flexible printed circuit cables are a replacement n.
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The Use Of Flexible Printed Circuit Cable In PCB PowerPoint Presentation
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The Use Of Flexible Printed Circuit Cable In PCB

The Use Of Flexible Printed Circuit Cable In PCB

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The Use Of Flexible Printed Circuit Cable In PCB

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  1. Flexible printed circuit cables are a replacement for the traditional ones. Flexible circuits are members of electronic family. Multiple systems in a rigid board create more weight and utilize more space. Elasticity and other features The elasticity and flexibility allows the flexible printed circuit cable to have a reduction in the package. With the increasing demand of the electronics industries, weight reduction keeps them in the competitive market. These circuits are made up of accurate replicas of artworks for superior manufacturing consistency.

  2. Designed in a unique way Depending on the number of point-to-point connections, flexible printed circuit cable is designed in that way. They allow engineers to design in such a way to utilize the space three dimensionally which helps in saving the space. Primary benefits of Flexible circuit cable a.Decreases wiring errors b.Reduces the size as well as the weight c.Density is relatively higher d.Signal quality is stronger e.Can work in any temperature range f.Unparalleled designed flexibility g.More reliable compared to the traditional circuit cable

  3. Why use flexible circuit cable? 1.Error reduction: Proper designs and accurate planning helps the power circuit board to eliminate human errors to a great extent. 2.Assembly time: These circuits require less labor while assembling and also decrease production errors. Complete interconnection system can be easily replaced or installed rather than a single unit. As a result, wiring costs are removed. High volume production with a simple circuit time is reduced. 3.Costs: Flexible circuits remove the high cost incurred in wrapping, soldering, etc. As a result wiring errors are eliminated and manufacturing costs are reduced. 4.Design freedom: Flexible circuits are not restricted to only two dimensions. As they are flexible as wires, ribbon cables, flex circuit design options are endless. Flexible circuit can be designed in any way to meet highly complex and unimaginable configurations to meet the requirements of the particular circuit boards. 5.Flexible circuit design could entail single and double combinations and as well as highly complex configurations.

  4. 6.Complex interconnections are no longer complex for them as they have done it with great ease. 7.They are able to withstand any adverse environment condition without getting affected. 8.Flexibility during installation: They can be manipulated many times depending on the design criteria during installation and execution without any failure. As a result they resolve space and weight problems also. 9.Airflow: Because of the accurate designing features they allow the flow of cooling air through an electronic appliance. 10. Durability: A flexible circuit cable can be moved many a times and without any failure in the design. The thermal stability of the wires is great to withstand extreme heat conditions. They provides you better base for surface mounting than hard boards. Increased heat dissipation Since the surface to volume area is larger, a shorter thermal path is allowed. The design is done in such a way that the heat dissipation can take from both the sides of the circuit. These are some of the reasons responsible for the widespread usage of the material.

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