Move Over, T-Rex! I’m the King of Dinosaurs now!!! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

move over t rex i m the king of dinosaurs now l.
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Move Over, T-Rex! I’m the King of Dinosaurs now!!! PowerPoint Presentation
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Move Over, T-Rex! I’m the King of Dinosaurs now!!!

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Move Over, T-Rex! I’m the King of Dinosaurs now!!!
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Move Over, T-Rex! I’m the King of Dinosaurs now!!!

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  1. Move Over, T-Rex! I’m the King of Dinosaurs now!!! A Dinosaur WebQuest for Kindergarten Designed by Eunice Cupples

  2. Introduction A famous author has written a new book titled, Move over, T-Rex!!! I’m the KING of Dinosaurs now!!! The story is about a newly discovered dinosaur that is even fiercer than T-Rex. This new dinosaur and T-Rex get into a fight. The dinosaur wins and becomes the new “King” of Dinosaurs. Now the author has a problem! He cannot think of a design for this new dinosaur and has come to you for help. Can you help him create a new “king” for his book? What does it take to defeat T-Rex?

  3. Task • Your job is to design a model of the new “King of Dinosaurs” out of paper maché. This dinosaur needs to show what it takes to defeat T-Rex. As you make this new “king”, remember to think about: • the size of the dinosaur the skin color and texture of the body the number of feet the dinosaur walks on the kind of teeth the dinosaur has the kind of food the dinosaur eats the weapon or behavior the dinosaur uses to defeat T-Rex

  4. Process You will team up with a partner. A 5th grade buddy will help you and your partner with this project.1. Before you create the model of this new “king”, you and your partner will first learn about 5 dinosaurs and how they lived. 2. Using the information from the books and links, you will complete one Dinosaur Facts Template a day with your partner. 3. Together as a team, you and your partner will create a paper maché dinosaur of your new “king”. 4. As a team, you will explain your model and how the “king” will defeat T-Rex.

  5. What You Will Learn The five dinosaurs you will learn about are:Tyrannosaurus Rex Apatosaurus Brontosaurus Stegosaurus Triceratops From these five dinosaurs, you will learn:how big they were what they looked like how they protected themselves how they hunted what they ate Then you will get ideas from these dinosaurs and come up with your own design for your model.

  6. Expectations on Behavior with 5th Grade Buddy Your 5th grade buddy is here to help you. Be respectful and polite Stay on task at all times. Following directions the first time they’re given. Your 5th grade buddy will help you read if you need help. Remember to ask questions when you do not understanding something.

  7. Directions to Complete Templates Before you create your paper maché, learn about the 5 dinosaurs and complete one Dinosaur Facts Template a day. You will need 5 templates, one for each dinosaur. • Listen to Mrs. Cupples read books about dinosaurs. • Ask your 5th grade buddy to help you and your partner look at the links to learn more about each dinosaur. • Listen to your 5th grade buddy as he/she helps you read. • Ask questions when you or your partner do not understand. • Work with your partner. Record the size, skin, feet, weapons, teeth and food of each dinosaur on the Dinosaur Facts Template. •  Remember to complete the facts on one template a day.

  8. Size Food Dinosaur Facts Template Picture of Dinosaur Carnivore or Herbivore ____ feet long ____ bus long Dinosaur Name: _________________ Teeth Skin Feet Weapons Flat or Sharp Claws, tail, club, spikes or horns 2 or 4 Striped, smoothspiked or bumpy

  9. Day 1Tyrannosaurus Rex • Tyrannosaurus Rex • T-Rex Illustration and Fact Sheet • T-Rex Fact Sheet • T-Rex Information • Dinosaur Chart

  10. Day 2Apatosaurus • Apatosaurus • Apatosaurus Fact Sheet • Apatosaurus Illustration and Fact Sheet • Apatosaurus Facts and Interactive Coloring Page • Dinosaur Chart

  11. Day 3Allosaurus • Allosaurus Fact Sheet • Allosaurus Facts with Labeled Illustration • All About Allosaurus • Allosaurus Information • Dinosaur Chart

  12. Day 4Triceratops • Triceratops • Triceratops Fact Sheet • Triceratops Brief Facts • Triceratops and Picture of the Skeleton • Dinosaur Chart

  13. Day 5Stegosaurus • Stegosaurus • Stegosaurus Facts and Interactive Coloring • Stegosaurus Fact Sheet • Stegosaurus Facts and Labeled Illustration • Dinosaur Chart

