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your gateway to gold n.
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CryptoGLD- The Smart Choice PowerPoint Presentation
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CryptoGLD- The Smart Choice

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CryptoGLD- The Smart Choice
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CryptoGLD- The Smart Choice

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  1. Your Gateway To Gold!

  2. What is CryptoGLD?Secure your gold on the blockchain There has never been a better time than now. You may ask why is CryptoGLD for you? Well the time has never been better to invest in cryptocurrencies or gold, than now. Don’t you think it is time for you to capitalize on this new financial trend? We’re sure you would like to, but where do you start and which coin do you invest in?

  3. One hundred thousand (100,000) ounces of gold has been secured for the sole purpose of backing 10,000,000 CryptoGLD coins. There is a security and first mortgage over this gold that is held in trust for all CryptoGLD coin owners. This means the gold: • Can only be redeemed for CryptoGLD coins and nothing else. • Cannot be sold or transferred in any way or form to any other party besides in return for CryptoGLD coins. • The gold cannot be claimed by anyone under any circumstances, not even by the government or by any creditors. It can only be redeemed for CryptoGLD coins. • This type of security and mortgage is safer than any gold storage facility in the world because not even bankruptcy of any party involved can give anyone but the CryptoGLD coin owners access to this gold. What does it mean?

  4. We believe that CryptoGLD is the next Bitcoin or Ether and that it will give you the security and returns you deserve. What makes CryptoGLD different from all the other coins and why should you invest in some? CryptoGLD has combined the world’s oldest and most constant measure of wealth (gold) with the newest, most secure, and most dynamic technology in the world (cryptocurrency and the blockchain) to create a versatile, secure and attractive investment opportunity. CryptoGLD (CrGLD) is the latest standard in cryptocurrencies and has all the technology and security of Bitcoin, with all the value and certainty of gold. Why is CryptoGLD for You?

  5. Contact us Visit our website