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Roaming. Nomadism. Session Continuity. Continuous Mobility. Handover. Seamless Handover. FMC from a Fixed Perspective B. Melander, H. Mickelsson, Z. Ghebretensaé, K. Oberle, A. Sitek, B. Radier and V. Kulkarni.

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Fmc from a fixed perspective



Session Continuity

Continuous Mobility


Seamless Handover

FMC from a Fixed Perspective

B. Melander, H. Mickelsson, Z. Ghebretensaé, K. Oberle, A. Sitek, B. Radier and V. Kulkarni

On of the major targets of the 6th IST FP MUSE (Multi Service Access Everywhere) Project is Fixed-Mobile Convergence addressed from a fixed operator perspective.

MUSE primarily work on Nomdism and Session Continuity. Continuous Mobility is for further study.

FMC Challenges

  • Session Continuity

  • Support session continuity (discrete and continuous)

  • MIPv6, SIP

  • Authentication & Authorization

  • Support necessary AA (per-user, per device, per service) in fixed access networks.

  • Decouple services from access line

  • EAP front end and back end transport (e.g. EAP, RADIUS)

  • Roaming

  • Define suitable interfaces between operators and to relate business roles to those interfaces

  • QoS and Policy Control

  • Align QoS and policy control mechanisms in fixed networks with their counterparts in mobile networks.

  • Harmonize interfaces and ensure proper level of common functions

Use Cases


MUSE is active towards standardisation and deliver results into different standardisation bodies.Prime targets for MUSE FMC activities are DSLF (Nomadism), HGI (use cases) and ETSI/TISPAN (Session continuity and policy control).

  • The nomadism part of the use cases will be demonstrated in MUSE by end of 2006.

  • Additional solutions for roaming and session continuity will be ready by end of 2007.

  • Solutions for roaming between different access technologies and between different domains (operator and/or network)

  • DSLF

  • Introduction of nomadism and associated requirements

  • Define AA for fixed broadband access. Various types of authentication.


  • Input on use cases for FMC.

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