2day 1night trip to malaysia johor n.
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2day 1night Trip to Malaysia (Johor) PowerPoint Presentation
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2day 1night Trip to Malaysia (Johor)

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2day 1night Trip to Malaysia (Johor) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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2day 1night Trip to Malaysia (Johor). By, Teong Yuan Yi,Sherrie . 4A2. Group D4. Group members: Ong Ling Ing Prabagaran Varshini Pua Xinting Renee Yeo Huan Lim You Ming Darrel Royce Tay Jia Qing Ryan Teo Zheyuan. Day 1….

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2day 1night trip to malaysia johor

2day 1night Trip to Malaysia(Johor)


Teong Yuan Yi,Sherrie.


group d4
Group D4
  • Group members:
  • Ong Ling Ing
  • PrabagaranVarshini
  • PuaXinting
  • Renee YeoHuan
  • Lim You Ming Darrel
  • Royce TayJia Qing
  • Ryan TeoZheyuan
day 1
Day 1…
  • Took the bus with my friends to Johor, Malaysia. We learnt that we had to be quiet so that the bus driver can concentrate on driving.
  • There is an international school in every country to allow foreigners or expatriates send their children to study there.

At the international school, they have kindergartens and primary students and classes. They have different grades. They are also building a secondary class for secondary pupils!

  • The kindergartens even have a playground to play when it’s break time!

There was also a very huge library. There were lots of books and even beanbag chairs! There was also a tent, probably for kindergarten pupils.


Then, we went to a homestay where we watched the Malays perform and dance!!

  • Over there, we made things like our own bookmarks and Malaysia's famous kueh.
  • They also taught us how to use this instrument, ‘kompang’.
after the day
After the day…
  • After an energetic day, we were exhausted and were relieved when the driver brought us to a hotel called ‘Crystal-Crown Hotel’. We were given a short briefing about the hotel and rooms. Then, my roommate and I went with the teacher to the room. We bathed and went to bed. As for the next day? Legoland!
what i have learnt day 1
What I have learnt… (Day 1)
  • I learnt that in every country, there will be an international school to let children from other countries study.
  • When Malaysians make their own bookmarks, they use fallen flowers and leaves to make it. That way, they can save money.
  • When making the Malay kueh, do not put too much of the mixture onto the metal tool. If not the kueh wont have the shape that it is

supposed to have.

  • When making the bookmark, don’t put too much glue on the leaves & flowers. If not, when putting it onto the hard plastic cover, it may overflow.
day 2
Day 2…
  • We packed our bags and went to have our buffet breakfast.
  • After everyone assembled at the main lobby, the bus driver brought us to Legoland!!
  • The first thing we did at Legolandwas to make our own windmill. We learnt about solar energy and mechanical energy.
  • After that, we went to take our own rides!! My group went to the roller coaster(project x) and dragon coaster. It was real fun!!!
after that
After that…
  • After playing, we went to eat lunch. We had sandwiches.
  • Then, we went to a chocolate shop. They had really special flavors, like tomato, mango and even durian!
singapore here we come
Singapore, here we come!
  • After buying our chocolates and souvenirs, we exited Legoland and went to our bus.
  • Legoland was a very fun place for us to play, but some of the rides had long queues and we didn’t get to play that due to a lack of time.
  • We are going back to Singapore. So, Bye Malaysia!
what i have learnt day 2
What I have learnt… (Day 2)
  • Renewable energy means that we can use the energy again and again. (e.g. sun, electric)
  • If we store renewable energy, it becomes potential energy.
  • We buy our needs, not our wants. Remember to compare prices with different stores that sell the same items.