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Best Cricket Academy in Noida PowerPoint Presentation
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Best Cricket Academy in Noida

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Best Cricket Academy in Noida

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Best Cricket Academy in Noida

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  1. Cricplex Cricket Academy offers you thebest cricket coaching for a proper all-round development of the cricketer. That is why we believe in making youngsters learn the game during their young age so that they can easily grow and practice with the skills required for the game and indulge in a better session. We believe in producing the best cricketers in the world and so the students are free to pick their choice of wither playing with the ball, bat, guarding the stumps or being an all-rounder.

  2. The coaching philosophy for the Cricplex Cricket Academy At Cricplex Cricket Academy, we believe in the saying, ‘Practice makes a man perfect.’ We will develop your habits in such a manner that it will be very hard to break. We understand the importance of a coach and how major an influence they create on the lives of a young person. We embrace this honour by providing the best facility to our students and understand the nature of this great responsibility. We use this as an opportunity to be able to pass on whatever we’ve learned and generated the new generation of cricket players. We at Cricplex Cricket Academy, pursue our careers as coaches, teachers, partners, and dream builders. We indulge in providing you the best platform for your dreams and learn the best game you can play, develop your skills, represent your country strongly, and explore the stadiums and practice to become the ultimate player for your team

  3. The amazing features of Cricplex Cricket Academy that makes it different from the others • Cricplex Cricket Academy offers you the following features: • An entrusted dietician taking care of nutrition: when you’re trying to learn the game, it is very important that you maintain an active diet to stay on track and feel active and fresh always. We provide you with the best dieticians in town for your overall development • Physiotherapy sessions for students: something that can help the students in managing their muscle movement and coordination as well. • Special coaching by Heath Streak: the former Zimbabwean bowler, who is known for his action with the ball and how well he handles its swing. • Yoga sessions for better game practice: this will improve the coordination between the mind and the body leading to better concentration on the game. • Crossfit training sessions in the gym: to improve the flexibility and the muscle movement and coordination. • Pick and drop service: students should feel comfortable in being a part of the academy. We ensure the safety of our students to be of primary importance and so we provide free pick and drop service.

  4. Near ParthalaChowk, VikasMarg, Noida +91-9818690438