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How-To Implement Cone and SIA Services

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How-To Implement Cone and SIA Services - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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T HE US N ATIONAL V IRTUAL O BSERVATORY. How-To Implement Cone and SIA Services Gretchen Greene Space Telescope Science Institute. First Standard for VO. CONE service Circular area query to a catalog HTTP GET Returns VOTable Requires

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How-To Implement

Cone and SIA Services

Gretchen Greene

Space Telescope Science Institute

ADASS NVO Tutorial

first standard for vo
First Standard for VO
  • CONE service
    • Circular area query to a catalog
    • HTTP GET
    • Returns VOTable
    • Requires
      • <BaseURL>?RA=....&DEC=....&SR=
    • Optional verbs allowed (see example below)
  • Cone Service metadata retrieval
    • SR=0
  • Example (used in Galaxy Morphology NVO Demo)

  • Prototype service registries available
    • (OAI)

ADASS NVO Tutorial

sample cone search votable
Sample Cone Search VOTable

FOR SR=0 you will see FIELD. i.e. metadata info only

ADASS NVO Tutorial

simple image access protocol siap
Simple Image Access Protocol (SIAP)
  • Specification for 4 types of image services and archives
    • CUTOUT service
    • MOSAIC service
    • ATLAS archive
    • POINTED archive
  • HTTP Get for rectangular Region of Interest (ROI)
    • MUST specify in decimal degrees
      • POS (ROI center)
      • SIZE (Angular width)
  • Like the Cone Service SIAP returns VOTable
  • Example,26.540&SIZE=0.05,0.05

ADASS NVO Tutorial

siap continued
SIAP – continued
  • For compliance each service
    • MUST: perform ROI query and return a URL to image
    • OPTIONAL: image staging, image retrieval (GetImage)
  • Other MUSTs include
    • FORMAT to indicate desired format of referenced image (e.g. FITS, JPG, GIF)



      • Metadata accessed with FORMAT=METADATA
  • Specific UCD fields (see standards doc for complete listing)
    • VOX:Image_Title, VOX:Image_Naxes …. (where VOX = VO-Experimental and are non-standard)
  • Optional Image Generation Parameters (IGP) are permitted
    • WCS strongly encouraged for overlay rendering of images
      • CRPIX, CRVAL, etc.

ADASS NVO Tutorial

siap votable example
SIAP VOTable Example
  • Shows image URL embedded in VOTable field
  • May contain Multiple image URLs

ADASS NVO Tutorial

basic development steps
Basic Development Steps
  • After initial assignment of UCDs to returned parameters and table values…
    • Code back-end to get data
    • LOAD data and params into VOTable
      • Use existing VOTable tools (e.g. JAVOT)
      • Do-it-yourself
  • Create cgi, web app, or web service and register with prototype registries
    • Caltech
    • NCSA
    • STScI/JHU
    • More to come

ADASS NVO Tutorial

mast cone search php
MAST Cone Search (PHP)
  • MAST retrieval of HST instrument data
    • PHP (server-side scripting language)
    • Same code that performs mission searches used for cone search
  • Sample Query*&RA=148.88&DEC=69.065&SR=0.05

Contact: Randy Thompson

ADASS NVO Tutorial

galex cone search net
GALEX Cone Search (.NET)
  • Implemented as Web Service (using .NET)
  • service development compatible with any standard SOAP client
    • Unrestricted language access (JAVA, Perl, e.g.)
  • .NET provides standard http get (SDSS cone service)

Contact: Alberto Conti

ADASS NVO Tutorial

dss siap java server page
DSS SIAP (Java Server Page)
  • Retrieval of DSS Image References
  • Calculates WCS Info
  • Implemented as JSP
  • Example URL

  • Uses Resin Java Servlet Engine with Apache

ADASS NVO Tutorial

scaling dal for science application
Scaling DAL for Science Application
  • Galaxy Morphology Demo
    • one of the first prototypes using DAL standards
    • Merging science with new VO computing technology
  • Portal integrated DAL services with preset registry of resources
    • Accessed Grid computational Web Service
    • would be simplified by implementing VO Registry
      • mine resource metadata
      • Standard query support

ADASS NVO Tutorial