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OBIEE Technical Conference

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OBIEE Technical Conference. Getting Started with a Dashboard Development Project Theresa May. Agenda. Project Scope Tied to Finance 9.0 upgrade Partnership between ITS and Data Steward Roles and Responsibilities Process Followed to Implement Finance Dashboards Requirements Gathering

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Presentation Transcript
obiee technical conference

OBIEE Technical Conference

Getting Started with a Dashboard Development Project

Theresa May

  • Project Scope
    • Tied to Finance 9.0 upgrade
  • Partnership between ITS and Data Steward
    • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Process Followed to Implement Finance Dashboards
    • Requirements Gathering
    • Dashboard Prototyping
    • Data Modeling
    • Feedback
    • Change Management
project scope
Project Scope
  • Scope the Project for 90-8-2 Success
    • 90% of campus users require general functionality
      • Generally most campus users who require operational information to support business processes on a daily basis.
    • 8% of campus users require more flexibility or complex functionality
      • Generally most power users who write queries and work with data directly. Requirements might be in a more ad-hoc nature.
    • 2% of campus users require the ability to problem solve or do trend analysis by utilizing campus information.
      • Generally the functional support team and campus executives.
project scope4
Project Scope
  • Phases are Important
    • Phase the project for 90-8-2
    • Don’t try to tackle the entire project on day one
    • It’s better to deliver smaller components in shorter time frames than to ask the campus to wait for a larger deliverable over a long period of time
    • Phasing the project provides the support teams a chance to understand how to work within the new environment
project scope5
Project Scope
  • Review Current Campus Functionality
    • What is being replaced by the dashboard?
  • Review Timing of Campus Processes
    • When does the campus need certain information?
  • Is the Data Available?
    • In Finance Reporting Solution (RSOL)?
    • In PeopleSoft?
  • Joint Decision to Increase Scope
project scope6
Project Scope
  • Initial Phased Approach
    • Phase I - Department Page
      • Account summaries
      • Purchase orders
      • College based fees
    • Phase II – Fund Page
      • Trial balance
      • Expense summary
    • Phase III – Transaction Research
project scope7
Project Scope
  • Phase I – Pages Delivered
    • My Revenue & Expense
    • My Open PO’s
    • My Trial Balance
    • My Revenue & Expense Transactions
    • My PO Transactions
    • My Trial Balance Transactions
    • My Budget Transactions
partnerships work best
Partnerships Work Best
  • Full Commitment by Data Steward and ITS
    • To the project
      • Communication
      • Compromise
    • To each other
      • Communication
      • Compromise
  • No Partnership – No Good
  • Must Trust Each Other
data steward role
Data Steward Role
  • Project Ownership(Extremely Important)
    • Data Warehousing is a business function
    • Data steward should own and drive the project
  • Project Direction and Vision
    • What information do they want to provide?
  • Validation/Testing
    • Data validation and testing
    • Dashboard design input
    • Dashboard validation and testing
  • Intake for Campus Feedback on Dashboard
information technology services its role
Information Technology Services (ITS) Role
  • Technical Support and Expertise
    • Supports the data steward
  • Provides the Technical Infrastructure
    • Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE)
    • Data warehouse
    • Servers, load balancers, network, etc.
  • Gathers and Documents Requirements
  • Designs and Implements Data Models
  • Designs and Implements Dashboards
  • Provides an Environment that Allows for a Quick Response to Fixes and Enhancements
requirements needed
Requirements Needed
  • Dashboard Requirements
    • Key performance indicators
    • Questions to be answered
    • Flexibility
    • Downloads
    • Printing
  • Data Requirements
    • Sources for data
      • Finance reporting solution (RSOL)
      • PeopleSoft finance tables
requirements gathering process
Requirements Gathering Process
  • Don’t Ask Data Steward to Write Down Requirements
  • First Learn about the Services the Data Steward Provides, Business Processes, and Reports
    • Review RSOL prior to first set of meetings
    • Set up long information gathering sessions (2-6 hours)
    • Document information learned from working sessions
    • Does ITS need an accounting 101 overview? We did!
  • Ask about the Goal for the Dashboard
    • Is this dashboard to support operational requirements?
    • Any key performance indicators (KPI’s)?
    • What questions should be answered?
    • Who is the audience?
dashboard prototyping process
Dashboard Prototyping Process
  • Data Steward should Drive Initial Design
    • Describe using
      • Tool or
      • Sketching or
      • White boarding
  • ITS should Provide Guidance and Options
    • Deliver the dashboard as close to the data steward’s vision as possible
  • ITS should Develop Standards for Enterprise Dashboard Deployment
    • Branding
    • Column selectors
    • Filter view
    • Information box
  • ITS should Set Up Prototyping Sessions
    • Set up working sessions (2-6 hours)
  • ITS should Provide Guidance on Terminology (need consistency)
    • What’s a Page
      • Page Prompt
      • Filter
dashboard prototyping process14
Dashboard Prototyping Process
  • ITS should Provide Guidance on Dashboard Layout
    • Need to start with summarized information
    • Use drill capability to get to detail
    • Help demonstrate a new way of looking at data
    • This may be a major change management issue for campus depending on the tool they currently utilize for querying data
dashboard prototyping process15
Dashboard Prototyping Process
  • Used RSOL to Build Initial Page Prototypes
    • Set up RSOL tables in OBIEE Metadata layers
    • OBIEE requires fact and dimension tables
  • Utilized Preliminary Dashboard Design as Provided by Data Steward
  • Set Up Working Sessions to Build Upon Provided Samples of Dashboard Pages
    • Made modifications on the fly
    • Documented items to research
    • Created task list of items to implement after session
  • Encountered Issues with Drilling and Hierarchies
    • Determined that there was a Need for a Data Model
dashboard prototyping process16
Dashboard Prototyping Process
  • Documentation
    • Utilize the dashboard prototypes
    • Document items not included in the prototype
      • Research items (things to figure out)
      • Task list
    • Don’t get hung up on documenting all components of the dashboard through prototyping sessions
      • Next two slides show unsuccessful attempts
data modeling process
Data Modeling Process
  • Learned about the Data that Supports the Finance Business Processes
    • Data steward provided overviews
    • Discussed business rules
      • What makes up a revenue or expense?
  • Built Data Model using RSOL as Source
    • Reviewed design and all data elements with data steward
data modeling process20
Data Modeling Process
  • Data Modelers and Dashboard Developers – Communicate!
    • All need to understand the dashboard requirements
    • All need to understand data relationships
    • All need to understand hierarchies within the data
    • All need to understand the grain of data
    • All need to attend working sessions with data steward
feedback process
Feedback Process
  • Dashboard Users
    • Internal finance team
      • Used the dashboard to perform their daily activities
    • Pilot group
      • First set of campus users to use the new dashboard
    • Campus users
      • All users after roll to Production
  • All Feedback must be Funneled through Data Steward
  • Data Steward to Provide Fix-It/Enhancement List to ITS along with Priorities
change management process
Change Management Process
  • Open Forums
    • Data steward and ITS partnered
    • Project overview
    • Demonstrations of new tool & dashboard
  • Tool Training
    • ITS supported
  • Dashboard Training
    • Data Steward supported
  • OBIEE Technical Conference:
  • Email: