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Voip Softswitch Providers

VOIP SoftSwitch Providers Solution powered by Session Initiation Protocol or SIP is highly efficient in performing ITSPs to offer: - PC to Phone, PC to PC, IP Phone to Phone and IP Device to Phone , phone to phone and calling card services.

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Voip Softswitch Providers

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  1. VoIP SOFTSWITCH PROVIDERS http://www.voipinfotech.com /voipinfotech /+Voipinfotech /voipinfotech

  2. ABOUT US VoIP InfoTech provides direct solution to route the calls from one network to varied networks through the prescribed path of internet protocol. This prescribed path of VOIP SoftSwitch technology route calls on integrated network circuits and packets based networks like PTSN; instead, of conventional landlines. http://www.voipinfotech.com /voipinfotech /+Voipinfotech /voipinfotech

  3. SOFTSWITCH SOFTWARE REQUIREMENT • Linux CENTOS 5.3 (complete installation) • Apache • PHP • PHP-PGSQL or PHP-MYSQL • PHP-PCNTL • PHP-GETTEXT • MySQL • Use PHPAGI 2.14 included • SOAP-0.9.4 http://www.voipinfotech.com /voipinfotech /+Voipinfotech /voipinfotech

  4. SYNOPSIS OF SOFTSWITCH SERVICES • Least Cost Routing (LCR) & DID Support • Calling features and Calling card • Gateway Management & Gateway Support • IVR Management • Auto Recharge & Sign Up • E-mail Activation & User Validation Support for Admin • Database Backup & Restore Option • Export Data option via XML or CSV • Multi Currency Support for Balance Announcement http://www.voipinfotech.com /voipinfotech /+Voipinfotech /voipinfotech

  5. SOFTSWITCH HARDWARE REQUIREMENT • Dual Xeon Pentium IV 2.0/ 2Gb RAM/160 GB HDD http://www.voipinfotech.com /voipinfotech /+Voipinfotech /voipinfotech

  6. ONLINE SUPPORT +91-9582102222 cssinfotech cssserver2010@live.com +91-120-6400881 +1-855-601-0009 cssserver2010@gmail.com +353-0899721643 http://www.voipinfotech.com /voipinfotech /+Voipinfotech /voipinfotech

  7. MANAGEMENT • Mr. Aryan (CEO) • aryan@cssinfotech.in Mr. Sachin (Director) sachin@cssinfotech.in Sales Team sales@voipinfotech.com http://www.voipinfotech.com /voipinfotech /+Voipinfotech /voipinfotech

  8. CONTACT US India:- +91-9810730628 , +91-9582102222, +91-0120-6400881 Ireland :- +353-0899721643 Toll Free :- +18556010009 Email :- sales@voipinfotech.com Website :- www.voipinfotech.com http://www.voipinfotech.com /voipinfotech /+Voipinfotech /voipinfotech

  9. http://www.voipinfotech.com /voipinfotech /+Voipinfotech /voipinfotech

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