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Credit Enhancement Pros

Credit Enhancement Pros

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Credit Enhancement Pros

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  2. When new and/or small companies seek funding, most often they do not meet the qualifications of the lender/investor. Experts at Credit Enhancement, LLC are familiar with the challenges small businesses face and work individually with each client to explain the process and calculate how much small business funding they can receive • Seattle, WA – November 7, 2013 – Credit Enhancement Pros, a specialist in alternative business lending, has announced a simpler method for customers to receive a small business loan. Small businesses are often rejected when they apply with lenders and investors because they don’t have all the items required. An alternative method is now available from the business loan company, and involves just a few simple steps from application to approval.

  3. The process of signing up for a new business loan begins by filling out a simple online form. This saves the customer time; a critical element of applying for a loan is the time constraints most start ups and new businesses face. A “Business Rate Quote” form is provided on the Credit Enhancement Pros website. Applicants just need to provide their name and contact information with a message to the company. Professional representatives are on hand to take these inquiries and contact applicants shortly thereafter.

  4. Representatives are courteous and begin by explaining the entire process of securing a new business loan. This takes the guess work out of what the customer needs to do. Small businesses must be in operation for at least two or three months. During this critical time, the many opportunities business owners can pursue are often restricted by cash flow. Credit EnhancementPros offers new business loans starting at $500,000. Filling out the online form is just the first step; companies typically receive the cash within 48 hours.

  5. In fact, 95% of all small business loan applicants obtain approval. Unlike most other lenders, the agency works with each client to customize a needs- and goals-oriented plan. It goes even further to calculate the amount of business funding provided. Based on information they provide, business owners are informed on how much their company qualifies for. It is this individualized service that benefits almost all business owners who apply, and which frees a new company from burdensome financial restrictions.

  6. Credit Enhancement maintains a network of investors and business lenders who understand clients’ needs. Once approved, loans will close in one day and the client is free to take full advantage of the cash received. Best of all, small business funding is now a three-step process: Application, Qualification, and Funding and Repayment; minus time-consuming qualifications assessments. • For additional details on obtaining a small business loan, visit the Credit Enhancement Proswebsite at

  7. About Credit Enhancement, LLC. • Credit Enhancement is a small business loan providing alternatives to traditional hard-to-get start-up and small business financing. Professional and courteous help is available to each client while bad credit, personal property, or issues commonly factored in by banks do not affect lending approvals. Loan amounts begin at $500,000. Communicating via phone and e-mail, the company offers a time-saving financing option based on the client’s needs.