managing revenue for next generation ip based services l.
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Managing Revenue for Next Generation IP based Services PowerPoint Presentation
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Managing Revenue for Next Generation IP based Services

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Managing Revenue for Next Generation IP based Services - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Managing Revenue for Next Generation IP based Services
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  1. Managing Revenue for Next Generation IP based Services Richard Hallett Arabcom 2004 – 16th & 17th June 2004, Beirut Lebanon

  2. Agenda • Impact of IP Services on service delivery process • New OSS architectural approaches • Standards based approach to IP service delivery • Managing wholesale IP settlements

  3. From circuits to packets • Impact on telecoms service delivery • Consumer access to networks such as the Internet and Corporate LANs. • Develop Partner Agreements for Multimedia Content and M-Commerce services • Digital Rights Management • A new bearer for voice (the original content!) • Allowing 3rd Party organisations access to your customer base

  4. Competitive Pressure IP service characteristics • Diversity of services • Service complexity • Business complexity • Technical complexity • Ephemeral nature of services • Many new services have a real-time component Rapid Launch & Adaptation

  5. Premium Content Data Access Prepaid content charging Value based charging on category/type Content access control Digital Rights Management Real-time AAA Concurrent service access & differentiated charging Bandwidth on Demand Fixed, Cable and Mobile Primarily Mobile and Cable On-line Commerce Voice Over IP Real-time funds authorisation Micropayments Carrier Grade retail billing and customer care Prepaid Calling Card Offerings Fixed and Mobile Primarily Fixed (for now…) IP Service Business Problems Settlement

  6. High Availability ‘5(+) Nines’ Prepaid focus Low service set-up latencies Directly involved in the service delivery process Efficient processing of high event volumes Post-Event processing Revenue Assurance Billing & CRM focus Two Domains Merge Network Domain IT Domain

  7. What is needed … Application and Bearer Network BSS Components Authorise and control consumer access Maintain user context & invoke dialogues

  8. The final connection… OSS & BSS Layer The final connection… External balance, wallet & payment systems Consumer Billing External Real Time Rating Real Time Rating Balance management Inter-working Capability (Signalling Broker, Session & Dialogue Management) Post Event Mediation Post Event Network Layer Voice (IP) Protocols/Standards SIP H.323 Intelligent Servers Softswitches Proxies UMTS Nodes/IMS Business Context Mobile Operators VoIP Operators Hubs Data (access) Protocols/Standards GTP’ RADIUS DIAMETER Hardware Probes RADIUS Servers GGSNs Business Context Operators ISPs Hubs Content Protocols/Standards JAIN/OSA/Parlay OMA DRM Hardware Content Servers Parlay Gateways Business Context Content Providers Network Operators Aggregators M-Commerce Partner Settlement PROFILE DATA Partner & Customer Relationship Mgmnt Provisioning

  9. A standards based approach to IP service delivery • IP has caused a diversity of • Services • Network Elements • Protocols • Simple and Secure interoperability between the IT and network worlds is required • Enabling each player can concentrate on their core competencies • Some key initiatives & technologies… • OSA/Parlay • OMA • Web Services


  11. Partner Management Needs Partner Management Cross Charge Policies Product Management Revenue Share & Settlement Sponsorship & Royalties Analysis Sales & Marketing Tools Reporting Self Care Lifecycle Management Cash Flow Analysis Multi-currency and VAT

  12. IP Revenue Flows • Customer Relationship with Network Operator • Billing/Charging performed by Network Operator • Pricing under the control of the Content Aggregator/Provider or Operator • Settlement based on Revenue Share Models Order Network Operator Content Aggregator Content Provider Delivery Payment Invoice/ Payment Request Financial Institutes Billing & Collection Provider Branding and Customer Care Service Delivery Authorisation Payment/Settlements

  13. Summary • IP Services are driving the network and IT domains closer together • Data Access, VoIP, Premium Content, Online Commerce • Real-time inter-working capability required • A standards based approach to IP service delivery is more important than ever… • Wholesale settlement has now moved beyond the confines of the telco world • New partner related business processes required • There is no one “correct” architecture – match features to existing network and IT capabilities

  14. Richard Hallett +44 (0) 7766 524 761 Thank you for your kind attention!