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Live like Your Life Depends on it .

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Live like Your Life Depends on it . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Live like Your Life Depends on it . Advancing the Message Section of Chronic Disease Prevention & Nutrition Services. Missouri’s Health Concerns. Chronic disease burden Missouri has higher rates compared to US Chronic Diseases—higher rates in age 45+ compared to 18+

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live like your life depends on it

LivelikeYour LifeDependson it.

Advancing the Message

Section of Chronic Disease Prevention & Nutrition Services

missouri s health concerns
Missouri’s Health Concerns
  • Chronic disease burden
  • Missouri has higher rates compared to US
  • Chronic Diseases—higher rates in age 45+ compared to 18+
  • Risks factors a concern even though rates decrease for smoking and obesity for older adults
  • 80% of older adults have at least one chronic condition, 50% have at least two
  • By 2020, 20% of Missourians will be over 65
health messaging concerns
Health Messaging Concerns
  • Competing messages
  • Finite funds to provide pro-health message
  • Difficult to motivate behavioral changes
  • Public education only one tactic that must be used in combination with others
outcomes desired
Outcomes desired
  • Increased number of adolescents and adults whose physical activity levels, eating habits and weight meet recommended standards
  • Increases number of adults who practice desired prevention and control behaviors
  • Increased numbers communicating common messages
our approach
Our Approach
  • Select target audience
  • Complement other interventions and programs
  • Use media experts and formative research to tailor for target population.
  • Unify multiple program efforts
  • Build on common ground—establish common prompts for action
our approach continued
Our Approach, continued
  • Base on evidence
  • Deliver compelling messages
  • Engage partners in design and implementation
  • Provide campaign resources and materials
  • Report results—accountability
  • Complement other interventions & programs
  • Evaluate
design criteria
Design Criteria
  • Focus on positive, do not isolate or create negative attitude regarding those that are obese, overweight or have a chronic disease
  • Messages are evidence-based, relevant to audience, simple, clearly describe desired action
using the experts
Using the Experts
  • Media Cross
  • University of Missouri School of Journalism
  • Hughes
  • Partners & Their Public Info Staff
audience research
Audience Research

Campaign targets adults 45+ y.o.

Formative research shows:

  • Missourians continue high-risk behaviors
  • Clear barriers that cause complacency among target audience (e.g., time, physical health)
  • Must increase confidence and control
  • Doctors influential followed by family and friends
focus group feedback
Focus Group Feedback
  • Preferences validated
  • Messages tested
  • Execution approaches tested
analysis selection
Analysis & Selection

LivelikeYour LifeDependson it.

ramping up for success
Ramping Up For Success
  • Collaborative use of existing networks and communication avenues
  • Materials web-based, can be co-branded and produced to complement existing program and activities
  • Radio and print ads augment activities
  • Complement partner and community programs and related activities
pilot phase 8 12 2007
Pilot Phase (8-12 2007)
  • Limited promotion
  • Agency directed activities
  • Fixed distribution problems
  • Tracked activities
  • Collected Baseline data
live like your life depends on it www dhss mo gov chronicdisease campaign
Live Like Your Life Depends On
  • Priority Messages for the first phase:
    • Eat Smart
    • Move More
    • Be Tobacco Free
    • Get Recommended Health Screenings
state expansion 12 07
State Expansion (12/07+)
  • Compiled strategic plan with partners
  • Expand materials for segments of target audience
  • Adding supports for different settings
  • Adding public website
  • Enhancing communications
  • Promote Campaign
community expansion 1 08
Community Expansion (1/08+)
  • Kansas City Area
  • Partner forms
  • Evolving supports for communities
    • Updates
    • Coordination
    • Message Board
2008 activities
2008 Activities
  • Expand materials for population segments
  • Enhance message dissemination (e.g., TV, tailored internet)
  • Evaluate and enhance based on results
  • Continue to maintain and expand partnerships
  • Partner and Public Website Updates
2008 activities continued
2008 Activities, continued
  • Maintain distribution and dissemination system
  • Enhance community implementation phase
  • Secure funding and resources to support initiative
  • Adding Adolescent campaign
  • Evaluation
for more information

For more information:

Contact Deborah Markenson, 573-522-2800 Jeanie Bryant, 573-526-9724

Sherri Homan, 573-522-2810

January 2008