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(Multi – Dimensional Finance Broking Firm) PowerPoint Presentation
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(Multi – Dimensional Finance Broking Firm)

(Multi – Dimensional Finance Broking Firm)

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(Multi – Dimensional Finance Broking Firm)

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  1. (Multi – Dimensional Finance Broking Firm) Oreex Finance Solution's India established in 2009, as a Partnership Firm. Oreex is India’s largest leasing and leading diversified financial services & associates in 36 countries worldwide. Oreex Finance Solution's India is led by a team of professional and dedicated staff with special expertise in lease financing and has strong network with local suppliers and Oreex Finance Solution's India associates worldwide.

  2. “Wealth is the result of “Professionally Well- Designed, Implemented, and Regularly Monitored Financial Portfolio.” This is where India’s most trusted “Oreex Finance Solution's India – OFSI” comes into the picture to serve you and your organization with lots of genuine financial services. Just under one roof you will be served, by company’s 30 Chartered Accounts, Liquidators, Valuers, Solicitors, Advocate, NBFC, National & International Investors, Private Lenders. Company’s wide network of more than 800“Channel Partners” and it’s online services, gives assurance to serve any class of client at nationally or internationally. First time in the finance history, OFSI has defined the actual meaning of “Wealth Management” by providing its multiple financial services precisely to HNI, NRI, PIO, OCB, Corporate, Trusts etc. just under one roof. OFSI is determined to earn the trust of it’s every clients by offering world class financial services.

  3. Oreex Finance Solution's India is an International based leading investment company having interests across various sectors including: • Healthcare • Education • Infrastructure • Retail • Retail estate • Financial Services • Communication • Power & Energy • Technology


  5. PROFESSIONAL FINANCIAL SERVICES : Loans & Advances : - Cash Credit for Working Capital/Term Loan / Overdraft /Cheques & Bills Discounting /Mortgage Loan for Business purpose / Letter of Credit /Export Packing Credit/Project Loan/Takeover Loan /Loan against Securities /Shares/Gold/Housing Loan/Top-up Loan/Car Loan/ Truck Loan/Loan for Commercial Vehicles /Loan for Consumer Durables /Personal Loan / Credit Card/Agricultural Loan/ Horticulture Loan/Loan for Tractors/Agricultural Equipments /Loans for Professionals/ Mortgage Loan against Residential and Commercial Properties/ Education Loan/Four Wheelers Loan, All type of Project Loan, Housing Loan, Business Loan, Personal Loan, Working Capital, Government Subsidy Loan, Green Projects, Loan against securities, Bridge Loan, Venture Capital, Debt Restructuring, NPA Take over etc.

  6. •Complete Financial Services for HNI, NRI, PIO, OCB & Corporate etc • Portfolio Designing & Management • One window solution for complete financial service in India. • Arrangement of Joint Venture in running & profit making companies or upcoming • genuine projects (Government, Semi- Government, Corporate, Institutions, Private etc.) • LC / DLC, SBLC, LG / BG, SKR and other all vital bank transactions. • National & International (Inward) Money Transfer or Foreign Exchange services. • Mutual Fund, Fixed Deposit, FD, Life & General Insurance etc. • Islamic Wealth Management Services especially for Muslim community. • •Real Estate & Property Management (Individual & Corporate)

  7. Finance from Private Parties ( against immoveable properties of clear titles) • Fund Raising for Equity Share Capital of the Company • Finance from Shrove against Gold • Funds against Surrender Value of Insurance Policies • Merchants Banking Services for Private/Public Issues • Consultancy, Investment, Land Development & Construction • Handling Projects / Sites & with it's Exclusive Sales & Marketing work • Buying, Selling, Renting and Leasing of all kinds of properties • Solving encumbrances of Property and it's Legal Documentary work • Auction Properties, Ferrous / Non Ferrous Metal trading.

  8. Team Management

  9. ISLAMIC WEALTH MANAGEMENT SERVICE Oreex Finance Solution's India (OFSI) holds monopoly in its world class service as well as winning the trust of every kinds of investors from across the globe. Especially for the Islamic Investors, OFSI is destined to manage their fund on the bases of principles established by the Shari’ah (Islamic law as revealed in the Qur'an and Sunnah). • Under this service:- Investors investment will be in ethical sectors only. In other words, profits cannot be made from prohibited activities such as alcohol production, gambling, pornography, etc. Also investing in interest (riba) based financial institutions will not be entertained by any way or any means. All wealth creation should result from a partnership between the investor and the user of capital in which rewards and risks are shared. Returns on invested capital should be earned (i.e. tied to the profits generated by the capital) rather than be pre-determined (as in interest based returns provided by bank deposits).

  10. This is why OFSI offer innovative investment solutions tailor-made to meet medium as well as long term financial goals of investors. Our wealth management expertise will enable our investors to enjoy good returns, security of fund as well as peace of mind. As we know that India has begun to resurface itself as a formidable economic house. With strong for ex reserves, healthy GDP growth rates, rupee appreciation, strong corporate performance and expanding FII investments, progress seems to be the at par in all parameters. OFSI is into enhancement of value for Islamic investors and believe in creation of wealth.. Meet your aspirations by investing in our “Islamic Wealth Management Service”…

  11. Prime Features of Wealth Management: • One window solution for complete financial service in India. • Arrangement of Joint Venture in running & profit making companies or upcoming genuine projects (Government, Semi- Government, Corporate, Institutions etc.) • Investment in Real Estate, Commodity, Shares. • Best returns of your Fund with compare to any other traditional Investments tools. • 100 percent transparency of entire service. Don’t compromise on self-respect or spiritual belief ever. Go ahead, hold your head high and enjoy returns with our Islamic Wealth Management Company.

  12. Skill Team

  13. CONTACT US AT: Regd. Office:- The Parinee Crescenzo,1st floor (Near MCA Ground ), B Wing , 2nd Plot ,C-38 & C39,G-Block ,BandraKurla Complex ,MMRDA Bandra East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400051. Tel.: 022 61554 836 Email :- Oreex Finance Solution's India. Email:- Website :- Operational Branches :- Mumbai, Delhi (NCR), Banglore