what are the features of the final construction cleaning salt lake city companies provide n.
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Commercial Post Construction Cleaning services - CCS PowerPoint Presentation
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Commercial Post Construction Cleaning services - CCS

Commercial Post Construction Cleaning services - CCS

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Commercial Post Construction Cleaning services - CCS

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  1. Have you recently completed a construction project? Whether the project involved brand new construction or remodeling, the space is not going to look its best immediately following completion of the work. Though the construction crew may attempt to clean up after themselves, a good deal of dust and debris will remain. Fortunately, you can take care of this mess with expert final construction cleaning from Custom Cleaning Services. What Are The Features Of The Final Construction Cleaning Salt Lake City Companies Provide?

  2. Some of the post construction cleaning services offered by various concerned companies includes clearing up of debris outside the building construction and the services include clearing up of the debris in the site, and especially in the area that has been landscaped. Besides, care is also taken to ensure that all hazardous materials like nails, metal pieces and other materials are cleared away from the site. We are a locally owned cleaning company based out of Sandy, UT and servicing our home area of the Wasatch Valley including Salt Lake, Sandy, Draper, Herriman, Murry, Park City Promontory and many more areas inside the map.

  3. WHAT DOES FINAL CONSTRUCTION CLEANING INCLUDE? • Removing all stickers & glue from new materials • Removing minor debris • Cleaning floors (sweeping & mopping or vacuuming) • Dusting walls, baseboards, moldings, door frames, and windowsills • Wash windows in and out • Thorough bathroom cleaning including scrubbing tubs, showers, sinks, toilets, countertops, and tile floors

  4. All of our cleaners have been specifically trained in final construction cleaning. You can rest assured we will do a thorough job, making sure every newly built item is clean and ready to use. 

  5. CONTACT US Serving Salt Lake City and around Downtown Salt Lake City, Peoples Freeway Phone number + 1-801-867-5129 For more info Visit us at