  14. Dinosaur Chart

  15. Day 6Materials for Paper Maché Model After you’ve completed the 5 templates, start thinking about your dinosaur model. You model needs to include: theskin color and texture the weapons or protection your dinosaur uses the kind of teeth your dinosaur has the number of feet your dinosaur walks on Materials for Dinosaur Model 1 empty gallon milk container for a round dinosaur or1 empty 2 liter soda bottle for a long dinosaur1 inch x 6 inches paper stripsTissue paperCardboard pieces for teeth Toilet paper rolls for legsNewspaper for bulk of body and tailMasking tape Paper Mache GluePaint and paint brushes

  16. Directions on Paper Maché Model • Clean the container and dry it well. • Tape balls of newspaper to container to form shape of the dinosaur. • Tape toilet paper rolls on for the legs. • Make little bumps on dinosaur with tissue paper to create skin texture. • Cut little pieces of cardboard to form teeth. • Cut pointy or triangular pieces of cardboard to form spikes or horns. • Dip strips of paper in glue and put on dinosaur’s body. • Begin to smooth out and shape the body. • Allow the dinosaur model to dry. • Paint the model after it’s dried. Think about the skin color and designs. • Prepare to give an explanation about your model with finished.

  17. Evaluation and Rubric

  18. Conclusion A job well done!!! You’re now a “Junior Paleontologist”. You have learned a lot about how dinosaurs lived, what they ate, and how they hunted their food. You can now tell me the weapons each dinosaur used to keep themselves safe from predators. You even created a model of the new king and explained how your newly created dinosaur would defeat T-Rex! Congratulations, I’ll be seeing your newly created “king of dinosaurs” in the new book soon.

  19. Standards Nature of Science1.1 Uses the five sense to gather scientific information.2.1 Demonstrate scientific understanding orally and in pictures.3.2 Apply Literacy skills to make scientific connections. Life Science1.1 Observe, compare and contrast the appearance and behavior of plants and animals. Listening and Speaking Standards (Language Arts)1.1 Focus on the speaker's message.1.2 Evaluate what is heard1.3 Follow oral directions Reading Comprehension2.1 Learn to use strategies when reading.2.2 Read to analyze and evaluate information.2.3 Read informational material for practical application Writing-Study and Research Skills3.1 Use reference sources3.2 Gather and interpret information

  20. Credits and ReferencesCliparts Cliparts used in this WebQuest Animation Cliparts used in this WebQuest

  21. Credits and ReferencesLinks Links to dinosaur facts to complete templates pdf

  22. Credits and ReferencesBooks Books I read to the class:Dinosaurs by Grace Maccarone (This is a great book to start the unit with.)Dinosaurs (Usborne Discovery-Internet Linked) by Neil Francis Know-It-All Dinosaurs by Jay Johnson I Can Read About Prehistoric Animals by David Eastman Terrible Tyrannosaurs by Kathleen Weidner Zochfeld The Spike-Tailed Dinosaur, Stegosaurus by Michael Berenstain Dinosaurs by Mary Elting Dinosaurs by Peter Zallinger

  23. Teacher’s Page Click below to see a sample of the finished Dinosaur Facts Template.Sample: Completed Dinosaur Facts Template To further promote the language arts components , I will ask each student to explain his/her dinosaur model, tell what physical and behavioral adaptations the new “king” has in order to defeat T-Rex. Extended Activity:I will ask the children to write about their new “king” of dinosaurs. A model of “framed sentences” will be used to help the children complete their written work. Click to see a sample of the written work. Sample of Written Work

  24. Sample: Completed Dinosaur Facts Template Size Food Picture of Dinosaur Carnivore or Herbivore 70 feet long 2buses long Dinosaur Name: _________________ Apatosaurus Teeth Skin Feet Weapons Apatosaurus had green, wrinkly skin. Striped, smoothspiked or bumpy Apatosaurus walked on 4 legs. 2 or 4 Flat or Sharp Claws, tail, club, or spikes Apatosaurus had flat teeth to munch his leaves. Apatosaurus used his large tail to fight. He also hid in swamp to protect himself.

  25. Sample of Written Work Note: Underlined portions indicate framed parts of the sentences. Stepatosaur My dinosaur is named Stepatosaur. He is the new “king”! He is 50 feet long. He is over 1 bus long. He walks on 4 feet. His body is green with plates and spikes. He uses his big, spiky tail to fight and kill his prey. He also has a giant horn to poke his prey.. Stepatosaur is a carnivore. He eats by ripping the meat and swallowing it whole.. By Mae Leah Cupples

  26. The End