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NCEE/SAT Words. Roots of the Day : CAP vs. CAPIT CAP [also seen as CIP, CEP, CAPT, CEPT ] = take (from Latin capere = to take, seize) CAPIT [also seen as CIPIT ] = head (from Latin caput = head). Examples:

I am the owner, or an agent authorized to act on behalf of the owner, of the copyrighted work described.
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Roots of the Day: CAP vs. CAPIT

CAP [also seen as CIP, CEP, CAPT, CEPT] = take (from Latin capere = to take, seize)

CAPIT [also seen as CIPIT] = head (from Latin caput = head)



capacity = a measure of the amount something can contain (literally, that can be taken in)

capture = to take, seize

capable = able to perform a task (literally, able to take on something)

captivate = to attract or win over (literally, to be taken)

captious = quick to find fault (literally, taken)

captain = someone at the head of something

capital = the head of something

capitulate =arrange under headings; surrender

chapter = the heading of a portion of text (e.g.)


Roots of the Day: BEN vs. MAL

BEN [also seen as BON] = good, well (from Latin bonus = good; bene = well)

MAL = bad, ill (from Latin malus = bad; male = badly)



benign/malign, malignant = kind; bad (bene/male + gignere = to beget)

benediction/malediction = blessing; curse (bene/male+dicere = to speak well/badly)

benefactor/malefactor = one who wishes well; one who wishes ill (bene/male+facere = to do well/badly)

beneficent/maleficent = one who does well; one who does ill (bene/male+facere = to do well/badly)

benevolent/malevolent = one who wishes well; one who wishes ill (bene/male+velle = to wish well/badly)


Roots of the Day: VIR vs. VER vs. VOR

VIR = man (from Latin vir = man)

VER = truth (from Latin verus = true, or verum = truth)

VOR = eat (from Latin vorare = to eat)



virile, virility = manly, energetic; masculinity

triumvirate = consisting of three men (tres+vir = three men)

veracity, veracious = truthfulness; truthful

verily = truly

verity = truth

voracity, voracious = greedily eating (from vorare = to eat)

omnivorous = one whose diet is not limited (omnis+vorare = to eat everything)


Root of the Day: CED

CED [also seen as CESS] = move, withdraw (from Latin cedere = to move, yield)



cede = to yield

ancestor = one from whom another is descended (literally, from Latin ante+cedere = to move before)


Roots of the Day: CORPOR

CORPOR- = body (from Latin corpus = body)

CARN- = meat, flesh (from Latin carnis = meat)



corporeal = relating to the physical body

corporal (but NOT the military position corporal, which derives from caput, although we think its etymology

was influenced by corps)

corporation = a company

carnivorous (carnis+vorare = to devour meat)

carnal = relating to the body, sensual

carnage = a slaughter