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History of O.V. PowerPoint Presentation
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History of O.V.

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History of O.V.
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History of O.V.

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  1. History of O.V.

  2. SUMMARY Our classroom, Room 204 from Olympic View Elementary School worked on a project that included many different phases of learning. In the end, we came up with the entire history of Olympic View! First, we interviewed senior citizens who went to this very school to find out what it was like back when they attended. We had several interviewees, and learned lots of information. We took the information that we heard, and wrote a total of 5 scripts with it. When our scripts were perfected, we went to a recording studio called Jack Straw Production.. We had professional recorders help us make good recordings, and in the end, we even got a C-D of them all! After we finished recording, we started to study even more about our school! We even managed to complete a timeline including important events from each decade that effected our school. Then our class broke up into 10 groups to study each decade from 1900-2002. Mrs. Olson asked each student to make 3 slides, the first slide told a major event of a decade, the second slide told the events at Olympic View during a certain decade, and the third slide connected the events of the decade to the events happening at Olympic View. We have created this to honor our 100th anniversary.

  3. Table of Contents 1900- Joey Arthur, Sarah Maloney, Peter Durland 1910- Aron Tewelde, Matthew Wilson !920- Vanessa Valrey, Erica Davenport , Elise Brown 1930- Natalie Wilson, Katie Kirdahy, TessSherrow , 1940- Tylor Kurtz, Elliot Thomson, Jorge Castillo, !950- Maddie Gillentine, Chris Lewis, Yejeong Keating, 1960- Esther Wakeman, Briana Diaz, Alex Kon 1970- Kortney Purtell, Mitchell Llarnes 1980- Matt Kelly, Tiffany Ip, Marianna Fisher, 1990- Adi Maerinez, Josh Meadows-Mittenen 2000- Sonoma Dalton

  4. By Room 204, Spring 2002

  5. 1900-1910

  6. 1900 Cars In 1900 America had only 8000 cars. There were too many accidents because people were speeding and running people over. To control the drivers, local traffic laws decided in 1902 the state of Vermont required every car to have a person waving a red flag. If they were a women driver. Women were considered bad drivers in the 1900’s. Every car cost $3000 to by and $3000 to run each year. There were some drivers that got stuck in the mud. This problem was solved embarrassingly by a farmers horse pulling out the car. In the 1900’s drivers were starting to be controlled. By Peter

  7. How Cars Effected O.V. • Automobiles Effected O.V. because they changed the way people went to work. Some kids might have had toy cars or wanted a car. • By the 1960’s students were bused to school and today, parents drive their students to school.

  8. What Happend At OLympic View During 1900-1910 • O.V. 1 room school house built 1903 • Grades 1-4 come with Ms. Brooks the first O.V. teacher 1904 • Second one room school house built grades 1-8 1909 • Mr..John Hamrmeling was principal • School is known as East Oak Lake school. Students walked to school through the woods and it was considered dangerous because of animals and strangers.

  9. The First Airplane If the Wright Brother’s never invented the airplane what would happen? In 1903 in Dayton, Ohio at Wilbur and Orville Wright’s bicycle shop, the Wright Brother’s were putting finishing touches on a Whopper Flying Machine. They tested the plane and the best flight was 59 seconds and 842 feet. Nine days before Kitty Hawk, the Secretary of Smithsonian Institute and Samuel Langley had tried to launch a winged contraption off of a house boat on the Potomac River in Washington D.C. Langley was backed by a $50,000 grant by The War department. Those are some of the events that happened during the first flight. by Joey

  10. Timeline of 1900-1910 At O.V. • 1903 First one-room schoolhouse built. • 1904 Grades 1-4 commenced with Ms. Brooks as the first teacher. • 1909 Second one-room schoolhouse with grades 1-8.

  11. How The First Plane Effected O.V. Planes effected O.V. by making it easier to communicate. It also gave the option for students to learn more about mechanics.

  12. The 1904 Olympics In 1904, during the third Olympics some problems started. Only six foreign teams showed up to the St. Louis Olympics, because people were going at the worlds Fair instead of the Olympics. As a result the US won 22 out of 23 track and field events. Then the games became a big mess among the various athlete club that had sponsored US competitors. Also it was a athlete freak show were the athletes were arguing about almost everything to do with the Olympics. By Sarah

  13. 1900-1910 at Olympic View • Olympic Views first school house is built, one room school house 1903 • Grades 1-4 are commenced with Miss Blanche Brooks as the first teacher in 1904. • Second room school house is built in 1909, grades 1-8. • Mr. John Harmeling is principal • School is know as East Oak Lake school.

  14. 1910-1920 Albert Einstien World War 1

  15. Events at O.V. in 1900-1910 Olympic View was effected by the 1904 Olympics because relatives might have been going to the Olympics and kids would be cheering for them. Kids also might have been playing new games from the Olympics or having knew games with new rules.

  16. 1910`s World War I From 1914 to 1918 Britain, France, Germany, America, Russia and Japan fought each other in what's called the First World War. It started when Arch duke Francis Ferdinande was shot. Also the cruise liner Lusitania was torpedoed off the Irish coast by a German sub. 1,200 lives were lost. It caused Britain to join the War. America joined the war effort in 1917 after Russia pulled out of the war. 8 million participated, 4 million were killed, wounded or missing. World War I became known as the War to End all Wars. By Matthew W.

  17. What Happened at O.V.during World War I? • In 1914 World War I started • In the blizzard of 1916 people where scared the • roof would cave in • New school built in 1915 • Thomas E. Catching is Principle • 70 students at O.V. World War I ends in 1918

  18. How 1914-1918 Effected O.V. Because of world events of this decade, the effects that it might have had on students at O.V. were that some students fathers and older brothers marched off to war, some never seen again. This effected students grades because they where thinking of their lost family. Also the thought of the roof caving in on the 70 students and the tension of the war caused students grades to drop.The new school helped ease some tension of the roof caving in.

  19. Albert Einstein 1900's Albert Einstein was born in 1905. Einstein helped invent the Atomic Bomb that ended World War II. In 1905 at the age of 26, he published the simple-sounding of E=mc2 ( E stands for energy, M stands for mass, and C stands for speed of light). Einstein died in Princeton, New Jersey in April of 1955. Albert Einstein was a genius who changed the world. Today in schools people still use Einstein’s theory. By Aron

  20. What Happened During 1910-1915 • School was named O.V. • Thomas E. Catching was principal • Wild cat was short • Einstein published his general theory of relativity in 1915. • Einstein revolutionized our understanding of the universe.

  21. How Albert Einstein Effected Schools Albert Einstein effected the school with his scientific theory that helped kids in O.V. Science had new meaning. Because of the Atomic Bomb invented by Einstein, nudear science was studied in higher grades and history changed with Atomic weapons.

  22. 1920-1930

  23. Sports of the 1920's In the 1920’s sports became of more importance. With Babe Ruth who hit 60 home runs (the record of the time) and Big Bill (the greatest tennis player of the time) fans went crazy. And, in 1927, 104,942 fans paid a record of $2,658,600 to watch Jack Dempsey in the ring. As well as men athletes, women athletes shined in the lime light. Helen Wills a.k.a “Little Miss Poker Face” a tennis player who won every match she entered and Gertrude Elderly who was the first woman to swim the English Channel and in 14 hrs and 31mns (almost 2 hrs faster than the men’s record) showed the world that women play a crucial role in sports. by Erica

  24. Events at O.V. in the 1920's 1920 1923 1925 1928 1930 In 1921 the first phase of the brick building was built Through out the 1920’s girls were restricted to only wearing skirts or dresses. Also, girls and boys had separate playgrounds.

  25. Cause and Effect Because adults were paying more attention to sports stars so were kids from Olympic View. During recess boys would play baseball during recess and pretend they were Babe Ruth. And though girls had to where skirts and couldn’t play sports at school they still had the desire to play tennis as greatly as Helen Wills and swim as fast as Gertrude Elderly. In the 1920’s sports became of more importance.With Babe Ruth who hit 60 home runs (record of the time) and Big Bill (the greatest tennis player of the time) fans went crazy. Also, as well as men women shined in the limelight.

  26. 1920's How a Horse Became Famous. Man O’ War was a great horse in 1920’s this horse was a big combination of size,which was 1,150 pounds and his speed. Man O’ War proved himself the horse of eternity,” which means he can never die. Man O’ War won five champion awards when he was running races . Now don’t you wish you were there to see this amazing horse in action? By Vanessa

  27. What Happend at O.V in the 1920's? • In the 20’s our school had a new principal. His name was Mr.. Thomas E. Cathing • In 1921 a new phrase brick building was built and it included 8 class rooms.

