seniors parents welcome to the post high school planning seminar
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Seniors Parents, Welcome to the Post High School Planning Seminar

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Seniors Parents, Welcome to the Post High School Planning Seminar - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Seniors Parents, Welcome to the Post High School Planning Seminar. Educational options include: Four Year Colleges and Universities Community Colleges Specialty Schools Technical Colleges. How do students choose a school?. Make a list of college characteristics desired.

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Educational options include:Four Year Colleges and UniversitiesCommunity CollegesSpecialty SchoolsTechnical Colleges
how do students choose a school
How do students choose a school?
  • Make a list of college characteristics desired.
  • Prioritize these in order of importance.
  • Visit the MHS College and Career Center
  • Research options via the internet and the MHS College and Career Center.
  • Visit colleges.
  • Talk with parents, teachers, college admissions personnel, and other interested individuals.
  • See your MHS counselor.
college characteristics to consider
College Characteristics to Consider:
  • Majors and educational programs
  • Size
  • Location
  • Admission Policy
  • Cost and Financial Aid
  • Campus Activities
  • Support Services
some college search sites are

Some college search sites are:
at each college internet site
Get information about college characteristics.

Look for profile of accepted students.

Read through the information for prospective students.

Learn about student organizations,

college majors, housing options.

Take a 'virtual tour.’

Read a campus newspaper.

At each college internet site:
information about options can be found
Information about options can be found:
  • On the internet
  • In the College and Career Center
  • In catalogues, mailings, etc.
  • From college representatives
  • Through college visits
what resources are available to students in the mhs college and career center
College Catalogs and Viewbooks

College Handbooks


Computer Programs

Representatives from colleges and universities

MHS College Counselor

What resources are available to students in the MHS College and Career Center?
seeking admission to college
We encourage students to follow this rule:

“You apply for admission to a college because you want to go there.”

Seeking Admission to College
admission criteria include
Preparation requirements

Class rank


Test scores

Other (recommendations, essay, activities, etc.)

Remember, admission criteria can vary from college to college!

Admission Criteria Include:
admission tests act
Admission Tests: ACT

ACT Test Dates Registration Deadline

October 27, 2007 September 21, 2007

December 8, 2007 November 2, 2007

February 9, 2008 January 4, 2008

April 12, 2008 March 7, 200

June 14, 2008 May 9, 2008

admission tests sat subject tests
Admission Tests: SAT & Subject Tests

Test Date Registration Deadline

October 6, 2007 September 10, 2007

November 3, 2007 October 2, 2007

December 1, 2007 October 30, 2007

January 26, 2008 December 26, 2007

March 1, 2008(SAT Only) January 29, 2008

May 3, 2009 April 1, 2008

June 7, 2008 May 6, 2008

application process
Application Process

A step-by-step consideration of the admissions process:

1. Obtain an application form by asking the college to send one or by finding one on the website of the specific college – or by turning to

2. Complete your part of the application, including the essay, if one is required.

3. Get a transcript release form from the guidance secretary, Sharri Hokanson, or find one on Family Connection.
4. At the same time that you begin work on your part of the application, distribute recommendation forms to teachers and counselors, if recommendation are needed. Give them at least three weeks “lead time” if at all possible.
5. If you need a counselorrecommendation, complete the long transcript release form(white) and the Senior Questionnaire on Family Connection. If you don’t need a counselor recommendation, the short transcript release form (pink) can be used.
6. Contact ACT or College Board (SAT) to send an official score report to the colleges.

ACT Scores:

SAT Scores:

7. Bring the completed transcript release form to Sharri Hokanson in the guidance office. Attach any counselor forms or secondary school report forms to the appropriate transcript release form.

(If requesting a counselor recommendation, you should make an appointment with your counselor at the time the long release form is submitted.)

8. The guidance office will mail the transcript and any counselor forms, secondary school report forms, and requested counselor recommendations.
9. The student will submit theapplication online or will mail the paper application (unless the paper application has a section for the counselor to complete that is not separate from the application – for example, the counselor signature page on the U of Minnesota application).
typical timeline
Typical Timeline
  • Many colleges have deadlines that occur in the first semester of the senior year, so plan accordingly.
  • Remember that if an essay and/or recommendation is required, more “lead time” is needed – at least 3 weeks!
  • If the student has not yet taken the ACT or SAT, address that issue immediately!
  • Typically, many MHS seniors have submitted their applications by the beginning of November.
application deadlines
Application Deadlines
  • Check with the individual college regarding the application deadline.
  • Be sure to meet the application deadline set by the individual college.
  • Be sure all paperwork, test scores, and transcripts are received by the college by the application deadline.
discussion items
Discussion Items
  • Recommendation Forms
  • Senior Questionnaire on Family Connection
  • The Essay
  • Deadlines
  • Early Decision/Early Action
  • Financial Aid Issues
  • Reciprocity
final steps
Final Steps
  • Double check to be sure the application and scores will meet the deadline set by the college.
  • Thank the staff members who have written recommendations.
  • Wait for responses from the colleges!
financial aid and scholarships
Financial Aid and Scholarships

Throughout the senior year, explore all financial aid and scholarship possibilities, and fill out a FAFSA if interested in financial aid. Financial aid and reciprocity information is in the MHS Post High School Planning Booklet. A Financial Aid Night is planned for November 27th.

Make an individual appointment with your counselor to discuss your plans!Your First Stop for Smooth Sailing at MHS!
mhs counselors
MHS Counselors
  • Sonia Warmuth A-Bu
  • Dan Marek Bv-Er
  • Theresa Exenberger Es-Her
  • Jill Walker Hes-K
  • Mary Beth Wiig L-Mol
  • Farrah Jennings Mom-Re
  • Keri Miller Rf-Str
  • Kathy Zenk Sts-Z
Special Programs Planned by the MHS

College Counselor

October 2 7:00 p.m. Life in the Big Ten: Admission to a State University

October 4 7:00 p.m. Recruiting the Student Athlete

Oct. 15 7:00 p.m. The College Search for Performing Arts Students

Additional programs
  • November 27 7:00 p.m. Financial Aid Night
And Mark Your Calendars!!!
  • No School for Seniors on Wednesday – Friday, October 17-19. It’s the perfect time for college visits!! Or, completing your work on college applications!
A few closing words :
  • Our priority in the college counseling program at Minnetonka High School – helping the student to find the right fit!
  • College is a match to be made, not a prize to be won!
  • Every student is encouraged to follow this rule:

“You apply for admission to a college because you want to go there!”

Phil Trout 09-21-07