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User Profile Description PowerPoint Presentation
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User Profile Description

User Profile Description

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User Profile Description

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  1. User Profile Description T2#13, User Profile Description

  2. User Profile Description • Background • Working assumptions • Proposal Data Description Principles T2#13, User Profile Description

  3. User Profile, Terminal View Application API ”MExE” Server Term. Manag. Server VHE OSA UP UP UP Phone Phone Capability Negotiation Terminal Management VHE Sync VHE Sync A P I Application Profile Update UP UP SIM?? Moved SIM Back Up Restore UP UP T2#13, User Profile Description

  4. User Profile User Profile, Network View HSS Subscription Homepage User’s Homepage Personalisation Data in terminal Wireless Network Personalisation Data in USIM HE-VASP Service Related Data VASP T2#13, User Profile Description

  5. Same Data, Different Usages To avoid multiple descriptions In standardisation • Describe the data once • Try to used Generic Mapping to Formats • Transport format • Protocol • Application programming Interface, API • ... T2#13, User Profile Description

  6. Describe once, Use many Capability Negotiation Terminal Management Subscription Management Terminal VHE sync Mapping Mapping Mapping Mapping Data Description Data T2#13, User Profile Description

  7. Working assumptions our current!! T2#13, User Profile Description

  8. Data Description Requirements (1) • Re-usable description components • Equal/Similar parts where possible • Distributed responsibility between std. bodies • Some description components standardisedsome late defined • Computer parseable Data Description • Define a Default Transport Format • Backward compatibly • Avoid to redo all existing data descriptions! • Extendable • Start with Terminal Management data, later also other data T2#13, User Profile Description

  9. Data Description Requirements (2) • Expressiveness Balance • Expressiveness to describe data • Requirement on Terminal Management complexity • Fulfil Requirements from • Use Cases • Security T2#13, User Profile Description

  10. Working Assumption (1) • One User Profile Is composed of User Profile Components • Each User Profile Component, UPC, has • Identification • Semantic (i.e. meaning of the UPC) • Schema (i.e. vocabulary, UPC data type) • Values • An User Profile Description consists of • List of User Profile Components • Set of schemas thatdefines the syntax and semantic of all UPC types T2#13, User Profile Description

  11. Working Assumption (2) The rules how to create User Profile Descriptions are called a Data Description Framework • The Data Description Framework is standardised • Some of the User Profile Components are standardised • Use XML where suitable T2#13, User Profile Description

  12. Data Description Principles T2#13, User Profile Description

  13. ”Meta” Levels Data Description Framework Defines how to do the data description Data Description Describes the data Data Data stored and accessed in a device T2#13, User Profile Description

  14. Example: Device Management usage Data Description Framework XML-document Structure Data Description Device Type Content Semantic Structure Device Configuration Parameter values Content Managed device Management system ie ”SyncML” or MExE T2#13, User Profile Description

  15. <Settings> <AudioSettings> <RingVolume>2</RingVolume> <IncreasingRing>ON</IncreasingRing> <VibratingAlert>ON</VibratingAlert> ... <PersonalRing> <Contact>Anders</Contact> <Melody>13</Melody> </PersonalRing> <PersonalRing>...</PersonalRing> .... </AudioSettings> <DisplaySettings/> <VoiceControlSettings/> <HandsfreeSettings/> </Settings> T2#13, User Profile Description