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Institute for English Language Education

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Institute for English Language Education. Your Future Speaks English. IELE Mission. The IELE at Assumption University of Thailand envisions itself as the leading institute in English language education in Thailand known for its excellence with :. qualified and professional instructors

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institute for english language education

Institute for EnglishLanguage Education

Your Future Speaks English

iele mission
IELE Mission

The IELE at Assumption University of Thailand envisions itself as the leading institute in English language education in Thailand known for its excellence with:

  • qualified and professional instructors
  • motivated and proficient students
  • state-of-the-art courses and technologies
  • an international teaching and learning environment
iele vision
IELE Vision

The IELE envisions Assumption University students as individuals who:

  • are linguistically competent and able to communicate effectively in English both in speech and in writing;
  • constantly seek to improve their English language competency; and
  • are able to think critically and use English to perform successfully in society.
who are iele s stakeholders
Who are IELE’s stakeholders?
  • Our stakeholders consist of:
    • students and their parents/families
    • campus community
    • alumni
    • potential employers
    • prospective students
what are our stakeholders expectations
What are our stakeholders’ expectations?
  • We believe that IELE’s stakeholders expect the following outcomes from our courses, curriculum, and instruction:
    • English language proficiency and competency that:
      • would help students be competitive on the job market
      • is required for further academic study
    • training in key areas of professional communication—speaking, presentation, reading, and writing;
    • a strong sense of values and ethics
    • a rigorous teaching and learning system aimed at instilling professionalism
iele s core competencies
IELE’s Core Competencies
  • Up-to-date curriculum, regularly revised to accommodate learners’ needs and respond to academic trends;
  • Integrated skills approach
  • Valid and reliable assessment
  • Truly international community of qualified teachers;
  • Flexible delivery methods
  • Culturally-sensitive classroom management
  • Systematic and effective development for teachers
features and attributes
Features and Attributes
  • The IELE’s faculty, and staff are:
    • qualified
    • dedicated
    • professional
    • experienced
    • culturally-diverse
  • IELE’s courses, curriculum, and instruction provides students with the following benefits:
    • proficient communication skills
    • exposure to international Englishes;
    • skills that are transferrable to:
      • academic contexts(e.g., presenting and report writing)
      • professional contexts(e.g., collaboration, problem-solving, strong work ethic)
beliefs and values
Beliefs and Values
  • Students who successfully complete the IELE’s courses should be:
    • confident using the English language;
    • self-reliant;
    • independent learners and thinkers; and
    • individuals who persistently strive for knowledge
iele s brand statement
IELE’s Brand Statement

Dedicated and culturally-diverse, the IELE is committed to implementing international teaching and curricular standards to equip students with English proficiency for future academic and professional success.