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Do Now…. Take a Handout(s) and then answer the following questions: Name the elements of the New Jersey Road test. Explain the Early Bird Steps of the GDL licensing process. Highway Transportation System and the S.I.P.D.E. Process. What is the purpose of Drivers Education?. Save Lives

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do now
Do Now…
  • Take a Handout(s) and then answer the following questions:
    • Name the elements of the New Jersey Road test.
    • Explain the Early Bird Steps of the GDL licensing process.
what is the purpose of drivers education
What is the purpose of Drivers Education?
  • Save Lives
  • Reduce motor vehicle accidents
  • Develop safe knowledge, habits, skills, and attitudes in prospective drivers.
what skills are needed
What skills are needed?
  • Social skills (successfully interact with others)
  • Physical skills (learning to focus attention on driving)
  • Mental skills (decision making)
highway transportation system
Highway Transportation System

Parts of the HTS

  • Motor Vehicles

(cars, vans, buses, trucks, construction/farm equipment)

  • People
    • Pedestrians
    • Drivers
    • Cyclists
  • Roadways
    • Streets
    • Highways
what is the purpose of the hts
What is the Purpose of the HTS?
  • The main goal of the Highway Transportation System is to move people from place to place safely and efficiently.
  • The HTS is regulated by:

1. Federal, State, Local Government

national highway safety act
National Highway Safety Act
  • Established by the federal government
    • Allows each state to make up set of laws (example: driving times, right on red)
    • Establishes a set of traffic safety guidelines
        • Reduce Risks
        • What are some risks?
    • Enforced by police, motor vehicle department, courts, and people.
how can you reduce your risk
How can you reduce your risk?
  • Keep vehicle in top condition
  • Anticipate the actions of others
  • Take steps to protect yourself and others

(how can you do this?)

4. Drive only when in sound mental and physical condition

5. Develop your driving skills

space cushion
Space Cushion

Space Cushion: leaving a margin of space between you and the car in front of you.

  • Gives you room to maneuver your vehicle incase of sudden stops
  • Increases reaction time
using the s i p d e process
Using the S.I.P.D.E. Process

S= SEARCH for possible hazards or risks

I= IDENTIFYobjects or conditions ahead that could interfere with your planned path of travel (look “12-15 seconds” ahead)

P= PREDICT what the risk/hazard may do or how it will affect your path of driving

D= DECIDE your safest plan of action

E= EXECUTE your plan

closing assignment pd 2 5 6 and 8
Closing Assignment (pd 2,5,6 and 8)
  • Using the picture on Page 14 of the textbook, explain how you would use the SIPDE process to manage your possible risks.
  • Develop your own driving scenario where using the SIPDE process would be helpful (Examples: deer, pothole in the road, etc.)