golf club electric vehicle solution n.
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Golf club electric vehicle solution

Golf club electric vehicle solution

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Golf club electric vehicle solution

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  1. Golf club electric vehicle solution DongguanLvtong golf and sightseeing car co., Ltd

  2. Who are we? • Dongguanlvtong golf and sightseeing car co.,ltd was founded in 2004,stands in Hexi Industry Park,Zhengteng Industry Zone,HongmeiTwon,Dongguancity,Guanddongprovince.With an area more than 50,000 square meters,its capacity is around 1,500 to 2,000 units per month.For our products we adopting the advantages from German technology for vehicle safty, comfortabality and reliability designing, Meanwhile we study most famous international brand Club Car, EZGO, Yamaha etc and improve ourselves to match global standard. Our products used PP special automobile materials to be out body which decrease body weight and increase reliable using life for carts.Also we use independed suspension system and individual operation system which can make passengers feel better and drive easier. Such of these design features make Lvtong carts very friendly for clients. • Lvtong products have been approved and iimpressed by lot of high class golf club and resort in Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Korea, Australia, Sweden, Egypt, Malaysia and China. With the basic concept of “Quality first, Clients first”, We believe that we will not only win the client but also market. We do hope we can grow up with out valuable clients toghether/

  3. Who are we? Lvtong company looks just like hotel and resort, we are all proud serve this company

  4. Who are we? Lvtong produce majority parts and process in house and ensure the high quality always there

  5. Who trust us? Thailand Bankok Hot country, hot products, even Royal family hot about Out golf carts…

  6. Who trust us? Indonesia Our golf car is very suit For south of Asia country Due to beautiful design And comfortable drive Experience…

  7. Who trust us? Philippine Very quiet motor and transaxle and non leaking oil makes more and more Top class golf club and resort choose our products…

  8. Who trust us? Australia Outstanding quality and full of accessories make us reach to Australia market …

  9. Who trust us? Saudi What we got from Saudi? Good business? Beautiful Show room? Oil? No… What We got is happy customer…

  10. Who trust us? Vietnam We happy about Vietnam customer’s smile.

  11. Who trust us? Vietnam Caddie ‘s feeling is also Very important feedback For us to keep improving…

  12. Who trust us? Vietnam Banyan Tree Dang Nan Various choices for top end Resort and hotel,customersize Designing, top level quality, We only providing e-buggy Solution…

  13. Who trust us? Vietnam Banyan Tree Dang Nan We are the exclusive supplier for Banyan tree project and sponsor too.

  14. Who trust us? Shanghai HSBC CUP Be sponsor of international Cup is priceless experience And great honor of us.

  15. What can we do for you? 1.Golf We provide high quality 2 seater and 4 seater golf carts Which with full golf car accessories set.

  16. What can we do for you? 2. Ball picker Ball picker, easier your job and improve the practice range efficiency.

  17. What can we do for you? 3. Marshal, Patrol , Officer using As manager for Top end resort, you are easy to watch all your empire with these…

  18. What can we do for you? 4. Transportation Beautiful design for S14 buses provide you best experience for drive your customer and your Staff to anywhere you want to. 100km mileage and small tuning radius, what is your waiting for?

  19. What can we do for you? 4. Transportation For matching different clients requirement,we also provide 8,11 and 17 seater buses, with them Clients can provide better service and much high efficiency.

  20. What can we do for you? 5. VIP and photographing Classic models for VIP customer, rental for wedding, party photographing, with these, your Top end resort shows level and position.

  21. What can we do for you? 6. Housekeeping, F&B, Rooms service How to get your golf resort more environmentally friend, how to get your management easier?How to give customer best and priceless service in details? Here is the answer.

  22. What can we do for you? 7. Maintenance, Gardening, Cargo delivery Customer chose your Club For one reason, clean.

  23. What can we do for you? 8. Firefighter, Handicap, Ambulance The reason for Club is top class? Simple, Humanistic care and security Protection anywhere and any time.

  24. What else we can do? Transformer? No, We just want to you Have one cart with five functions That’s it…

  25. What else we can do? Not finished, to be next page…

  26. What else we can do? We are golf car accessories supper market….

  27. What else we can do? New user? No experience? No idea? NO PROBLEM! Lvtong provide on site training and assembling Assistance for any request customer. Just make sure Our engineer take the first class and luxury room…. Kidding

  28. Why trust us? All these certificate Just means we are always Improving…

  29. Why trust us?

  30. Why trust us? Frame/Chassis is made from steel. It is very solid. Also it is welded high yield strength tubular with liquid coat paint. We creatively make both inside & outside chemistry treatment which become to very anticorrosive. It is different from Aluminum which is easy to be damaged. CLUB CAR use Aluminum

  31. Why trust us? Independent suspension with individual coil spring over hydraulic struts Front Suspension & Steering Column Rear Suspension & ADC Motor Mounting

  32. Why trust us? Trojan Batteries(USA Made) US battery long life time Batteries Connections Rear Suspension & ADC Motor Mounting

  33. Why trust us? CurtisController (US Made) Most powerful transaxle which can allow Carts moving fast and stable.

  34. Why trust us? Onboard charger, you can easily charge your buggy anywhere-- Delt-q Canada brand Off-board charger, smaller, stronger and Better.

  35. Why trust us? Dual rear wheel mechanical drum brakes Self-adjusting with non-asbestos linings with Parking Brake 22PSI 18x8.50-8 Wearable & professional Carlisle (US brand)

  36. How to find us? DongguanLvtong golf and sightseeing car co.,Ltd Add: Hexi Industry Park,Zhengteng Industry Zone,HongmeiTwon,Dongguan city, Guanddongprovince.China 523159 Tel: +86-769-22773916-808 Fax: +86-769-88435828 Web: Sales Director : Leo Wang

  37. Thanks for your timeHave a nice day!