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Bruce Mayer, PE Licensed Electrical & Mechanical Engineer PowerPoint Presentation
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Bruce Mayer, PE Licensed Electrical & Mechanical Engineer

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Bruce Mayer, PE Licensed Electrical & Mechanical Engineer - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ENGR/MTH/PHYS 25. MidTerm Examination. Bruce Mayer, PE Licensed Electrical & Mechanical Engineer MidTerm Exam Th /27Mar/1:45pm. 2 Hour Exam During Normal Class Time 1:15-3:30p ; Computer Lab rm18 04 Do NOT Miss the Exam

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Bruce Mayer, PE Licensed Electrical & Mechanical Engineer

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Bruce Mayer, PE

Licensed Electrical & Mechanical

midterm exam th 27mar 1 45pm
MidTerm Exam Th/27Mar/1:45pm
  • 2 Hour Exam During Normal Class Time
    • 1:15-3:30p; Computer Lab rm1804
  • Do NOT Miss the Exam
    • 3rd Party Verification REQUIRED to Justify MakeUp-Exam Eligibility
    • MakeUp Exam → M/31Mar/1:00p/3932
      • MUST inform the Instructor by Th/27Mar/7pm
      • 25% Off-the-Top Penalty (max score = 75%)
        • i.e; will use a 0.75 multiplier
        • Allowance for all the extra study time
print plan rm1804 rm3906
Print Plan: Rm1804 → Rm3906
  • Room 1804 Has NO printer, and HardCopy Output is needed for the MTE
  • The Print Plan
    • Work Exam in Rm1804
    • SAVE All Work to USB Drive as an MSWord file
      • SAME as done for HW Assignments
    • At 3:30p the Entire class either
      • Saves MSWord file to personal USB drive
      • Sends file to SELF using InterNeteMail
print plan rm1804 rm39061
Print Plan: Rm1804 → Rm3906
    • We will move AS a CLASS to Rm3906
    • Student will then use the Rm 3906 “GoPrint” Printer
      • See next Slide for GoPrinter Information
    • Staple the PrintOut to the Exam (Which has a Hand Solution)
    • Turn-In Exam Pak to Instructor
  • Done
    • Can relax over the week end
printcard required
  • Each student will need to print His/Her Exam Solutions in the 3906 lab
  • Printing Requires the Purchase of a Print Card
  • Print Cards are available in the Chabot College Library
  • Suggest minimum Print-Value of $2.50
    • $3 Total Expense
exam format
Exam Format
  • Open Text Book Only
    • Supplemented by Hand Written SRS
  • Solve Applied Mathematics Problems
    • Using MATLAB
    • By HAND Calculations
  • Posed Problems will be Similar to the Homework
  • 6-8 Problems
    • Covers Chapters 1-6 in the TextBook
exam logistics 1
Exam Logistics - 1
  • ASSIGNED SEATING → Find Exam with Student Name written on the Back of the Exam at ASSIGNED Computer
    • Exam to Remain FACE DOWN until the Instructor Signals the Start of the Exam
    • The Exam may be turned over after the Instructor Start Signal
exam logistics 2
Exam Logistics - 2
  • Students May Work at open Tables for Hand Calcs if Desired
    • Ask instructor for approval
    • Obviously, NO Collaboration with ClassMates is Allowed
    • Must Return to the ASSIGNED Computer Seat upon Completion of Hand Work
  • OPEN Text Book-Only exam.
    • NO Other reference Books
exam logistics 3
Exam Logistics - 3
  • NO Access to ANY Other Computer Resource
    • i.e., NOInterNet Access
    • computer calculator OK
  • Student Reference Sheet as Described in Syllabus OK
    • A single, 8.5”x11” sheet of paper (Both Sides, OK)
    • Must Be Entirely HAND WRITTEN
exam logistics 4
Exam Logistics - 4
  • PrintOut MATLAB Scripts, Fcns and Any Plots
    • Staple PrintOuts to the Exam
  • Suggest Saving all MATLAB programs as .m files
    • Print the .m files from the Editor
exam logistics 5
Exam Logistics - 5
  • All PrintOutsMust Include
    • Your Name
    • The Problem Number(s)
  • Permitted Tools
    • Pen or Pencil
    • Calculator (computer calculator OK)
    • MATLAB Software on the Rm1813 Lab Computers (No Laptop Computers allowed unless in OverFlow Condition)
academic dis honesty
Academic (Dis)Honesty
  • Any of these Acts of DisHonesty will result in the offending student receiving a ZERO for the entire exam
    • Cheating in ANY form
    • Taking a seat other than that assigned by the instructor
    • Use of USB-Drives, or other portable computer-storage media UnLess Permitted by the Instructor
    • InterNet Access (includes use of ANY eMail)
      • This can be traced by the Chabot Network Support Team
    • Turning-in (nearly) identical hardcopy problem solution(s)
      • ALL Students with identical PrintOuts receive a ZERO Score