official Price:$17
  • Special Discount: 45%-OFF HERE! (It’s veryLimited!)
  • Bonuses: [EXCLUSIVE] You will get any of the bonus packs in below:
    • GIANT Bonuses Pack1
    • SPECIAL Bonuses Pack2
    • ULTIMATE Bonuses Pack3
    • HUGE Bonuses Pack4
    • MEGA Bonuses Pack5
  • What Is AudienceSocial?
  • Did you know that on average 91% of visitors leave websites without taking any action? Most online business owners do everything to stop this traffic leak. From using retargeting ads to optin boxes, live chat, scarcity bars andmore.
Unfortunately most of these methods fail because new visitors don’t feel a connection to thewebsite.


And none of the above methods work if they’re not done the “rightway”.

Currently, there are just 2 ways to try and recapture your losttraffic:

First, pay thousands to ad experts - who often charge recurring payments - just for small adcampaigns.

Second, learn online advertising and retargeting yourself. No problem if you’vegot

thousands to spare for advanced training and a couple of months to learneverything.

Or, you could just tap into the world’s most advanced retargeting app that literallydoes

it all foryou.

Introducing: AudienceSocial

Audience Social is a brand new app which RECLAIMS 91% of your LOST TRAFFIC for a 500% increase in sales with world's #1 advanced re-targetingapp.

It can connect with laser targeted audience to skyrocket your leads, sales andprofits.

How Does Audience SocialWork?

What Will You Get With AudienceSocial?

Audience SocialApp

The Best and most complete Retargeting App which supports 5 major retargeting platforms within the samedashboard.


Even with Audience Social’s extreme power they’ve made it simple to use with their step by step training to make you well versed with all tools andfeatures.

24/7 SupportStaff

Got question to ask? For any query, problem, or question, get in touch with their friendly support staff who resolve all your problemsinstantly.


The app is fully mobile responsive. No need to work extra to make your pagesmobile

responsive. It’s all done, you just need to create acampaign.


This is most advanced technology in online marketing tools. Audience Social is the best than the rest but still we work on the backend to have new updates so that there are less steps foryou.

  • They’re providing you to create unlimited campaigns and capture as much lost traffic as you want using different platforms to build a stronger followership and make more sales.
  • Special Features of AudienceSocial:
  • INSTANTLY increase sales and profits by re-engaging targetedtraffic
  • Easiest retargeting ever - works for absolute beginners with noexperience
  • ONLY software that lets you retarget traffic that goes to sites you don’t even own - UNLIMITED potential for eCom and affiliatemarketers
  • Cloud-based software works in any niche for anymarketer
  • Supports 5 major retargeting platforms- fb, Google Adwords, Retargeter, Adroll & perfectaudience
  • How ItWorks:


Login and create a newcampaign

Enter up to 6 target urls, then choose how often you want them torotate


Pick your favorite retargeting platform and provide pixel of any or all of the retargetingplatforms.


Geotarget your preferred audience. Choose the countries in which you want to run yourcampaign.


Click “generate url” and Audience Social provides a custom url for yourcampaign

- use this in emails, social media posts & landing pages


Now if you want to run ads on this highly target audience who clicked your link, Go to You Fb Ads Account, Create Audience, Select "People who visit Specific webpage" in website traffic and create Audience.

This Audience who clicked on Audience social link is laser targeted who is interested in your content and you will make 500% more profit next time you run ads on with very less adspend.


You can check stats of Campaign in statistic panel for anycampaign.

Audience Social will show you each Visitor's IP, Country, Device andSource.


Use the included “traffic quality meter” to rate the quality of traffic anyone sendsyou

Who Should Use AudienceSocial?