  28. Cause on O.V students Effect Because the horse became famous Kids would maybe want horses Kids would spend their money on watching it race Because it was a race horse Because it was the horse of eternity People would think that it never dies

  29. 1930-1940

  30. The Great Depression For an average American during the Great Depression, jobs were scarce. Families were evicted from their homes and forced to live on the streets. People who were in need of jobs waited for trains to start and then jumped on them without a ticket. Many people in search of jobs left their families. After thousands of people had lost their homes and jobs because of the stock market crash in 1929, rough shacks were built in vacant areas of many cities. The shacks became known as Hoovervilles, in reference to Herbert Hoover, who was president when the great depression struck. Hoover wasn’t considered very helpful during this time. Times were rough, and America could only wait to recover. 1930

  31. 1930's- The Great Depression The Great Depression was a horrible thing that tore up the nation with poverty. It all started when the stock market crashed in 1929. About 3 1/2 years later the banking system of the United States had collapsed . 13-15 million people were out of work (that’s about 25% of the population!) “We saw a crowd of some 50 men fighting over a barrel of garbage set outside the back door of a restaurant.” Said an observer in Chicago. Hunger was every where. Children played the game of eviction with their dolls, it was a known and normal thing. In 1931,even before banking had collapsed, 20,000 people had committed suicide,there was much more to come. By Tess, Katies and Natalie

  32. The Great Depression • In 1929 stocks sold three times as much as in 1920 • People bought stock by borrowing money from banks • Stock market crashed • People lost money banks closed • People lost jobs • People didn’t have enough money and became in dept • People couldn't buy enough food, new clothes or pay for there houses • People lost their houses lived on the streets and in hoovervills named after Herbert Hoover the current president. He helped poverty in other countries during World War I but not during the Depression • Hoover was not voted president again and Franklin Roosevelt was elected • Roosevelt passed new laws creating jobs and government programs • The number of unemployed lessened • By the late 1930’s the Depression was over 1930’s

  33. 1940-1950

  34. 1940s Jackie Robinson During the 1940s World War II the Japanese was banned from Olympic view and a lot of friends were lost. The Pearl Harbor bombing took place the 1940s. A lot of people were killed during the bombing. The Olympics were canceled and baseball season was going on. By Tylor

  35. 1942 Jackie Robinson Jackie Robinson was an African American and was the first black to ever play in the All American League. He played on the Brooklyn Dodgers. He was abused and beat up, but played with a good attitude and after a while he broke the color line. He made it so all people of different colors could play baseball. More teams were formed and a new league was formed called the National League, because more teams were formed where blacks and whites played baseball on the same team.

  36. World War II 1940-1945 World War II was caused by a number of issues. The cause of the war was mostly about stopping Nazi Germany from taking over the world. The Nazis were a dictatorship, which is where the government chooses and makes the laws. The Nazis who had taken over the government wanted to kill mainly Jews. The major powers were: Germany, Japan, Italy, Britain, Russia and the U.S. By Elliot

  37. O.V. in World War II What was going on at O.V. in World War II? There weren't as many teachers because a lot men went to war and the women had to work in the factory. Another event that happened was that there was a lot of food rationing. There were meatless Mondays and meatless Wednesdays. There were victory gardens that people grew themselves, that grew vegetables such as turnips, carrots and potatoes which none of the kids really liked.

  38. What was going on at O.V. in World War II In the 40’s there had been some improvements on the school of O.V. some of the people asked for an annexation also it made people realize more about other countries in the world. Like RUSSIA, Germany, Japan and Britain. Also the playground was divided into four sections k-2 and 3-5 also girls had to wear skirts and boys had to wear pants. The teachers were very strict.

  39. 1940 Olympics The Olympics were held in 1948. This was the first Olympics since 1936 because of WWII. They were held in ST.Moritz Switzerland. Having the Olympics meant that since the war was over, life was getting back to nor- mal. Dick Button from U.S.A. won the gold medal for men’s figure skating in the Olympics. By Jorge

  40. Events in O.V. in 1940's During the Olympics, World War II occurred. Because of their involvement in WW II, the Japanese were banned from Olympic View School, and many Japanese were sent to Internment Camps. Some of the parents left to fight or help with the war. During World War II, the Pearl Harbor bombing took place, and a lot of people were sad that so many US Soldiers died. The Olympics were canceled and the people were mad because they had been looking forward to the events.

