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FMP. Esmé Prior. 1. A review of progress and achievement through parts 1 and 2 of the course :.

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Esm prior


Esmé Prior

A review of progress and achievement through parts 1 and 2 of the course


A review of progress and achievement through parts 1 and 2 of the course:

I entered UCA knowing that I loved to paint, and that I loved to study people. I relish examining people, the way their skin looks and moves, as well as portraying personality through painting. Fine art seemed like the perfect choice for me, yet the course guided me in a different direction.

My ideas changed as I realised my love of people and the world around could be better realised in something less static.

The course has allowed me to do this, using various Adobe programmes to allow me to create my very first animations, building up my technical skills, as well as altering my way of thinking.

Project concept


Project Concept:

  • Lines of enquiry include:

  • Looking at the distinction between obsession and compulsion, how one can be the effect of the other.

  • Looking at the idea of fear, and how obsession is the cause of anxieties.

  • Examining the similarities between compulsions and superstition, rituals and religious acts.

  • Studying both synaesthesia and autism. Although there is not a direct link between these conditions and OCD, you can certainly draw similarities between them.


  • Symptoms

  • Causes

  • Effects

Medical Research Psychoanalysis


I want my piece to become boring and almost nauseating. This to show the trials and tribulations that sufferers of OCD face on a day to day basis. Whilst many people talk of having ‘OCD tendencies’, this does not do justice to how life controlling the condition can be, repeating certain actions over and over again until something is perfect.

  • Repetition

  • Chaos Order

  • Looping

  • Mathematics

I will also consider the Avant-garde and Postmodernist art within my work.

Hans Richtor


Oskar Fischinger


I would like to create moving image piece using oil paint. This will require placing a pane of glass over and light box, and photographing each painting, to create a stop motion animation.


  • Being able to borrow a light box for a significant amount of time.

  • Setting up a painting and camera that will not be moved.

  • Expense of the paint and glass.


Lauren Gregory

Digital Work

I would like to create some digital work on After Effects/Premiere to contrast with the paint work.




  • Does my final piece provoke emotion?

  • Does it represent the trials of OCD?

  • Has the piece become boring to watch?

  • Is the piece abstracted?

  • Is the piece so abstracted that’s it’s too hard to understand?

  • Is it interesting?

There are several things I will need to do in order to make my project the best it can be, and help me to evaluate it throughout the project:

  • Attend college regularly

  • Contribute to group discussions

  • Have meetings will my personal tutor weekly, and any other tutors willing to look at my work

  • Talk to fellow students

  • Take note, and follow up on any references or ideas given in order to see if they can enhance my work

    Doing these things will make the final piece a combination of several peoples creative minds, rather than just my own.