Ecom vendors that want to recapture and retarget their hottest traffic and turn more visitors into happy customers and repeatbuyers


Product vendors interested in making as many sales as possible for the least amount of advertisingdollars


Bloggers & Content Marketers looking to build a loyal following of engagedusers


Social media marketers looking to monetize their following while getting viral shares andlikes


Affiliate Marketers looking to get more sales and commissions without burning their pockets fortraffic


Webinar hosts who need to maximize registrations and profits fromwebinars


CPA marketers that need to geo target and split test multiple offers for the highest possibleROI


Video marketers that use video to engage their audience, drive sales and buildlists

Why Should You Get Audience Social Now ?

Now you’ll capture your most engaged visitors every single time and make 500% MORE revenues from your traffic -guaranteed

With Audience Social, you only retarget visitors that clicked your link. So you connect with a targeted audience, not tire kickers. your ad costs are drastically reduced while your ROI goes through theroof.
  • Save Time &Frustration
  • Forget testing different ad sets and traffic sources. Just use this proven solution for consistentresults.
  • Stop Struggling to GetTraffic
  • Just use Audience Social to make the most out of the traffic you alreadyhave.
  • Get High ROI in LowBudget
  • Get High ROI Campaigns in low budget by targeting the most interested people in your campaign.
  • If you are tired of struggling to get perfectly targeted audience, or running ads thatdon’t
  • convert, then you need to try Audience Socialnow!
  • Now let’s hear what others have to say about AudienceSocial
  • “This is one of the best retrageting app I have ever seen. We have seen an incredible increase in our conversions after using Audience Social. We have been able to retarget the visitors who don't complete their purchase the first time. I highly recommend this app to anyone looking to boost theirprofits.”
  • Jai Sharma - Top VendorJvzoo
  • “I was fortunate to get early beta testing access to Audience Social because this app is hands down the best retargeting and tracking software I have ever seen. The ease with which simple techniques to multiply profits has been provided in the app is the USP. I love the fact that I can use it on all my campaigns even if I never decide to useads.”
  • Abhi Dwivedi - ProductCreator
  • “The ability to retargeted external pages without the hassle is commendable. It works in just a few clicks. I could setup a new campaign in less than 3 minutes flat and I am already seeing a spike in my conversions. I have never seen something which combined all the features of Facebook and Perfect Audience together, now I am able to target more people, including those who are not on Facebook and this has resulted in more sales without the need to invest more intraffic.”
  • Radu Hahainu - ExpertMarketer
But Wait, They’ve Got EvenMore!

If you thought Audience Social couldn’t get any better, they’ve got some limited-time bonuses for you for being a fast-action taker! This will allow you to go from ZERO to profit as fast as possible with AudienceSocial!

However, you must act before this offer closes. Because once it does, these bonuses will NOT be availableanymore.

Exclusive Bonuses From AudienceSocial


Affiliate List Pro (VALUE:$47)

Here's How You Can Easily Build Your Own List Through Your Affiliate Links - All On Autopilot!


Social Media Domination (VALUE:$67)

How To Dominate Your Niche Using The Power of Social Media And Build An Audience

That Will Love YourBrand…


Social Media Superstar (VALUE:$47)

Increase Your Followers, Build Credibility And Gain More Customers Using The Power

of SocialMedia!…


WP Page Takeover (VALUE:$99)

WP Page Takeover is a wonderful and powerful plugin that will allow you to promote any kind of product or even service, and put it right in front of your visitors while they are ANY page of your WPblog!


WP Checkout Maximizer (VALUE:$99)

Brand New WordPress Plugin Will Help You To Dramatically Increase

Your Sales Conversions, Generate Hordes Of Viral Traffic And Create "A Magical" Buying Experience That Your Customers Will SimplyLOVE!


Social Traffic Equalizer (VALUE:$97)

Uncover the Heavily Guarded Secrets to Pulling in MASSIVE Amounts Of Laser Targeted Traffic To Any Website Or Offer -- Real Live People Who Actually Have A REAL Serious Interest InBuying!


This is a must-have page retargeting software for every website/online presence. You are leaving money on the table by not retargeting yourvisitors.

So STOP wasting your lost visitors and let Audience Social boost your profits by upto 500%.

Click the Button Below and get Audience Social special discount only today.

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