  41. 1950-1960

  42. 1950 Korean War In June 25, 1950 President Harry Truman decided to help South Korea, because North Korea and China were invading South Korea. If United states did not help South Korea, North Korea would of captured all of Korea. This is important in history because United States helped South Korea stop North Korea and China in world domination, which means taking over the world. Also North Korea tried to prevent everyone from becoming a communist. Dwight D. Eisenhower became president in 1952.Eisenhower promised he would promptly end the Korean war. So an armistice, which means end to arms, was signed on July 27, 1953. There were no winners in the Korean War. Korea remained a land divided, as it had been before the war. North and South Korea were in ruins, mostly every thing was destroyed. Both sides lost over hundreds of thousands men. America lost thirty four thousand soldiers. Olympic View students lost there dads, brothers and friends. It was a very sad time. By Yejeong -

  43. Olympic View 1950 School Events • Girls and boys had separate playgrounds • Baby boomers were born • Beginning of end of segregation • After world war 2 lots of schools were built • Brown vs. Board of education • Thomas E. Catching retired

  44. 1950 How the Korean War Effected the Students at Olympic View Because of the Korean War, the effects that it might have had on students in Olympic View were very sad, because lots of Olympic View dads, brothers, uncle, and friends were in the army . America lost 34 thousand soldiers, so most of the students lost their dads, brothers, uncles, and friends. Also lots of Korean students families were sad because some of their families are still in Korea and they are being bombed by North Korea and China.

  45. 1950's Fashion Men,women, and children all over the world have fashions and styles that change from time to time. In the U.S.A., we have had a new style almost every decade. For example, 52 years ago, in the 1950’s, fashions and styles were completely different. Back then, girls wore styles like: Stilletto heels, a very popular shoe that had a thin stilt like heel, Poodle skirts which were popular skirts which were usually pink and always had flare, and bright red lip stick. Boys wore styles like: Denim Jackets, which were totally cool, Gray flannel suits, sometimes with a colored shirt, and very narrow hats. Also people loved to were new product clothing such as: sports wear and wash and wear fabrics. Now, we mostly have T-shirts and jeans. Today, when schools have a “Sock Hop” people imitate the look of the 50’s. Just imagine if everyday people dressed like someone from the 50’s, wouldn’t that be strange.By Maddie

  46. 1950's O.V. History • Cold War and Air Raid Drills • Korean War • Thomas Catching Retired • George Ryals became principal. • Separate Playgrounds for boys and girls • Baby Boom

  47. How 50's Effected O.V. Fashion: Peoples attitudes, language, cloths, traditions such as “Sock Hops.” The children might have attended a sock hop which is a dance where you listen to music from the 50’s, dress like someone from the 50’s, and dance in your socks. Cold and Korean War: People did various Drills like air raid drills, children were scared along with adult that we would go to war with Russia. People sometimes didn’t feel safe.

  48. 1950s Cold War 1945 to 1991 were known as the Cold War years. A cold war is was when two countries were rivals and didn’t talk to each other.During this time conflicts were fought mostly with words and economic weapons. Economic weapons or money issues are where the government uses money as a weapon. During the Cold War, both the Americans and Soviets (Who are Russians) were frightened by each other, by making it hard for people to live by raising cost of items and lowering pay. Another tool for fighting during the Cold War, was the creation of the Berlin wall. The Berlin Wall was a fortified wall surrounding West Berlin. The Berlin Wall was an obvious symbol of the Cold War. The wall was built in 1961 and on the west side was communist and on the east side was Republic governments. The wall came down when East Germany was about to collapse, because Hungary let the East Germans pass through Hungary on their way to West Germany and Austria. Also on November 9, enthusiastic private citizens began to demolish whole sections of the wall. East Germany eventually helped destroy the Berlin Wall and reunite with West Germany. Finally, I think the Cold war was very important to history because if we hadn’t stopped the Soviets, they might of controlled more territory. By Chris Picture of Berlin Wall.

  49. O.V. HISTORY 1950's • Air raid drills • Thomas E. Catching retires • George Ryals becomes principal • Separate playgrounds for boys and girls • Baby boom after WWII • Korean War • Cold War • Building bomb shelters