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Parent Teacher Conference. Grace Feldmann. Math. Lesson one adding whole numbers and money. What is the sum of 25 and 40?= 65 Lesson two multiplying whole numbers and money. If the factors are seven and eleven, what is the product?= 77

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  • Lesson one adding whole numbers and money. What is the sum of 25 and 40?=65
  • Lesson two multiplying whole numbers and money. If the factors are seven and eleven, what is the product?=77
  • Lesson three unknown numbers in addition. A+16 =48, what is the unknown number?=32
  • Lesson four unknown numbers in multiplication. If the product is one hundred and the factor is five, what is the other factor?=20
  • Lesson five order of operations. 600 divided by(20 divided by 5) equals what?=150
  • Lesson six fractional parts. The square at the right was divided into a half. Then the half was divided into a half. What fraction of the square is shaded? 1/4
  • Lesson seven lines, segments, and rays. What is this,
  • A line, segment or ray? =line
  • Lesson eight perimeter. The perimeter of a square is 20cm,
  • What is the length of each side?=5cm
  • Lesson nine ordering and comparing, Compare 5012 and 5102. What is bigger? 5102
  • Lesson ten sequences. Think of a whole number(4) double that number(4+4) is the answer even or odd?=even
  • Lesson eleven problems about combining. Before work Pam had $24.50, then he went to work. At work, he earned $12.50. How much money does he have now?=$37.00
  • Lesson twelve place value through trillions. In the number 5,764,283 what place is the digit four? =Thousand

Lesson thirteen elapsed time. How many years were there from the year Columbus landed in America in 1492 to the year the pilgrims landed in 1620?=128

  • Lesson fourteen negative numbers. Compare -3 to -4.=-3
  • Lesson fifteen problems about equal groups. In the auditorium there were 15 rows of chairs with 20 chairs in each row. How many chairs were in the auditorium?=300
  • Lesson sixteen rounding whole numbers. How would you round 467?=500
  • Lesson seventeen fractions and mixed numbers. How long is this line?=3in.
  • Lesson eighteen average. There are three stacks of books, one with eight books, one with seven books and one with eighteen books. What is the average of the three stacks of books?=11
  • Lesson nineteen factors. What are the factors of 8? =1,2,4,8
  • Lesson twenty GCF. Find the GCF of 12 and eighteen.=6
  • Lesson twenty one divisibility. Which of these numbers is divisible by three, 365, 1179,1556?=1179
  • Lesson twenty two equal groups. Cory has finished3/4 of the twenty eight problems on his test, how many problems has Cory finished? =21problems
  • Lesson twenty three ratio. In a class of 28 students there are 13 boys. What is the ratio of boys to girls?13/15
  • Lesson twenty four Adding fractions that have common denominators. 3/8 + 2/8+? = 5/8
  • Lesson twenty five Multiples. What are the first six multiples of two?= 2,4,6,8,10,12
  • Lesson twenty six Adding and subtracting mixed numbers. 2 and3/4 + 2 and3/4 =?=5 and ½
  • Lesson twenty seven measure of circles. What is the name of the perimeter of the circle?= circumference
  • Lesson twenty eight angles. What type of an angle is made at four o’clock?=obtuse

Lesson twenty nine Multiplying fractions. 3/4*2/3=?= ½

  • Lesson thirty LCM. What is the least common multiple of 3 and 4? = 12


  • Lesson 1: Glimpse- A brief look. Drenched- to soak. Nozzle- A projecting spout.
  • Lesson 2:Quaint- Having an old fashioned charm. Coffee- A beverage containing coffee bean.
  • Proclaim- To announce
  • Lesson 3: Authentic-Real. Boycott- Preventing dealing with. Withdrawn- Shy.
  • Lesson 4: Employed- To hire. Relayed-Taking turns. Delaying-To put off to a later time.
  • Lesson 6: Swindle-To cheat. Dwindle-To shrink. Frazzle-wary or tired
  • Lesson 7: Emphasize-Stress. Impact-Collision. Wander-Roam.


  • Lesson 1: Hysterical- Uncontrollably emotional. Crestfallen-Sad.
  • Lesson 2: Meandering-Wander aimlessly. Subtle-Delicate or faint.
  • Lesson 3: Astounding-Surprised. Rigged-To put in proper order
  • Lesson 4: Intense-Strong emotions. Luxury-Elegant
  • Lesson 5: Sage-Wise. Trepidation-Fear.
  • Lesson 6:Jest-Joke. Sinuous- Having many curves
  • Lesson 7: Ordinary-Normal. Defeatist-give up.
  • Lesson 8: Plea- to beg. Lethal-Deadly.


Lesson 1:The four types of sentences. Declarative Interrogative Imperative and Exclamatory.

I like to go to the park.


How was the weather today?


Go to bed!


I cant wait to see you!



Lesson 2: Complete subjects and predicates and simple subjects and predicates.

  • Clara went to the movies.

Simple Subject

Simple Predicate

Samuel cleaned his bedroom today.

Complete subject

Complete predicate


Lesson 3: Compound subject and predicate.

Brittany and Grayson are brother and sister.

Compound subject

Landon walked and talked on his cell phone.

Compound predicate


Lesson 4: Simple and compound sentence.

Jon had a full sized candy bar.


Mandy Bought the cat and she cared for it.

Compound sentence


Lesson 6: prepositional phrases.

I went to the Halloween party at 8:00 at night

Prepositional phrase


Lesson 7: Complex sentences.

Although the girl liked carrots, she chose celery instead

Complex sentence



Chapter 1A:Plant and animal cells. Animal cells have a vacuole, which cleans the cell, a mitochondria, which is kind of like the battery, a cell membrane, which protects the cell, The Cytoplasm, which contains chemicals that keep the cell functioning, the chromosomes, which are threadlike structures that make you who you are, and the nucleus which is the the cells brain or control center. Now for diffusion. When particles move around in a room it is called diffusion. There is something similar to that except it happens in water, and it is called osmosis.


Chapter 2A: Human body systems. There is the circulatory system first which controls all the blood. Then there is the Respitory system where you breathe. Then there is the digestive system where you digest all of your foods. Last, there is the excretory system where your body gets rid of wastes.

Chapter 3A: There are the tendons that connect tough bands to tissue, and the ligaments which connect the tough bands to the bone.

Chapter4A:In this knew chapter I learned about classification such as Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family Genus, and Species.

Chapter 5A: In this chapter I learned about Amphibians, Mammals, Vertebrates, Nonvertebrates, Reptiles, Birds, and Fish.

Chapter 6A: In this chapter I learned about vascular and nonvascular plants.

Chapter7A: In this chapter I learned about Asexual and sexual reproduction.

Chapter8A: In this chapter I learned about the stages of life like incomplete metamorphosis and complete metamorphosis.

Chapter 9A:In this chapter I learned about inherited traits.

Chapter 10A:In this chapter I learned about xylem and phloem.


Chapter 11A: In this chapter I learned about gymnosperms and angiosperms.

Chapter 12A: In this chapter I learned about the uses of plants we use.