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CT Sounds 500w Amplifier PowerPoint Presentation
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CT Sounds 500w Amplifier

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CT Sounds 500w Amplifier - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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CT Sounds 500w Amplifier

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  1. Matching your CT Sounds 500w Amplifier with a Subwoofer

  2. The secret to getting that great bass in your car is matching your subwoofer with a CT Sounds 500w Amplifier. A subwoofer contains impedance which shows the load that will sensed by the amplifier on the output. The amplifier on the other hand produces different power amounts depending on the impedance load it finds.

  3. Choosing the right amplifier for a subwoofer or the right subwoofer for the amplifier can be quite challenging as you need to match the abilities of the amp with the specifications of the subwoofers. The most important thing is to ensure that the two variables match for the subwoofer and the amplifier.

  4. In case you have several subs that are wired together you will need to ensure that they have the same impedance and type of coil. If they aren’t, the power will not be divided in an even way between them. There are subs that can get overpowered and others can become underpowered.

  5. The amount of power You will need to multiply the subs number with the RMS rating to get the total RMS rating. The goal here is to ensure that your amp of choice can supply between 75 and 150% of the total RMS of the sub system. You will need to consider the total impedance that can be created when the subs are wired together.

  6. Choose an amplifier that can achieve both It is important to choose an amp that will produce the power within the range of RMS wattage that you determined above and at the impedance load that the subwoofer can be combined to achieve. On the other hand, an amp that produces between 525 and an RMS OF 1050 watts will work.

  7. Thnak You for Watching. Visit for more information:500w rms amplifier